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    The One-Two Punch of Wall Street Reform

    Some conservatives have accused President Obama of timing the Goldman Sachs lawsuit to make it easier to pass Wall Street Reform. It's not true, but the conservatives' anger at the alleged tactic is a sign of what a good idea that tactic is. It's the right general thing to do, and Obama should do a lot more of it.

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    Aliens announce they will now ignore Stephen Hawking - "Screw him," says Glog

    On a new Discovery Channel documentary called Stephen Hawking’s Universe, the legendary theoretical physicist advised that if we countered intelligent life, it might just be best to ignore them.

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    David Duke, the Tea Party and the KKK -- You could see this coming, right?

    David Duke, former Leader of the KKK and hater of all not like him, has finally come out, stood strong and delivered for the Tea Party.

    Via Crooks & Liars:

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    Getting the Tea Party to fight against Wall Street Reform – GOP’s funniest trick?

    As Washington discusses financial reform laws regarding Wall Street – laws that are concerning numbers much, much larger than Health Care Reform – the Tea Partiers are curiously quiet as their Republican Overlords decide what next to do with them.

    They obviously have a problem. No likes Wall Street right now and everyone but serving U.S. Republicans believe something should be done about it.

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    Health Care Book Making Few Waves

    So, you, like so many oth­ers, have spent the recent months on the road with a mot­ley crew of Mensa mem­bers in 18th cen­tury gar­ments, protest­ing against health care, tax cuts, edu­ca­tion, lamp-posts, and shop­ping carts with one miss­ing wheel.

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    The Arizona "Immigration" Law

    Let's be clear about one thing: the Arizona immigration law signed by Governor Janice Brewer this week is not about illegal immigrants. It is about arresting legal immigrants and about American citizens. Because it makes not having your documents on you a crime.

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    Lucky: A lesson on living, loving and loss.

    My brother put his 18-year-old dog to sleep yesterday.

    My sadness today is profound, almost overwhelming, and I am trying to figure out why.

    Obviously, the dog himself, a terribly sweet, ridiculously cute cocker-beagle mix, is the primary reason. He was my brother's dog -  there's no denying that - but he was really my first pet as well, my roommate and companion for the nine-plus years I lived with my brother after college.

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    Let's Go Out to the Movies: Movie Trailer Reviews: VIDEOS

    If you are like me you have been fooled by movie trailers too many times. I’ll see a movie trailer and think to myself, “Hey that kinda seems cool, I’ll go see that in theaters,” and then go to the theaters and be severely disappointed. Or I’ll see a movie trailer and think to myself “Hey that seems like a flaming piece of crap that I will never waste my time on,” and then I’ll see the movie and it will actually be good.
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    Doctor refuses KFC Double-Down Sandwich as payment for treatment

    LOUISVILLE – Billy-Bob Wolfrum was pleased that Dr. McBride had removed the tick from the bottom of his foot, that had given him so much trouble. Wolfrum was much less pleased when Dr. Mkfc  double-downcBride refused the KFC Double-Down Sandwich for treatment.

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    Boobquake: Let's Do Our Part for Science

    I know that I'm the only one at Dagblog in possession of actual boobs (not counting Wolfrum's third nipple) but I hope the Dagboys and all of our esteemed readers will join (by participating or in solidarity) in a potentially earth-shattering scientific experiment on Monday, April 26th that has been termed "Boobquake."

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    How I came to Dominate DagBlog by William K. Wolfrum

    Hey kids, it's me, Bill. I hope you like the headline to this post, as it will be coming in book form soon. And not the Genghis translation of soon, which equals 14 weeks. He's like a Brazilian that way.

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    Ben Roethlisberger's one chance to stay with Pittsburgh Steelers

    Now that the NFL has decreed that un-litigated rape is worthy a four-to-six-week suspension along with a “comprehensive behavioral evaluation by professionals,” the future of Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is becoming slightly clearer.

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    President Barack Obama To Win Landslide Re-Election in 2012

    It’s April 20, 2010, and let me call it now – President Barack Obama will easily win re-election in 2012. Any discussion you hear about the 2012 presidential election is just a way to wile away the hours between the next Lindsay Lohan and/or Kim Kardashian news.

    There’s three indisputable reasons to call this race so early:

    1) The economy will be better in 2011 than it is now.

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    Pope Benedict XVI takes over at Goldman Sachs

    NEW YORK/ROME — Catholic Pope Benedict XVI has taken over all responsibilities at troubled Goldman Sachs, today. His new title will be Chief Holy Authority (CFA) or just “Pope.”

    The Pope will keep his duties with the Catholic Church while working simultaneously at Goldman Sachs. The Pope stated he saw no problems for the giant financial firm that is currently in trouble with the SEC.

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    The William K. Wolfrum promise – I will never purposefully vomit on you

    Easily the best thing about being a blogger is the ability to control your image. I know there are many bloggers out there who will scream “I keep it real,” but won’t mention the time and details necessary for said realness.

    Myself, for instance. I come off much nicer as a blogger than as a person. And to be honest, it’s not like I come off all that nice as a blogger. I suppose what I’m getting at here, is that I want you all to know more about me.

    I’ve been to jail but not prison.

    I may have committed consensual sodomy in Texas at a time it was illegal.

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    Man accused of vomiting on girl at game is a Conservative Tea Partier

    Recently,  Matthew Clemmens, 21, of Cherry Hill, N.J., was charged with assault, reckless endangerment, disorderly conduct and other offenses because he chose to show his displeasure to an 11-year-old girl by vomiting on her in the stands at a Philadelphia Phillies’ game.

    Now, while I’m sure Philadelphia management is smart enough to warn children that they have no responsibility over intentional vomit attacks, that’s neither here nor there.


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