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    Christian Pastor's call for avoiding yoga doesn't go far enough

    Dear friends in our Lord Jesus Christ.  Pastor Ezekiel Leviticus here writing to you from the church compound in Amarillo Texas.  I would like to express my support for a fellow brother in Christ who's come under fire for some comments he made while speaking the truth about the evils of Yoga.

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    I have two Boston Terriers – Max and Jack. For those of you that visit, Max is the surly, fat, smart one, while Jack is the happy, athletic idiot. Needless to say, we love them completely. Max and Jack have one driving passion in life, and of late, that passion has become a bit of a pain. You see, Max and Jack are poopy aficionados.

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    Republican Candidate Dresses Up as Nazi


    Incidentally, I posted the following video about a year ago (before the Daily Show's Nazi tourettes skit, which was far superior to my little creation of course).

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    Deadman: A quick reintroduction and quicker lament

    Wow. This is dagblog, huh? I don't even recognize the place. Readership is flourishing, the pace of posts is snowballing. Frightening dagger logo be damned, it even looks like an official bloggy thingy now.

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    When the "Tea Party" took over the GOP the first time

    In the year the Republican Party nominated Senator Barry Goldwater as its presidential candidate, there was never any chance he could win.  The country was still reeling from the murder of its young, exciting president, and many people felt that his memory could best be honored by enacting the laws the late President had urged on the country.

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    We Have Work To Do!

    I just ordered my Kindle edition of Blowing Smoke, which will be delivered by October 10th.  Can't wait to read it.  Couldn't help but notice that there are no user reviews for the book on Amazon yet.  I definitely plan to write one after I consume some book but, come on...

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    Weimar America

    A link at Doonesbury once led me to the following, fascinating, information:

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    Jesus Ochoa reluctantly announced that rescue efforts will be terminated due to the fact that three of the 33 trapped miners had not paid 75 pesos for "Rescue Insurance." When asked about the other 30 miners who had paid up, Ochoa responded that it was a tough call, but a necessary one.

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                                                                   JAMES HIRNI, DOUBLE AGENT

    I watched Traitor again last night. Great flick about a double agent. Less James Bond and more like Night of the Living Dead.

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    Petition SUNY Albany

    I've been blogging angrily about SUNY ALbany's foolish attempt to "globalize" by cutting French, Italian, and Russian from the curriculum.

    If you, like me, consider this decision foolish and bad for the education of SUNY Albany's students, please consider signing this petition to restore those crucial languages to SUNY Albany. Thanks.

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    The Austerity Blunder?

    It's non-farm payroll Friday, where we celebrate the work of everyone who isn't a farmer.  The unemployment rate stayed unchanged at 9.6% with government employment falling by 159,000 and private sector employment (mostly in health care, hospitality and mining) rising by 64,000.  Barry Ritholtz has the no-nonsense quick-take here.

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    LINCOLN, Neb. — When it comes to Barack Obama, it’s all Black and White.

    A new Chronicles Poll shows that Americans overwhelming approve of President Obama’s White half, while his Black half has approval ratings that rival Sarah Palin’s.

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    Worshipping Evil

    In reviewing several works on Mexico's drug wars for the New York Review of Books, Alma Guillermoprieto herself gives a rundown of the cartel culture in Mexico. 

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    BREAKING: A New Look for Dagblog

    Just two years after exploded into the blogosphere, the brash new political blog that has been rampaging across the interwebs and carving up politicians like a chainsaw through macaroni is finally getting a new look.

    Genghis, the technological visionary behind the blog, announced the redesign at a packed news conference in midtown Manhattan Thursday evening.

    "We call it Theme 281," he told the hushed audience. "It's sleek. It's chic. It's slippery when wet. It has a lot of gray, I mean a lot of gray."

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    Jesus Christ announces new $75/month Pay-for-Pray Subscription fee

    BOISE – Lord and Savior Jesus H. Christ today announced new plans for Heaven’s prayer service, as, starting Nov. 1, each Christian must pay a $75 per month “Listen to Your Prayers” Subscription fee.

    “For too long now, we’ve allowed non-tithers to piggyback on true tithers,” said Christ, 30-ish. ” Now, you can still pray, but if you don’t pay, we won’t listen.”

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    Yes, He Can Veto!

    Welcome news from the Obama Administration today.  The President will veto (either outright or as a pocket veto) the Interstate Recognition of Notarizations Act of 2010.  The bill orders federal and state courts to recognize the the marks of out of state notaries.  It's actually been floating around Washington for a long time, getting nowhere but then it was suddenly and unanimously (and quietly) passed by the Senate on its last day in official session, right when homeowners, plaintiffs a


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