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    A week from tomorrow, it will be 10/10/10.

    The tenth day of the tenth month of the tenth year of the new millenium.


    I am sure God is attempting to tell me something.

    A little over four years ago I decided to prepare for the end of things.

    Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi and His Teabagging Epiphany

    A must read at link, Matt goes to a rally in which Sarah Palin harangues masses of scooter mounted white supporters in Kentucky.

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    Great Moments in Cable News: Rick Sanchez Edition

    PROTIP: If you're going to take someone to task for their supposed bigotry, it's probably best that your whole argument not devolve into a weird tirade about how Jews run everything... including the company that employs you.

    Anyway, peace out to Rick Sanchez, whose Twitterfied brand of infotainment was the final nail in the coffin containing my erstwhile relationship with cable news two years ago.  Cancelled my cable and haven't looked back.

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    Maid in California

    Meg Whitman has a maid problem.  It's too early to know all the facts, but what Whitman knew and when she knew it isn't what really matters here.  Even if she didn't know, she would still be guilty of one of the great Republican pastimes - the simultaneous persecution and exploitation of immigrants.

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    No, TARP Was Not A Success

    We're now getting a flurry of stories from the Treasury telling us that TARP, unpopular though it may be, was not only effective but cheaper than the worst case scenarios that the government envisioned when the program began.

    The New York Times says the program is only going to wind up costing $50 billion, rather than the $700 billion committed or the nearly $400 billion spent.  If our exits from AIG, GM and Ally Financial go well, we could even make money!

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    William K. Wolfrum's Morning: Toke of the Town

    God. Just chill.


    Marijuana in Calif.: Arnold Schwarzeneggger decriminalizes an ounce or less.

    Bin Laden Speaks:

    Al Qaeda leader may be desperate as he makes latest video wearing a meat suit.

    Afghanistan: Death.

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    Why Politicians Suck

    This summer I had the unique experience of managing a congressional primary campaign in a solidly Democratic district. My candidate was a sincere progressive, challenging a 12-term representative in a furiously anti-incumbent season. It was a long shot, but with projected low turnouts and the possibility that our opponent could be indicted at any time, it seemed worth trying.

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    Blowing Gun Smoke

    We are often advised not to resist armed criminals because our lives are less replaceable than money. Statistically, that is sound advice, but nothing is 100% certain.

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    I didn't want to make the announcement too early. I didn't want everyone at DAG, and across the Universe to start celebrating to long before the weekend. But it is Thursday, so here I am, spilling the news.

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    The Poorest States in the “Greatest Nation on Earth”




    For general information and discussion…

    We have a whole lot of work cutout for us over the next decade while the disparate political factions, both within the states and at the national level whistle in the wind…

    US Census | Poverty: 2008 and 2009 | Issued September 2010

    American Community Survey Briefs

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    Amazon Now Shipping Blowing Smoke

    Wednesday, 9/29/2010. According to sources, has begun shipping first copies of Blowing Smoke, the long-awaited political nonfiction book by Michael Wolraich, a.k.a. Genghis. While there are no confirmed cases of customers receiving the book, political analysts predict that it may reach homes and offices across America as early at October 1.

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    Oh No, Tom Friedman Again!

    Damn you, Red Planet!  I almost forgot to read Friedman this morning.  I was having such a happy day but now I've read this.  Actually, the all-knowing mustache makes a pretty good point that we should seek to compete with China and other economies by encouraging America's well-educated, creative and driven individuals to follow their bliss in new and hopefully lucrative directions.

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    Obama/Biden Whine About Progressive "Whiners"

    What else can I say? Except this:

    Tom Friedman got something right today. Wait! Wait! Stifle that nausea response. He didn't get much else right in today's NYT Op-Ed, but he said that the country is looking for a leader "...with the ability to lead in the face of uncertainty and not simply whine about how tough things are..."

    Mr. Obama. That's why we elected you. We thought.

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    James O'Keefe and Dildo Journalism

    It seems James O’Keefe’s latest attempt at revealing the news deserves it’s own phrase in the lexicon. Perhaps, “dildo journalism?”

    From CNN’s Abbie Boudreau:

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    Just suck it up and read my blog, letharg

    Lately, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend here at the Web site – fewer and fewer people are coming by. And this trend must come to an end.

    Now mind you, this site gets hundreds of thousands of readers per week* but I will accept nothing but blind allegiance and losing any readers wounds me. So let me just release this statement:


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