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    Get out there and BUY your job. What is WRONG with you people?

    Yes, the mid-term elections are over and the crying jags have pretty much stopped, so, while I'm  shocked at the damage comfort chocolate has done to some people's butts. . .

    . . . I have just one thing to say about the overall impact of the glorious orgy of wastage known as the 21st Century American Campaign for Public Office So's I can Live off the Public Dole Whilst Killing it for Everyone Else:   Humph!!! (and also "We'll just see about that, lads and lassies!")

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    Beck, rhymes with yecch: Murdoch flirts with antisemitism... Why?

    Welcome to the "Glenn Beck Program," where Jews are Nazis and those who exploit ancient anti-Semitic conspiracy narratives are friends of the Jews.  Michael Wolraich - CNN

    “Soros' people called me to say I am an anti-Semite because I was going to air this," he says in one program.

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    The Greatest Scandal Of Our Time

    So the "soldiers out of Afghanistan" date is now... 2014.  We're spending hundreds of billions of dollars a year on this and we will continue to do so until at least 2014 and probably beyond.  This while I'm being told that Social Security benefits have to be cut because we're broke.

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    Let the Bush Tax Cuts Die: Kwak Makes the Case

    Economist James Kwak who writes at Baseline Scenario with Simon Johnson, explains why the House should allow them to die with no action.  I would offer that the members should pepper the media with his explanations and math; they could reduce the arguments to a paragraph.  And they should.  Dems need to draw some clear lines between the parties, and mean them.

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    Rome lived on its principal until ruin stared it in the face. Industry is the only true source of wealth, and there was no industry in Rome. By day the Ostia Road was crowded with carts and muleteers, carrying to the great city the silks and spices of the East, the marble of Asia Minor, the timber of the Atlas, the grain of Africa and Egypt – and the carts brought nothing out but loads of dung. That was their return cargo….

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    International Jewish Conspiracy REVEALED!

    Mike AKA Genghis's recent post on CNN.com has brought us a bunch of new anonymous commenters, who are very angry on Mr. Beck's behalf, and are generously warning us of the dangers of conspiratorial Jews such as Mr. Soros. We thank them for sharing their views. One new internet buddy speculates that Mike must be part of the Jewish conspiracy himself:

    On the Essential Vacuity--and, Sometimes, Tactical Value--of the Label "Centrism"

    Warning: This is an abstract post, not light reading (do I ever do light reading?).  Alternative Title: On One Way to Let Them Have Our Way.  Short version: Before trashing and running away from using the label "centrist", consider that may not in a particular situation, or even perhaps as a general matter, be a helpful thing to do to advance a liberal/progressive political agenda.  Example of what I am talking about is Paul Begala here:
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    Glenn Beck, the Jew, and the Puppet Show

    Creepy medieval puppets hung from the ceiling on the set of the "Glenn Beck Program" -- a conquistador, a squire, a witch, and a bearded guy who looked like a cross between Santa Claus and the Fiddler on the Roof.

    "Make no mistake, we are watching a show," Beck gravely told his audience. That much was obvious enough, but Beck did not mean his own television program. "You have to see who's behind the puppets," he continued, "Who is choosing the puppets and the players? Who's the puppetmaster? George Soros."

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    They knew he had never
    Been on their T.V.
    So they passed his music by

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    A Bill to Indemnify MERS Retroactively?


    A report from CNBC yesterday, November. 2010, announced that the Obama Administration and Congress are working on, and ‘may consider’ a bill for the Lame Duck session to ratify MERS as a legally credible entity and limit its liability in major parts of the foreclosure fraud debacle.


    Mr. President, you are the most intelligent and classy political figure I've seen in my lifetime.

    Mr. President, if you squander this opportunity to reform the banks and Wall St. I will join in a primary challenge to your re-election.

    Mr. President, you can seize an historic moment.

    The populace is feeling two emotions which are related but separate. One is a sense of unfairness. The other is the gut knowledge that the system is rigged. The sense of fairness is relative: a moderately well off person thinks his taxes are unfair, but so do the poor and the wealthy.

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    Dem Manifesto: Catfood Commission Report Underscores Need for Health Care Reform

    The trial balloon floated by The Obama Deficit Commission co-chairs Simpson and Bowles has been afforded all the respect it deserves. In a statement following the release of the "chairman's mark," Dean Baker does as good a job as anyone in dismantling the report. Baker is perhaps most critical of the ludicrous timing of such a counter-intuitive, anti-stimulative initiative smack dab in the middle of the greatest recession in modern history.

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    UK Students trash British Conservatives' HQ ... the children's crusade

    Students have finally had enough. Fees were introduced in 1998 and we hardly heard a squeak; they were bumped up to over £3,000 in 2006 and no one revolted. But today students smashed their way into the Tory party campaign HQ in a show of anger against a political elite they believe have abandoned them.
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    Barack Obama preemptively shuts down Government to appease Republicans

    WASHINGTON – Continuing his pattern of negotiating before being at the negotiating table, President Barack Obama shut down the Federal Government today.

    “We must work together,” said Obama, on the 16th hole of Pebble Beach. “By shutting down the government right now, we’re showing Republicans that we are open to their suggestions.”

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    World Energy Outlook for 2010

    For a little background, Energy Depletion thinker Richard Heinberg narrates 300 Years of Fossil-fueled Addiction in Five Minutes.

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    Greed...It's Not Just For Wall Street Any More

    This is an old piece but I think needs resurrection to illustrate some points. 


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