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    Understanding Obama via WikiLeaks

    The latest Wikileaks document dump, filled mostly with low-grade diplomatic communications, does lay bare one thing that should have been painfully obvious all along: President Obama's Iran strategy.

    Here's part of the New York Times write-up:

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    Comfort Post

    I chat films with Jimmy, at my office. He's always mentioning some flick I just have to see, so before Thanksgiving I asked him for a list of films I should rent. He sent this:

    O Lucky Man!
    Nil by Mouth
    The Sporting Life
    Elevator to the Gallows
    Europa, Europa

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    Welcome to the Creative Corner

    Welcome dagsters. This is a new section for featuring all the creative talent that we have at dagblog. Please contribute poetry, fiction, art, photography by clicking the Create now! button at the bottom of the new CREATIVE CORNER block in the left sidebar.

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    Let My Tax Cuts Go

    I agree with Atrios here and maybe take it a step further.  The Republicans specifically designed tax cuts that expire in 2011.  So Obama should let them go.

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    Paul Harvey

                                  FIRST RADIO IDIOT

    Michelle Goldberg at Daily Beast decided she would take the time to read Sarah Palin’s book.

    Evidently Ms. Goldberg found a section in this mighty literary tome dedicated to feminism:

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    Stupid Americans

    It seems that the mainstream reaction to the latest from Wikileaks has been something along the lines of, "this isn't new," by which the speaker means either that they already knew this stuff or always suspected it and that there's no value in having their suspicions confirmed by evidence.  If the speaker already knew, it just means they're fine keeping the public in the dark about how foreign policy is conducted.  But the second sentiment, along the lines of "didn't you always think Karzai was corrupt?" or "Didn't you always suspect that the Saudis would love for us to bomb Iran?" is reall

    GOP, Democrats to Spar Over Taxes on 0.11% of the Estates of the Wealthiest Americans

    Millionaire and billionaire Dagbloggers take note: if you die before Dec. 31st, 2010, as Cynthia Lummis (R-Wyoming) claims some of her constituents may do to avoid taxes, you can RIP knowing Uncle Sam did not get one cent of your hard earned fortunes, your designated heirs got it all.

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    Why isn't Julian Assange in Guantanamo? Where are the drones?

    Peter King, a member of the House of Representatives Homeland Security Committee, said the latest release "manifests Mr Assange's purposeful intent to damage not only our national interests in fighting the war on terror, but also undermines the very safety of coalition forces in Iraq and Afghanistan".  BBC News
    Let us assume for a moment that the United State of America is a democracy and it's officia
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    What?! Sarah Palin again? But wait...this is a bit different.

    Who are these people? These so called Tea Party followers of Sarah Palin that support her with so much enthusiasm.  Contrary to the caricature that those on the left and some on the right like to paint them, they are not the ignorant hicks of some back water towns that don't even have television yet.  Or escapees from a lunatic asylum.  They are in fact common folk from  the small towns in the Midwest and parts of Ohio and Pennsylvania and Kentucky.

    Iran Achieving its Goals in Iraq? Recent News/Wiki Documents Support that View

    The recent takeover reported this month, of a formerly US run Iraqi prison, by Moqtada al Sadr supporters, who have just been brought into the Maliki government, combined with the reading of a dispatch from Ambassador Hill from December, 2009, leads one to surmise that Iran is moving to consolidate its influence in Iraq, including the widespread use of death squads:

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     Republicans are opposed to New START, but the question is why? Well, listen to Jon Kyl, who was on Meet the Press this morning, he does try but ultimately fails to offer any reason for his opposition. I guess he is leading a filibuster in order to stop any discussion of ratification of the Treaty. As noted in the first comment by NCD, below.  He attempts to justify killing the New START ratification process. Have things changed so drastically since 1982, when there was basic agreement around the world on the need to reduce nuclear proliferation.

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    Breaking: Fecal Matter rapidly nearing Fan, no one noticing

    WORLD - Fecal matter is within 13 centimeters of the fan, say noted Swedish researchers in a study to be published in the journal "Hey, We Might Just Be Boned Here Annual." Leading Researcher Tim Jöhnson said the proximity of the fecal matter to the fan should be cause for alarm, but apparently isn't.

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    The Great MERS Whitewash: Kaptur on Dylan Ratigan

    The object of this diary is twofold:  a) to show that Dylan Ratigan at MSNBC does in fact cover the issues of the banking and fraudclosure  travesty; and b) to simplify some of this for financial neophytes like myself.  It’s increasingly important that more of us learn what’s going on, and what’s at stake as these issues are either papered over or systemically made right for people, not for banks.  I’m sure that the things I have gotten wrong here, you will let me hear about.  ;o)


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