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    George Carlin: A Nation Turns It's Lonely Eyes To You!

    I think I first saw George Carlin when I was about 10 on the Ed Sullivan show.  It was before he grew the long hair and showed the audience who he was and what he believed in.  I can't think of many people in our celebrity culture who had the staying power he had.  Nor can I think of many who had such a loyal and grateful following. 

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    Of Democrats and Dissent

    Much has been written, both here at dagblog.com and elsewhere, about the rift between the so-called progressive left and their interlocutors in the halls of power.  So much so, that the arguments seem fairly ossified at this point.  I don't know that I can change of that, but I do have something for the offering nonetheless.

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    Teaching Shakespeare and the New Normal

    My profession has a lot of annual rituals, some obvious and some not, and one of them happened the week before last: the annual job list went live (and, in another annual ritual, came precariously close to crashing for the first afternoon).

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    Left vs. Right Is Over?

    In my last career I was fortunate to be able to get to know Barry Ritholtz.  I reviewed his excellent "Bailout Nation" back in 2009 and did a nice Q&A with him soon after.  But enough about me and Barry.  I really want you all to read what he has to say here:

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    William K. Wolfrum’s Morning: Getting Lit

    Big Lighter
    Here’s to lighting a fire under your ass on a Monday.


    Peace Between Palestine & Israel: Well, not quite yet. Feel free to hold breath.

    There Hugo: The opposition takes another small bite out of Hugo Chavez’s hold on Venezuela.

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    Doomsday... is you is or is you ain't?

    We are looking at the beginning of a new era, which we could call "post-everything". We have found our limits... beyond this point we cannot go. If something isn't done about global warming soon, with its shortages of water, food, air and energy, it is going to lead to unheard of levels of worldwide instability producing endless conflict. If not arrested, the trend of climate change will lead to a multiplication of the sort of failed states that provide refuge for "non-state actors" (read Al Qaeda).

    Pentagon Won't Ask Iraq to Cough Up $1 Billion to Help Fund US Forces in Iraq, GAO Says Iraq Has $11.8 Billion 2010 Surplus

    Rep. Levin (D-Mich) suggested we ask the government of Iraq to pay $1 billion of what is calculated to be $2 billion of training and equipment planned by the Pentagon for Iraq in the next fiscal year. A recent study by the GAO found that Iraq had $11.8 billion in the bank and was running a surplus. So with both Republicans and Democrats worried about OUR deficit, its a slam dunk we will ask Iraq to help out, right?

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    Saturday Night Rant

     The American left, which is afraid to touch "class politics" has gotten lost in issues of race and gender.

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    Will Rogers, President Carter and Senator Reid

    When President Carter returned from his well earned obscurity to again ruin my weekend, a blog post to that effect resulted in some bewilderment about why an argument from 1980 should be so important today.  To me, and I think to others who remember those days, what this twerp, who I voted for twice (holding my nose the second time) said about one legislative battle over health care insurance said so much about today, and why things seem so bleak, that a fuller explanation seemed to be required for those who think that if only Senator Reid would allow the Senate to vote on the extension of

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                          THE NEW WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION


    I am having trouble concentrating today because my attention has been redrawn to the first year of the previous Presidential Administration.

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    Shades Of The White House Correspondents Dinner Batman! Colbert Shames The Ruling Elite... Again!

    I watched Stephen Colbert's opening statement today on Capitol Hill and it was, as usual, very funny.  In my opinion the man is a genius at satire.  He skewered all the hypocrites in both parties and in the media without fear or favor (as usual) while standing beside and standing up for the lowly migrant farmworkers.  Farmworkers are people who are nearly powerless in our country because they have no legal rights.  They and those who came before them have been exploited mercilessly, brutally treated, grossly underpaid and ultimately physically broken by the extreme working conditions that a

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    Failed States, Vigilantism, Open Carry

    El Diario de Juárez, having lost another journalist to a retaliatory slaying by the drug cartels, released an issue with a direct question to the cartels (Translation):

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    The Power Of The President

    In this week's "New Yorker" former Vice President Walter Mondale, who has a book out, draws comparisons between Obama and Carter (ultimately concluding that Obama has many political strengths Carter lacked) and says something interesting (paraphrase): "When people lose their jobs or can't keep their house they become irrational.  They lash out. They expect the president to do something." The whole, short article is here.

    And the cyberwarfare begins.

    Five months after the confirmation of army Lt. Gen. Keith Alexander to be the head of the Pentagon’s new Cyber Command, it would appear that the first evidence of active cyber warfare has appeared. Ars Techica summarizes emerging consensus.

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    Fight The Crazy!

    Recently I had an idea that maybe, just maybe, we could beat John Boehner and not only might that help us keep a majority in the house in the midterm elections but it also might boost morale among democrats, liberals, etc.

    I also wanted to do something about this so-called enthusiasm gap the media keeps pushing that is supposed to be ‘the’ reason that the media and pundits give for saying the democrats will supposedly lose control of the house and perhaps the senate.

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    Out of the Shell

    Equal Rights for All

    Somewhere sort of like here …


    “And this abomination, this insult to Our Lord, it will continue to take us down a path of depravity and immorality that will destroy this great nation. These depraved, perverted individuals must be stopped. This behavior must be eliminated! And it can only happen with the help of God. You are his hands on Earth. You will help to stop this menace before all is lost!”

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    ...like Bill Maher in drag.

    William K. Wolfrum posted in his blog William K. Wolfrum’s Morning — Don’t Panic at Dagblog, a youtube video of Dan Savage and his husband Terry talking to LGBT youth about how things do get better and not to panic. 

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    Contemporary Poverty and the Tasks of the Left

    …Our imperial endeavors alone, if Chalmers Johnson is right, “will, sooner or later, condemn the United States to a devastating trio of consequences: imperial overstretch, perpetual war, and insolvency.”[1] And even if that fear is overblown – and it probably is not – there is certainly trouble looming at home, trouble for which we all need to be prepared, and trouble that we would do well to avert by systematic and extensive social reform before it occurs.[2] For if the challenges abroad are linked to empire, at home they are linked to poverty.


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