Today was a significant day in the fight against the financial oligarchy. I'll summarize it the best I can, not being a lawyer or an insider. I have a keen interest in today's events not only as an Obama supporter but in terms of my own investment objectives and strategy.

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    Immokalee: A Grass Roots Journey to a Penny a Pound and a Victory of the Meek

    “The Coalition of Immokalee Workers has just proven that when you get up every day to fight for what is right, when you don’t give up even when all the odds are against you, when you don’t compromise on basic principles of fairness, and when you build a strong grassroots movement, economic justice will prevail over greed, and the least fortunate can successfully stand up to the powerful."   Sen. Bernie Sanders, 11/17/10


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    Apocalypse strikes – Conservatives declare victory

    Nov. 23, 2015 — Stating that he’d “Grown bored with the bullshit,” God Almighty announced he was unleashing the Apocalypse some 900 years early.

    “Time goes crazy fast for me and all, but this is unbearable,” said Almighty, 43, adding cryptically, “I have other civilizations to deal with.”

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    See Me, Hear Me, Touch Me, Feel Me.

    While I am of course completely against the TSA's unneccessarily intrusive scanning technology or patdown opt-outs, I think I'm a little sick of the sudden rise of Libertarians who were silent for years while the Bush administration decided to datamine through all of our emails, library records and phone conversations while sending undercover agents to infiltrate peacenik groups and other informal elements of civil society.

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    Chalmers Johnson: 1931-2010


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    God Relents: Condoms Cool for Sick Gay Prostitutes

    God announced through his spokesman Pope Benedict XVI that male prostitutes with HIV would be permitted to use condoms in order to prevent the spread of the disease. The ruling applied retroactively, so past condom use under appropriate conditions would be pardoned. In principle, the pardon could elevate unrepentant condom users from Purgatory or even Hell, but divine experts expect the ruling to have little practical significance for condemned souls.

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    Celebrating November 22

    Monday is November 22. That month with that date next to it always appears as dark, sad, searingly so. It is the date which needs no explanation to almost anyone who lived through it and, amazingly, of little significance to everyone else. It is the date on which Everything Changed.

    Meet The Family

    Okay, folks, I'm gonna try to put this in a light that I think will best explain why I agree with Obama and his tactics. Bear with me, okay?

    First, for you ladies out there, pretend you're a man. Okay, now.

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    It's Our Fault There are no Jobs. Or at least it's not Their Fault.

     Former congressman Ernest Istook, The Heritage Foundation's latest hit man, played Hardball with Michael Smerconish tonight,  taking his turn at spinning the usual GOP yarns on the state of the economy and weaving from them some damned fine solutions for stimulation and job creation.

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    Open Thread: What's the Matter with Washington?

    Savor this lame duck moment, for the tempest is coming. The 112th U.S. Congress will convene on January 3. Many of the new Republican representatives share an extreme agenda and a passionate disdain for their Democratic colleagues. The feeling is probably mutual. Get ready for a 3-D remake of the classic 1994 gridlock flick, "Republican Revolution."

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    Stimulus or Austerity?

    BBC reports that The Ben Bernanke gave a speech to the European Central Bank defending Quantitative Easing:

    Ben Bernanke hits back at Fed critics

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    Help Climate Modeling While You Sleep

    Want to participate in climate research while you sleep?  As of yesterday, you can.  “Crowdsourcing,” also known as “distributed computing,” has become an increasingly popular way to tackle challenges that require large volumes of complex computer modeling.  Climate modeling is one such challenge.


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