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    'The Cove' wins Oscar for Best Documentary - but Fisher Stevens misses the point about saving dolphins

    Last month, I got to speak with director Louie Psihoyos about his Oscar-nominated documentary “The Cove.” When asked about the possibility of winning an Academy Award, here’s what Psihoyos had to say:

    “A billion people will see the Academy Awards,” said Psihoyos in a telephone interview. “That’s why I’d like to win. Because for 45 seconds you can talk directly to all the key people who are involved in these policies.”

    Unfortunately, Producer Fisher Stevens – missing the point and a huge opportunity – gave the acceptance speech and never actually said the word “Dolphin.”

    If you’re interested in helping to stop the horrifying murder of dolphins in Japan, here are some helpful links:

    Update: Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, here is what Psihoyos had planned on saying:

    The Long version of the world’s Shortest Oscar acceptance speech
    By Louie Psihoyos, director of The Cove

    - We made this film to give the oceans a voice.

    - We told the story of The Cove because we witnessed a crime. Not just a
    crime against nature, but a crime against humanity.

    - We made this movie because through plundering, pollution and acidification
    from burning fossil fuels, ALL ocean life is in peril, from the great whales
    to plankton which, incidentally, is responsible for half the oxygen in this

    - Thank you, Black OPS Team for risking your lives in Japan — and thank
    you Academy for shining the brightest lights in the world on THE COVE……

    - Japan, please see this movie! Domo Aragato!



    The Cove was the first documentary film, Fisher Stevens  had co-produced. The film released the cruel practices of the people of Taiji. the beautiful creature http://usspost.com/fisher-stevens-the-cove-wiki-6843/

    We couldn't believe that Stevens blew the opportunity actually talk about the content and purpose of the film! It was like watching an episode of the Twilight Zone, they show a clip from this profound movie showing blood filling a cove with the slaughter and all he can do is discuss how he was glad he made a film that was "informative and entertaining" when it is a film about the stark realities of ecocide! It was gaulling--I wish the Director had spoken and I'm glad he's getting his comments out.

    Hi, I am a Japanese woman. Let me make a comment about this movie.

    I feel very much confused with this movie. because it is not only Japanesewho slaughting the animals on the planet, Kangaroos are slaughted in Australia, Foxes are hunted for entertaining noble people in England, tons of stock animals are killed and waisted to garbage everyday.... why only us regarded as sin people? 

    Also, who saids that killing the "nasty" people in Iraq is our justice?

    Who did polluted the ocean with a lot of Mercury or PCB????

    I feel sad when I watch the slaughting scene. But, I think that his movie is out of focus and misleading people only to stir up anger to Japanese people and culture of eating whale.

    If he insist the enviroment improvement and animal protection, we have to keep watching his act in the future.  If he is a real man of enviroment, he would continue to work for the enviroment, but if he not, I regret to say that he is just a person who just aimed at winning Oscar prize.

    Answer me this.  If Japanese people are so proud of their cultural practices, why not do it openly instead of hiding it behind closed area as the Cove?  Also, the proponants emphasize that the killing is done in an instant - in a humane manner.  There was nothing humane about the killing process, just massacre.


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