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    Jesse James, Sandra Bullock need to confront Nazi connections

    I have plenty of conservative friends, as well as plenty of liberal ones. In day to day life, I – like most of us – tend to judge people on their actions, not their political stances.

    I have never had a friend that was a neo-Nazi, however. There are some people I – like most of us – refuse to meet halfway.

    Which is why I think it’s necessary for Jesse James to come out and explain his attraction toward neo-Nazis. Gawker has a pretty good run down of the Nazis in James’ life – including admitted mistress Michelle McGee. The penchant toward Nazism is to strong to be waved away.

    Hell, Sandra Bullock needs to answer for it, as well. She married the guy, after all. I’m sure she’s well aware of his political and racial views.

    The Nazi connections gives James a smell of grotesqueness, and if he doesn’t answer for it, those connections will put him on the fringe of society.


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    Sandra Bullock is German - American and she speaks fluent German. She lived in Nuremburg until she was 12.

    and the fact that Ms Bullock has those German connections is relevant in which ways?


    None, of course.  Any suggestion that it is should be taken up as a worthwhile cause alongside the dire truth that Obama's middle name sounds too much like the former boss of Iraq.

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