Cash & Curie - curieosity & opening up the past

    I'd originally been looking at Rosanne Cash's comments on #MeToo,
    but came across her tribute to a tribute to Marie Curie (yes, recursive,
    or recuriesive depending, in this case Adrienne Rich as the midpoint)

    But the bit about Marie Curie basically inventing mobile radiology labs - 
    Les Petite Curies - in WWI to help treat soldiers in those first critical minutes
    seemed amazing to me - especially since unlike Florence Nightingale,
    we never hear about her contribution.

    So here's the Wikipedia entry on this chapter of her life:

    And here's Cash's tribute to the both of them in Universe in Verse

    (Cash is touring now with Ry Cooder, another blast from the past.
    I also liked her "Let's do a recording of the Top 200 Male Performers.
    Oh wait, that's a crazy idea...")

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