Scorcese and DeNiro talk at Tribeca Film Festival


    Reading is fundamental - even in these Netflix times.

    I'm also reminded of the making of Hair by an immigrant with poor English, after he'd made Cuckoo's Nest - relied on actors to boost his story, which is a nice dynamic.

    Look to the bottom of this summary for a nice tidbit:

    Bruce the young uppity brat. laugh

    Like some scuzzy punk got into a cab after a movie interview/audition. "How'd it go?" The cabbie asked. "Fucking awful," Bob Geldof answered, "Pink Floyd sucks". Turns out the driver knew the band or the director - Boomtown Rats singer got the leading role. (Still haven't seen The Wall, but the anecdote's pretty good. Laughing that Geldof appeared in this year's post-Brexit kumbaya April Fools - yes, now Geldof can suck too)

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