SimONE or Mrs. Sartre?

    How come our knowledge of Simone de Beauvoir is so limited? It's not like she wrote only 1 book.
    And yet as this review notes, our interest basically gets focused on an open relationship with Sartre or that they were both Marxists. (or for me, an anecdote of Sartre scolding Camus after a walk in Algeria over "how can you enjoy this when there's so much suffering in the world?"). Was de Beauvoir as much a stick in the mud as Sartre? While 2nd Sex at 800 pages quite likely aged a bit poorly in 70 years, besides women being treated 2nd class and the non-default sex, what are the other takeaways from de Beauvoir's work and yes, life - ignoring Sartre. How did she evolve over time? Will i break down & read an autobiography?


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