WaitButWhy Tribal Values


    thank you, looks good

    It's really kinda simplistic, like it's written for an elementary school child. I could barely get through the section on genes before I had to turn it off. I read The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins a few years ago. Why would I spend time on this? Does it get better? 

    Yes, it gets better. His multipart on Elon Musk's strategy, coming future of AI, and where Neuralink are going are amazing. Ones on Procrastination  & How to Pick a Career and Partner are also thought provoking.

    I think this one reads slower precisely because he had to be careful with the inherent controversy of social relations & tribal feelings, but I think he comes up with some very interesting new lenses & explanations along the way.

    (I'm only to part 5 on this one, with much more skimming than I did with previous, but still found it strong enough to post, as relates to our ongoing obsession of Tribes, as well as to introduce to Tim Urban)

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