"You shouldn't let poets lie to you"


    Except it might explain ADHD as much as anything else.
    We think our activities are effortless, yet by 10pm we've done a whole lot of work
    putting society back together at each moment.
    In an analog world our landscapes were connected, one continuous wave.
    Now it's made up of bricks and rubble and of course the screaming rabble.
    We keep thinking adding one more brick of info will save the day, make us whole - 
    But maybe it's just another brick in our isolation, in our differentness.
    We used to trade in knowledge - now we process data, as if the 2 are interchangeable.
    We tack on "scientist" to pretend it's a science - as if a mortar layer is committing
    Science when he slathers 1000 slabs worth of goop from his trowel,
    Or the girl in the ticket booth trading little pieces of paper for other paper
    All evening long. Is that understanding? Or just a job?

    You shouldn't let scientists or government workers or salesmen lie to you.
    But then we hardly have the strength and attention anymore to stop it.

    I just got such a kick out of the video as she just reminded me of the "wisdom out of the mouth of babes" things ala a Judy Holliday character. When I didn't expect to. May or may not be tongue in cheek. In any case, look what she's got you thinking wink

    I don't buy the little kid ploy - it's like ageless elfinlore - she's probably 1000 years old, from the Middle Ages, birthed in a volcano. And that valkyrii blue-eyed aryan thing - she kinda makes me sweat.




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