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Barack Obama preemptively shuts down Government to appease Republicans

WASHINGTON – Continuing his pattern of negotiating before being at the negotiating table, President Barack Obama shut down the Federal Government today.

“We must work together,” said Obama, on the 16th hole of Pebble Beach. “By shutting down the government right now, we’re showing Republicans that we are open to their suggestions.”

Having won control of the House, Republicans enter the new Congress confident and with one major agenda item – destroy Obama. Noted for his need to have Republicans like him, Obama used an obscure Constitutional law to shut down the federal government, as well as all state and local governments. [Read more]

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William K. Wolfrum's Morning: The Meaning of Austerity

The Meaning of "Austerity."


G20: By the time they're done, you'll still be unemployed and rich people will still pay less in taxes.  [Read more]

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William K. Wolfrum's Morning: Make Money with Dead U.S. Veterans!

You see a Homeless U.S. Veteran. Insurance companies see dollar signs.

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Today's proof that U.S.-Style Capitalism is a heinous monstrosity - Retained Asset Accounts on U.S. Soldiers. [Read more]

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William K. Wolfrum’s Morning: Nothing Miner

Ok, two other Chilean miners died recently. But let’s focus on the positive.

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One day, a saved Chilean Miner will murder someone. And it will be the most life-affirming murder ever. [Read more]

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William K. Wolfrum’s Morning: Put your back into it

Ok, I'm back.


Obama in India: The President wheels and deals in India, as Right-wing remains unsure if India is an enemy state or not. Oh, and while he's there, First Lady Michelle Obama is showcasing the awesome ... [Read more]

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William K. Wolfrum's Morning: The Era of Capoeira


FYI: William K. Wolfrum's mornings will be spent on a beach in Bahia until Nov. 8.


A Time of Cholera: Death toll hits 300 as Haiti tries to contain cholera outbreak.

Terror Attacks?: It seems like shooting at the Pentagon and military bases used to get more attention.  [Read more]

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The Price

To the Magnificent People of The United States of America:

It is with much humility that I offer you these words. But it is, in my opinion, time for a full recognition that the United States has been utterly and completely conquered by Corporate Interests.

Wars are often re-fought, however, and the time to reengage is upon us. And as the recent past has shown us, the road to winning a war depends mainly on will and the understanding of the battlefield and enemy. [Read more]

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William K. Wolfrum's Morning: Be a Man

I'll make a man out of you, whether you like it or not.


Indonesia: More than 150 dead following tsunami that followed earthquake.

Arizona: Death.  [Read more]

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Anarchy, Death Nazis! Fox News gives up on 'Elitist' complete sentences

NEW YORK – “Anarchist, terrorist, commie, death!” said Glenn Beck.

“Obama 9/11 9/11 Muslim!! Nazi death Democrats!” shouted Sean Hannity.

While the above appear to be little more than random scare words thrown together, for Rupert Murdoch and Fox News, they institute a new pre-election strategy.

Starting this morning, Fox News personalities will use the final week prior to the mid-term elections to connect with their viewership on an entirely new level – by just using words that will get them fired up to vote. [Read more]

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William K. Wolfrum's Morning: Paul is dead

Paul octopus dead
Don’t be sad, Paul saw this coming.


Paul the Octopus: Famed psychic cephalopod is dead. Luckily, he’s also delicious.

Iran: Loading fuel into a nuclear reactor for the first time, Iran takes another step toward getting bombed. [Read more]

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It's time to tax God

“Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.”

If there has been one phrase reverberating across the United States the past decade or so, it’s that “Freedom isn’t Free.” So why is Freedom of Religion free?

As conservatives and liberals alike fret over the current U.S. deficit, Republicans have made it clear that they believe any new taxes would stifle growth and hurt business both large and small. But religion is not a business. [Read more]

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Her Name Was Lori Klausutis, not “Dead Intern”

Lori Klausutis was a 28-year old woman. A wife & daughter. She ran marathons. She loved & was loved. She died July 20, 2001. [Read more]

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William K. Wolfrum’s Morning: This is War

Guess which side is winning this particular war?

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You aren't supposed to talk about this, but the U.S. is seriously mired in Class Warfare, and has been for a long, long time. And the upper class is just plain kicking the crap out of the lower classes. Perhaps it's time to stop ignoring the raging war around us.


Poverty: Where poverty is rising.   [Read more]

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If it’s Wednesday, there must be Boobies – for Breast Cancer

“My story begins on a cold February morning, in the shower. I felt a small, hard lump above the nipple on my left breast. I quickly stopped feeling for it and went on with the day I had planned. The next day, and the one after that, and the one after that, it was still there.

A week later I happened to have an appointment for my annual physical. I mentioned it to my doctor. As she was examining me, her lips were saying ‘I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about’ but her eyes told me something else.”

Linda Salter [Read more]

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