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    William K. Wolfrum’s Morning – August 4, 2010

    If Bill Cosby would just remember that he made “Leonard Part 6,” maybe he’d rethink his stance on living.


    Iran: Many an Iranian will look back to this day as the day someone almost killed Ahmadinehad.

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    Writing sports in the United Arab Emirates for The National

    From time to time I’ve been known to escape the confines of this blog, and this week is one of those times, as I have some stories up at The National, an English newspaper in the United Arab Emirates.

    The stories – given to me by former colleague Paul Oberjuerge – were on sporting venues in South America. The three stories:

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    William K. Wolfrum’s Morning – August 3, 2010

    Despite early failures such as the one above, Jake Tapper has still managed to achieve lofty status in the D.C. media world.

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    William K. Wolfrum’s Morning – August 2, 2010

    Vampire Baby. Yes, we've come to that.
    Vampire Babies. Yes, we’ve reached the point of a demand for Vampire Babies. I just have to believe these are the death throes of a dying fad.

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    Is anyone really talking that much about the Pentagon’s inability to account for $8.7 billion in Iraqi reconstruction funds?

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    An Open and Honest Conversation about My Racism

    “You see, you’re one of the good Blacks,” I told my friend Al, at a high school graduation party. “It’s the bad Blacks that are the niggers.”

    “I think I hate you now, Bill,” said Al, walking away.

    It was 25 years ago when that scene took place, and his words still haunt me. Partly because I haven’t spoken to Al since. But mostly because that those words started me on a path toward acceptance and enlightenment that I remain on to this day.

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    Make money The Huffington Post way with Sexism, Hyperbole and Woo

    Being one of the most influential bloggers on the planet is no easy chore. The endless 18-hour work days can be hard on myself, and my family. Plus, the mainstream media and much of the general public have almost no respect for bloggers. And the pay is horrible.

    Now, for the first two issues, there’s little I can do. I am dedicated to the craft, after all. But for the money part, I have learned that there is one thing I can do to make this blog lucrative. And that’s what I’m going to do.

    I’m going Huffington Postisize this bitch.

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    The Daily Beast’s Lloyd Grove cartwheels around allegations of sexual assault by Al Gore

    Al Gore has been accused of sexual assault. He has not been charged with anything at this stage, and may or may not be in the future. But a Portland woman has accused him of sexual assault, and according to the National Enquirer, it’s possible two other women are making similar accusations. Gore recently met with Portland police in regard to the allegations.

    From CBS News:

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    On Bush Tax Cuts, Politics Daily makes the data fit the narrative

    At Politics Daily, Bruce Drake sticks with politics, and does so in grand “Interpret the data the way to best fit my narrative” style.

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    Why did Politics Daily's Andrew Cohen highlight "poison" in his column to an Ex-girlfriend (updated)

    Stalking a woman – on her wedding day – who spurned you is cause for termination in my book. And that’s exactly what Politics Daily legal analyst Andrew Cohen deserves after penning a column titled “On Her Wedding Day, Saying the Things Left Unsaid”

    From WashingtonCityPaper.com:

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    William K. Wolfrum’s Morning – July 27, 2010


    Paul Briggs does an outstanding imitation of how the Obama Administration handled the Shirley Sherrod video nontroversy.

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    Ted Haggard over-repents, shooting past straight and right back to Gay

    COLORADO - Hours after admitting that his sexual liason with a male prostitute was a "massage gone awry," Ted Haggard has admitted he is again feeling Gay urges.

    "What can I say," said Haggard. "I over-repented and shot straight past being straight."

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    Obama to appear on “The View” – But not with Elisabeth Hasselbeck

    WASHINGTON – Barack Obama will become the first sitting President to appear on a daytime talk show, as he will join the ladies of “The View” later this week – with one notable exception.

    “The Obama Administration made it perfectly clear that he would not appear on the show if Elisabeth Hasselbeck is even allowed on the set,” said an insider at “The View.” “And no one here seems to have a problem with that.”

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    Alvin Greene & the S.C. Democratic Party – Are you High?

    Near the end of Alvin Greene’s interview yesterday with KABC-790 (Los Angeles) crew Frosty, Heidi and Frank, Greene was asked the only question that seemed to matter.

    “Are you completely high right now?” asked Frank.

    “Yes,” said Greene.

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    Obama’s Secret Death Squads and FEMA Concentration Camps must adhere to liberal values

    A while back, in a discussion on Journolist, a group of us left-wing journalists got together and discussed how best we could help implement Barack Obama’s plans to send roving death squads after his opposition and how to best handle the


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