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Chuck Todd mistakenly gets honest on Twitter

NBC Reporter Chuck Todd on Twitter just now:

“Gibbs says House GOP leaders and POTUS agreed to cut spending and reduce the president. #soundseasy doesn’t it. #detailsdetails”

He caught his error moments after.

Bad typo in last tweet. Gibbs said House GOPers and POTUS agreed to cut spending and reduce deficit.

The truth was refreshing while it lasted.


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Darrell Issa's anti-regulation scam - easier than stealing cars

Car-thieving, Gray Davis-recalling, anti-F-word Congressman Darrell Issa has released the letters from concerned businesses (Ok, mostly lobbyists) about regulations they feel should be wiped from the books. [Read more]

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Centrism: The Truth Rundown

David Broder stared out his office window. His calmness had an eerie quality to it, a feel that there was anger just underneath. This was a man obviously smarting from the closing of the Centrist Democratic Leadership Council, and it showed. Still staring out the window, he finally spoke. [Read more]

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Blogroll Amnesty Day is Un-American

Each year around this time, I'm contacted by a small cadre of political bloggers looking to push something they call "Blogroll Amnesty Day." The idea behind this day is for big, important, A-List, nationally recognized bloggers like myself to give out links to small, unimportant, D-List, not-recognized-in-ther-own-home bloggers. [Read more]

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GOP cancels Black History Month party, slices $372.68 off budget

WASHINGTON – After making campaign promises that they’d cut as much as $150 billion from the U.S. budget, Congressional Republicans could only come up with $32 billion in savings for the remainder of fiscal 2011, a move likely to anger their Tea Party base. However, deficit-hawk Paul Ryan, the Chairman of the House Budget Committee, insisted their work is not yet done.

“We’re just getting started,” Tweeted Ryan.

Ryan is set to announce that Congressional Republicans will shave another $378.68 from the 2011 budget by eliminating the GOP’s annual “Black History Month” party. [Read more]

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GOP to introduce “Nose-Cutting-Off” bill

WASHINGTON – Having returned to prominence with a campaign dedicated to promoting job creation and cutting spending, Congressional Republicans have made repealing Health Care Reform and redefining the word “rape” their two most pressing issues since taking control of the House. [Read more]

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Mitt Romney is the new Ronald Reagan – he died 7 years ago

In the upcoming weeks and months, we’ll all be introduced to the new Mitt Romney. Or, perhaps the new new Mitt Romney. Or even the new new new Mitt Romney. All that matters is that whatever happened in the past, Romney is totally a serious strict Constitionalist hyper-conservative now and he won’t be changing until the wind changes direction. [Read more]

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Federal Judge Rules Capitalism Unconstitutional

AMERICA – A Federal Court in Florida has struck down Capitalism, ruling that the requirement for individuals to live under any type of economic system is unconstitutional.

U.S. District Judge Roger Vinson in his judgment ruled that the so-called economic system known as capitalism exceeds congressional power.

“The Congress does not have the power to compel an individual to live under any economic system,” Vinson said. [Read more]

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I support the Egyptian people – provided it doesn’t affect me

Having watched events unfold in Egypt this past week, I must say I am impressed by the bravery and strength of will shown by the Egyptian people. They are standing tall against a dictatorial regime, and that is to be applauded.

However, I am not quite certain yet if Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak should step down. Because, while I understand he runs a repressive regime with little to no care about basic human rights, this is not a black and white issue. There are many unanswered questions still, with the main one being - how does it affect me? [Read more]

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Sarah Palin: This just isn't funny anymore

A while back, I wrote a post entitled “Sarah Palin will always be funny. Always!” In it, I had this to say:

“I am shocked and offended that there are those out there that will say they are ’sick of Sarah Palin jokes.’”

Yesterday, here’s how Palin countered Obama’s use of the “Sputnik Moment” analogy in his State of the Union Address: [Read more]

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Vital Egypt information for Americans

Egypt on map

There. Now you can find it on a map.

You can find out more about the protests in Egypt and the U.S. response here, or follow the breaking news on Twitter with the #Jan25 hashtag. Or just be happy that you now know where it is.


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State of the Union: The Undecided Voters' Rebuttal

Hey everyone!

First, let me thank the Undecided Voters who have asked me to give this rebuttal - which is like a speech thing I'm told and is important.  Anyway, President Barack Obama's was talking last night was on a bunch of channels I'm told. I saw a little of it and thought his tie was kind of weird, but maybe it stood for something important like Barney. [Read more]

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If CNN can call for Mass Bloodshed, then so can I!

Before I start this blog post, let me make one thing absolutely clear - I do not, under any circumstance, advocate armed insurrection against the United States. That, my friends, is totally not my scene. [Read more]

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This Blog Post makes absolutely no difference so who the hell cares anyway?

In a short matter of time, Conservative thinkers have leaped completely over Libertarianism and moved on to full-fledged Nihilism. The New York Times' Ross Douthat leads the charge

: [Read more]

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Keith Olbermann finished at MSNBC

Liberals and the Twitters are all abuzz after it was announced that Keith Olbermann taped his last "Countdown" show on MSNBC tonight and will be leaving the network. While immediate speculation was made about Comcast's purchase of NBC being why, thus far, no reason has been given. The exit was so swift, MSNBC continued to rum promos for "Countdown" after the announcement was made. [Read more]

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Noted William K. Wolfrum blog source Tim Johnson missing

Tim Johnson and the bear

TUPELO, MISS — Tim Johnson – a vital source to journalist and blogger William K. Wolfrum – has been declared missing after disappearing a week ago following a camping excursion. Johnson, 43, was last seen doing arm curls with a baby bear last Friday. His whereabouts are currently unknown.

Johnson has been a featured source in numerous blog posts by Wolfrum, including: [Read more]

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Pope John Paul II's final miracle - making child molestation seem like no big deal

VATICAN - Pope John Paul II will be beatified on May 1, after Vatican officials judged that the deceased pontiff's ability to make child molestation and sexual abuse charges seem like no big deal was officially a miracle.

"You'd think people would care that the Pope knew full well that Catholic priests who were molesting kids were protected," said Vatican spokesman Father Oliver O'Grady."Turns out, no one seems to care. It's a miracle!" [Read more]

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Answering the Stupidest Questions: Do Dead Cows Mean Biblical Prophecy is coming true?

Hello everyone, and welcome to today’s episode of “Answering the Stupidest Questions.”


Today, Time Magazines dares to ask the question ringing in hardly anyone’s mind: “Does the Death of 200 Cows in Wisconsin Confirm Biblical Prophecy?”

Regardless of the outcome of those necropsies, plenty of people find the herd’s mysterious death somewhat apocalyptic, especially in the wake of events that claimed the lives of thousands of birds and fish in Arkansas, and hundreds of birds in Sweden, Louisiana and Kentucky. [Read more]

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The Love of a Dog in Brazil

caramelo- a dog's love

A story of a dog’s dedication to its family, following their deaths last week in Brazil. Translated from

The former street-dog Caramelo helped rescue the bodies of its owners, whose were killed during last week’s rains, then did not want to leave the makeshift grave of his owner. [Read more]

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Scientists discover that no matter how many guns you own, your penis will remain small and insignificant

This man has a very sad penisSWEDEN - After a full decade of research, a team of Swedish scientists has confirmed that no matter how many guns a man owns, his penis will remain small and insignificant.

"Ve look at ze mens wit ze guns and ve look at ze penis of zeese mens," said Dr. Sven Svenenberg of the Svenlandia Institute. "Itz veery zad. Ze penis is so wee."
 [Read more]

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