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    Amnesty for Pussy Grabbers! Stop the carnage!

    Buckwheat called the meeting of the Woman Haters Club to order, and entertained the motion by Brothers Thrush, Rose and Halperin that Brother Trump be reprimanded for giving away the great secret and leaving all his brother celebrity pussy grabbers holding the bag (so to  speak...).


    Charlie Rose spoke first in favor of the motion to censure.


    "Nobody knew that all us celebrities included all the pussy we could grab as a part of our compensation package till Mr. Big Mouth made with "The Locker Room Talk" and now we are all toast!  What ever happened to the Code of the Omerta of the Locker Room, you idiot?


    Let's get Jimmy Carter to declare a general amnesty, before there is no man over the age of  15 holding a position of power or influence!"


    The meeting ended with unanimous consent, and beer.


    If only Bro's Thrush et al had not so piously tutted their tuts when The Tape first emerged....

    Charlie Rose interviewing fresh young job seekers without the encumbrance of clothing makes Ted "The Bathrobe Lurker" Cruz look like Mr.. Rogers.


    See Peracles & me sorta on topic in a subthread over at Ramona's post.

    But yeah, on the whole, I am ready to throwup a little in my mouth over the national mania or should I say hysteria?

    This is not the rational way for feminists to deal with this problem. Last time we did this we ended up with Clarence Thomas as a Supreme Court justice.

    And I was already thinking about "lust in his heart" Jimmy Carter a couple of days ago; you're braver than me to bring it up.

    You know I am enjoying this image now of him leering with eyes sideways and that grin, at a teenage woman in his Sunday school class. laugh I've always suspected Rosalyn of being quite the confident little cookie about adultery possibilities for reasons better left unsaid. It's that giggle she has, like she's seen more than a Playboy magazine or two.

    But I must add a contrary comment along with the above. I told you years ago on this site, and I'm telling you again: using the word "pussy" is considered derogative to women by many women. As in "she's a nice piece of meat". You ruin some of your best arguments by using this particular piece of street lingo. It definitely belongs in Trump locker rooms, that's the kinda guy many women see when they hear it come out of someone's mouth.

    And what you see is what you get, no surprises. No charm either, but what the hey.

    Sorry to have been so long distracted, but I didn't want to let this pass--surely as the original referant to the He Man Woman' Haters Club you would appreciate the irony in the usage, albeit as I m'ight elsewhere be found using it in some other frame.


    The more so as

    1. I support the expropriation of the word from the perjorative.

    2. In the context given, it's use is crucial to the semiotic integrity of the profoundly unexamiined demand for impunity that extends well past actual immunty to sanction and requires silence if not active approval in the face of utter piggery. (reference {you can do anything, which I would actually argue when deconstructed with some granularity is perhaps more chilling than the specific word usage we now debate)

    3. I use it as a synecdoche, not a body part.

    Excellent, join the "I'm sorry that I made you uncomfortable but really don't know what I did wrong" mansplainin' "apology" club.

    huh, just ran across this, and it's like it was made especially for you! devil


    Hail. Hail. We rejoice at the long-awaited arrival of our Fallopian Overlords

    — Annie West (@anniewestdotcom) November 19, 2017


    And from nosily poking around, it seems that the ladies can be as wicked in the bathroom as in the bed. Shocking.

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