Don't go Al

    Franken should assume all the accusations are honest and should  call each of the women  and apologize.  Some one -not his wife- should be  present  listening which he should tell each of the woman at the beginning  of the call.

    No recording of course.

    He shouldn't announce he's doing it. Just do it. Telling them  he d prefer them not to publicize the call but that was up to them.

    And then get on with the rest of his life. In the Senate.






    Now Kirsten Gillibrand, D-NY, and all the Democrats have sent a message to America, they can, with clear consciences, work with Trump and Roy Moore to acquiesce in liquidating what's left of our democracy.

    One of the only fighting Dems has been dispensed with.

    I'm sure Alabama will appreciate the move and now vote Democrat. Or note that Dems are pervs and vote the righteous God-fearing judge into office.

    I'm sure the GOP will now look to clean up their own backyard. Or use this to ram down the nation's throat to avoid losing a single seat in 2018.


    Not one Trump or Moore supporter was swayed by this capitulation.

    Edit to add:

    When Bill Clinton was accused, the Congressional Black Caucus still backed him. Franken had no support in Congress. His voters were dismissed.

    So it's done. Two conclusions: there is need for national  legislation establishing a system of rational  adjudication of claims of sexual  harassment .   And Congress should deal with the question  whether that complements or replaces the franchise of the do-it-yourself ethics committees .

    It's a  legitimate question whether the standards for our legislators should be the same as for the rest of us mortals. In 2016 the voters provided some indication that they wanted  whomever they wanted.   Who's to say they were wrong?

    Newt Gingrich is defending Franken’s rights

    ​Edit to add:

    Franken notes the irony that he is leaving while Trump and Moore have Support.

    ​Democrats may have set up a scenario where a Republican could capture the seat

    My favorite senator, for sure.

    I guess he was a 'grabber'?

    But the time is right.

    Now of course Moore and Trump will resign forthwith!


    Franken out, the Royatollah in?

    I just gotta say, Al Franken's old job was as a comedian truth-teller. I'll bet he has a whole bunch of new stories to tell that a lot of politicians might not like to hear.

    Yeah, Al unleashed may be a marvel to behold - hope he can channel biting anger appropriately. At one point I held out hope for Alan Grayson carving out a few assholes. Stuart Smalley can meet Slim Shady for the next round of political fun. First Lying Liar? Bill O'Reilly - he's always fun. But Roger Stone has to be next. Trump himself? M'boy. And then there's Roy - what wouldn't a comedian like about doing that guy. Now we get to romp among the token conservative female posse called the Fox henhouse - aka Queens of the Stone Age. How does one survive a total sexual harassment meltdown with 100's of millions paid out, and then turn around and do cleavage jokes is part of a round table? I'm sure what ailes Fox goes deeper than that, and Al should be ready to take it on - where comic relief imitates life.

    I think you over estimate the power of comedy in general and Franken in particular. He was never a hugely famous comedian and doesn't have much to unleash in that realm. He never had the stage presence to do stand up and mostly wrote for other comedians. His books sold ok but mostly to people who already agreed with him. He might have built a good political career, he was on his way, but his mildly inappropriate behavior and the times ended that. Sadly, I don't think he'll be much of an influence after he leaves congress.

    This was a mild hope/fantasy, not an expectation, though still, there's reasonable chance he figures out a good poitive way to round this bend.

    I thought you were trying to be a comedian with that nonsense comment but snowflake fantasy better describes that wishful thinking. Franken showed clearly he has gone 'round the bend' with his comments on the steps of the capitol. Now all he can do is join other bent liberals and get lost in the fading resistance. Perhaps Weinstein will have a project for him once he finishes rehab.

    Donald Trump

    Roy Moore

    Trent Franks

     Blake Farenthold 

    Edit to add:

    No one takes your arguments seriously. Trump’s is so bad that given white Evangelicals are looking for something better. Trump is a puppet of Vladimir Putin. He fired Comey and asked Congress to lay off Flynn because he wanted the Russia investigation terminated. He doesn’t want the public to know the extent to which he worked with the Russians. The Russians hacked the elections. The Chinese are gleefully that Trump is tearing up agreements thus giving China an upper had in Pacific trade. Trump wants war with North Korea and in the Middle East. He wants to increase taxes on the poor and the middle class. You see these things and you still shill for Donald Trump.

    Your posts make you come across as I’ll-informed at best.Your repeated use of snowflake suggests that your vocabulary is as limited as that of Donald Trump. As, I noted, your posts used to  e amusing  now it seems that you actually believe the nonsense that you post. Your arguments are worthy of pity.

    Hopefully, you will view the tapes of Trump’s nonsensical verbiage and note his slurred speech. The man is under stress and his dementia is becoming clearer by the day. Come back to your senses.

    I try to ignore your hysteria and bile but you continue to direct your uninformed rants my way. I don't recall you ever liking my comments whether humorous, serious or mocking. You seem to live in a state of fear that generates your fantasy reality existance. Trump or Putin don't care about your kind of whiner so their not out to get you. It must be especially frustrating for you to see the Supreme Court supporting Trump's agenda and clear thinking about protecting our borders. Your support for the TPP just because Trump killed it shows you don't care about American workers of any description or are just whimpering about Obama's lost NWO legacy. I'm sure Trump is weary from the stress of being the Hegemon but his comments and tweets are crafted for maximum effect and cause much pearl clutching among the snowflakes, which they were meant to do, while rational humans get the message. To maintain your state of fear and denial you translate and redefine anything Trump says or does to fit your weak fantasies. Trump has never threatened to attack or start a war wiith NK only to respond to their threatened agression with maximum force short of Nukes. Kim withdrew his attack force heading for Guam because of these promises and now China and Russia are facing their responsibility for NK because of Trump's insistance. The pathetic Trump is impaired meme shows how defeated the weak minded snowflakes have become while their other anti-American memes fade into the dust they came from.

    Oh, go ahead.  Ignore him altogether.  You can’t, you say?  I guess he does challenge you a bit after all.

    I liked  "pearl clutching".

    You're projecting again. Your posts are obviously attempts to be a comedian of the Don Rickles type. The nonsense about Weinstein was clearly meant to be the punch line of your joke post. I see you've taken my advice to return to your role as insult comedian as your few attempts to discuss policy simply revealed that you don't follow the news.

    More Tokyo Rose than Don Rickles.

    Yeah, he's a smart man and might find a way to be a positive influence after he leaves.

    Like a hard core right sing holier than thou Bible thumping Republican Congressman asking his female staff if he could knock them up and then take the baby? Oh wait.....

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