Kavanaugh could save the Republicans

    by confessing.

    Otherwise there is going to be a democratic House after November.

    But  if Kavanaugh admits the charge, apologizes and  rends  his garments appropriately there is an army of Republican women who would  feel  they should exercise their mature powers by defying the polls and make their usual comfortable Republican vote. Including the two last hopes in the Senate.

    Unless Chuck or Nancy or someone prevented it , the understandable  response of most of the Democrats would be  to scorn K's performance which would translate into an enthusiastic  Republican- woman defense of the poor  guy who isn't  being allowed to do the right thing.






    I don't think so, nope;more and more everyday I am convinced it's all gonna be all about Trump:

    Two years ago, Seth Klarman was the biggest donor to the Republican Party in New England. This year he’s giving some $20 million to Democrats. He tells @bariweiss why in an exclusive interview. https://t.co/7n1sJMowOG

    — NYT Opinion (@nytopinion) September 15, 2018

    Just like it's not gonna be about Obama, it's not gonna be about Kavanaugh. The GOP in Congress are going to pay and pay and pay and pay for not standing  up to Trump, it's going to take a long time to remake their party somehow. Especially that the people with the money and the neo-cons and the never Trumpers, they don't care much about Kavanaugh one way or another.

    Edit to add: That said, that's Congressional party, there's plenty of George Will types out there voting Dem this time but ready and able to support a President Pence and a Supreme Court Judge like Kavanaugh. and their originalist conservative agendas once Trump is gone. They're dying off, but they are still out there. And then rank and file voters don't really understand the danger in that to something like abortion rights.


    P.S. FWIW, big donor Leslie Wexner just officially jumped out of the GOP too. Says he's been GOP since college.Young Republicans. Switching to Independent, inspired by Obama-in-person this week, and contrasting him with Trump. 

    Well, the shit has officially hit the fan!  She is speaking out on the record.  I can’t wait for the lynching metaphors.

    Johnathan Turley argued that the Democrats lost the high ground by the attack on Kavanugh 


    And why exactly do Democrats even need "the high ground" when Republicans are eternally taking the low road?
    Double standards always.

    odd tidbit

    ugh, ain't enough humiliation going around, he's got to do it to himself, too

    Trump’s angry, meandering broadside against Brett Kavanaugh’s accusers, annotated

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