A True Hallmark, and a Botful Xmas to you


    Oh, shut your sound, Peracles!  

    That is hilarious. 

    Merry Christmas, dude!


    If that's not enough to raise people's spirits, I just noticed that this hashtag is trending:


    so just by virtue of volume, whatever your taste in humor, surely there's something to please.

    After Christmas, betcha it's gonna be 90% off for the few weeks until they file Chapter 7:

    The @TrumpStore 48 hour sale ends today | 20% off your entire order with delivery before Christmas https://t.co/aMZ0rkUhA3 pic.twitter.com/bEyN1eRIJV

    — Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) December 16, 2018

    (yez another dupe, should put the twitchy finger on my list of medical symptoms!)

    It could be worse, arta.  You could also be gift wrapped in eggnog.  Your doctor would have a terrible time curing that one.


    Just trigger happy - happens to the best (and worst) of us.

    Wacky tacky cultural appropriation by the oppressed for fun and profit all round:

    Christmas time is family time. Stop by #LittleTokyo till 3 pm for free photos with Shogun Santa in the Japanese Village Plaza. #EatShopPlay pic.twitter.com/mFP5TBzH2I

    — Metro Connector (@MetroConnector) December 16, 2018

    Boy makes me think how if Thomas Nast had been as rigorous about copyright and legacy of the image as like, the PIcasso family is, we'd be talking constant unfair infringement suits worldwide as well as raking in the dough from Hallmark royalties. Many colored Santas indeed, not to mention ones with military and authoritarian ethos.

    Said Merry Christmas several times, not Happy Holidays:

    This is what I mean when I say a compromise by Obama seems like surrender. Here we are engaged in the most important fight of our time, The War On Christmas and Obama is giving out an  inconsistent message by saying Merry Christmas. Sure, he's pretending to be a black Santa when everyone knows Santa is white. A clear win for our side, what white person will celebrate Xmas (ha ha) if Santa is black. Why does he have to ruin it by saying Merry Christmas? Thank God NBC for being on our side. Notice the headline. Obama delivers Holiday gifts. 

    No no no, Santa is a dirty disheveled half-goat of unsure ethnicity who'd surely end up on a no-fly list carrying that bag w who knows what. (Though at least he wouldn't lose his talk sho w/o a fight, eh Megyn? well at least you and Bill O'Reilly have something in common)


    Well black Santa would end up on the no fly list but that's a good thing. When they TSA stops him from flying we can play the race card. And as Tucker explained a few days ago Hispanic Santa does make America dirty. But white Santa is a right jolly old elf.

    White House press corps has a dark-skinned Santa, too, but then they have warped interpretations of naughty and nice and are the enemy of the people:

    Of course black Santa thinks the mainstream media is nice. We'd get a whole different view if white Santa showed up.

    I saw Mommy kissing Black Santa Claus...

    And just because...

    Essay splaining how saying "Merry Christmas" instead of "Happy Christmas" would not actually be proper protection of WASP heritage culture (mainly, using "Merry" signified a pagan tradition, not to mention influence of uncouth Americans without much proper religion):


    P.S. I visualize someone like Margaret Dumont using "Happy Christmas" to express felicitations of the season, and clutching her pearls should she hear anyone say "Merry Christmas" in return:

    Edit to add: furthermore, comes to mind that gentlemen do not brandish cigars while ladies are in the room!

    yup, merrymaking, not a WASP thing (Dickens? an uncouth serialized pop writer not in "good taste.")

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