Proposition Joe

    Proposition Joe was one of the characters of the HBO series “The Wire”. Proposition Joe would always try to appease  the opposition. Proposition Joe predictably took a dirt nap when he was no longer useful to his rivals.

    Proposition Joe came to mind when I heard Joe Biden tell us how Republicans would come to their senses and work across the aisle once Trump was out of office. Did Biden not take notice of what Republicans did before Trump was in office?

    John Boehner

    “We're going to do everything — and I mean everything we can do — to kill it, stop it, slow it down, whatever we can.”

    Mitch McConnell 

     “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.”

    It is like Biden was asleep for the entire Obama Presidency. 

    I really don’t care about Biden and the 1994 crime bill. I am concerned that he still doesn’t get his offensiveness in the Clarence Thomas hearings. Along with his failure at the hearing, Biden completely ignored the warnings that Clarence Thomas would be a hardliner on abortion.

    Even before Anita Hill went public with her sexual harassment allegations, women’s rights groups were convinced that Clarence Thomas was bad news. 

    “The record shows that if confirmed, Judge Thomas would indeed vote to take away this fundamental right [to abortion], to take this nation back to the days when women had no alternative but the back alleys for health care,” said Kate Michelman, the director of the National Abortion Rights Action League

    Michelman and other reproductive rights advocates testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee in September 1991, urging the panel composed entirely of white men to think about what effect Thomas would have on abortion access if confirmed to the Supreme Court.

    They faced skepticism, however, from someone who could have been a key ally: Joe Biden, who was then a Democratic senator from Delaware and was chairman of the committee.

    “I did not find anywhere in the record on that issue where he evidenced extreme views ― where he said ― where he, on the face of what he said, as anything extreme or an explicit endorsement,” Biden said to the women who testified on Sept. 19, adding that they showed a “failure of logic” in coming to such a conclusion.


    That was then, this is now. We have seen candidates like Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris work on policy. Joe Biden gives us Noun...Verb...Obama. How could he be preparing for a Presidential run and not have analyzed his stance on the Hyde amendment?

    However it looks like the flip flop may have gained him voters.

    A recent Morning Consult/Politico poll found some voters appreciate Biden’s change in attitude: 31 percent of those voting in a Democratic primary or caucus said they were more likely to vote for the former vice president following his reversal on the Hyde Amendment. In contrast, 19 percent said they were less likely, according to the poll, which surveyed 1,991 registered voters from June 7 to 9. Biden had switched his stance on June 6. 

    The shift was especially pronounced among black and Hispanic voters: 18 percent of white voters said they were more likely to vote for Biden after his shift, in comparison to 28 percent of Hispanic voters and 27 percent of African American voters.


    Biden is leading in polls of African Americans 


    A new poll has shown what we all feared—fine, maybe it’s just me—but black folks, at least the ones polled, have declared that Vice President Joe Biden is the frontrunner out of all the Destiny’s Child members that make up the Democratic nominees vying to become president.

    Some “seventy-six percent of African American Democrats who answered the survey said they are enthusiastic about Biden, while 16 percent said they had some reservations or felt uncomfortable with his candidacy,” Politico reports. 

    The poll (pdf) notes that Biden is holding enthusiasm numbers with blacks while other Democratic nominees continue to make inroads when focusing on pocketbook issues that are of major concern to black voters. 

    While Biden is leading the Black Economic Alliance poll, “the next closest candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders, drew enthusiastic views from 64 percent of black Democrats, but 28 percent said they had some level of discomfort with him,” Politico reports. 

    Both Sens. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) and Cory Booker (D-N.J.), garnered 53 percent and 43 percent of black Democrats, respectively

    Biden May be the guy, but I’m still lacking in feeling the Joe-Mentum












    Obama era staffers think Biden’s belief that he will be able to work with the GOP is in error.

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