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    Francis in the Missionary Position

    There was a lot of hype about Pope Francis, all of which suddenly and abruptly dropped off. He came on to the scene speaking about income inequality, an issue largely neglected before the so called "populist revolution" broke out, and promised to vindicate the legacy of Oscar Romero and others who fought for equity. People like Bill Maher bought the hype of the new tone, saying he thought Francis was really "an atheist" when he was really fully prepared to protect the institution he spent his whole life in. People thought he was being LGBT friendly when he said "Who am I to judge?" He was really talking about not judging church pedophiles. We later found out that he personally covered up sex abuse, the worst accusations anyone in his position has been faced with. Francis didn't really deny the accusations either. There was someone warning us about such things.


    You're a few months behind, and Christopher Hitchens is still dead (and probably still a jerk)


    [to make it clear, the link notes Pope Francis doing something about this.]

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