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    Crown Heights tribal hatreds will never cease:

    Is Everyone Who Opposes a New School Zoning Plan in Brooklyn Racist?

    "Controlled choice" is supposed to fix inequality in New York public schools. It might make everything worse.

    By Matt Welch @ | 9.17.2019 7:00 AM

    Related but a much longer, bigger picture, and as always, excellent piece of work by George Packer:

    When the Culture War Comes for the Kids

    Caught between a brutal meritocracy and a radical new progressivism, a parent tries to do right by his children while navigating New York City’s schools.

    By George Packer for The Atlantic, October 2019 issue

    If you don't have time to read all of Packer's article, I recommend checking out the last third of it.

    DeBlasio: all hat, no cattle:

    If this is not an example of some people skimming payola, I'd be shocked:

    Because after 30+ years in this town,and comparing it to the Midwestern  town I lived in til age 29, and what taxpayers got there for their money, I've come to expect premium prices for the worst work as standard modus operandi. Including double-length contracts, so workers can collect lots of extra hours of union wages at slowdown level of activity. (Donut breaks every hour.) 


    While DeBlasio's sweetie Chirlaine continues to do a heckuva job with her $850 million plus mental health program (What a wonderful value, Chirlaine! Why do I think of Ivanka when I see you?) and everyone who is anyone in mental health just dying to work in her corps:

    Also see  Randy Santos is accused of going on a murderous rampage, killing four homeless men, after years of erratic behavior.

    But would we have nice things if we could? Would we go for an ethical Facebook (MySpace?)? Would we pay for a better NY metro? Would we make the sacrifices that good healthcare systems require to deliver? Or are we stuck with our own counterintuitive preferences?

    Huh, possible corruption in the Construction Fraud Tax Force, who'd thunk it? What a surprise!

    Because we spend tax dollars on teaching Hasidic cult kids how to read the Torah and collect welfare for large families and little else:

    “It’s of particular importance that those yeshivas be named not only as a matter of accountability to parents but to the public, since millions of dollars of taxpayer funds go to these schools.”

    — Errol Louis (@errollouis) January 28, 2020

    Why do we do that instead of demanding that if they get tax dollars, they are also taught the three R's + basic science? We do that because their rebbes deliver block votes to the candidates who make sure the yeshivas get tax dollars. The rebbes can do that because: the flock is not educated to be able to vote independently using their own mind.

    Don't get me wrong: we have freedom to be stupid in this country and I will defend it. I just don't like paying for this personal choice. You are free to be stupid and uneducated, but you have to pay for it yourself!

    Kept looking for the "successes" section.

    Also, noticed this one - cloud databases r tuff:

    well it's a NY thing, where like $500 million is squat start up, nobody expects anything to actually happen from that amount.I.E. So now that all these jobs are set up and bureaucracy fed, Chirlane finally has time to go OIC, we got a seriously mentally ill problem here! that's something we could do, maybe, as long as it doesn't cut into managing the yoga classes and the teams designing the think positive today advertising for the subway...

    hey thanks for the link, I had no idea the NYPD was cutting into what was always considered the Sheriff's booty. Maybe turf war coming soon

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