Old Lindsey Graham tv appearance videos: always fun and informative!


    Except what happens? How bad could the blackmail be? For how many people? No deathbed confessions, no "putting on the dress blues folding the flag, sharp salute, and one last bullet through the skull"? These are 180 turns in a single year. It's the age of the internet - where's the video of the daughter doing something steamy with goats? Trump hardly seems like a hypnotist - or is he?

    It's really beyond the looking glass isn't it? So blatant, like worse than Trump because Trump is crazee narcissist reasons, it's a given he's going to veer allover the place. But this is just blatant false face and the acting is so good! One wonders why there has not more screaming from SC, either about what he used to say or what he says now! (Along the classic lines of hate politicians, they all lie.) Character straight outta Alice in Wonderland or even Orwell.

    If only. It's more like Teletubbies or some Saturday morning cartoons for 6-year-olds: "he has doodoo breath!" "ooh gross, I bet he eats his boogers" "yeah, traitor scum... socialist lovers!!! And bad at Math!!!" And that signifies a well-crafted argument, a meeting of minds, retweeted on the internutz.

    Struck me as one good possible explanation:

    Dersh tries rolling back his old comments, wishing them away - that he's "more correct now", and High Crimes weren't needed cuz perjury, and rock in his shoe, sun in his eyes... Brave Sir Robin ran away. Except he won't go away -just feels able to use "that was then, this is now" excuse that stopped working for most in Jr High.


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