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    The picture was a bonus, it nearly made me LOL.

    On our roster of overpaid university administrators driving up college costs, Ken Starr still takes the prize. https://t.co/yXQpbmelJx

    — Richard W. Painter (@RWPUSA) August 11, 2019


    Only fitting - he still owns the spending prize for Independent Counsels as well.

    Can we buy Sweden?

    Maggie reveals subtle socialist sympathies:

    Louis Vitton luggage being removed from the baggage hold of AF1. pic.twitter.com/xlWdqpJfCh

    — Maggie Haberman (@maggieNYT) August 18, 2019


    More curious is Maggie misspelling it - is that to appeal to non-elite fans, or to point out that the Prez is traveling with counterfeit luxury gear? (tried to blow it up to see labels, but none)

    Isn't there a Trump brand luggage? I thought he sold his name for every product. But then he probably knows the Trump brand is shit. He'll promote it but he doesn't actually use it.

    Barron Trump is taller than his mom, even in her heels, and he's sporting a new haircut

    Is Barron Trump going to end up as the tallest Trump? Looks that way, and he's got a hip new haircut

    @ Yahoo Entertainment, Aug. 19

    Hadn't quite realized that. Did notice that Donald now has bigger tits than his wife. Could put him in one of those Big Brother Reality Shows, soaping them big hooters up, giving himself a manly squeeze...
    Melania's probably 5'8", i.e. not that tall. the Donald's probably down below 6'1" now due to bone compression.

    Wow, he should run for mayor of NYC. He's taller than De Blasio and as Blasio has said, "The tallest candidate usually wins." De Blasio would probably just concede the election rather than run a failing campaign against a taller candidate.

    looks like Barron added more inches since summer:

    May reflect the insanity of paying full tuition. "Need blind" admissions is a bit of a joke.

    Good point.

    If politics of resentment and tribalism continues as a trend, makes my head hurt to think of ramifications.We wouldn't even know if we didn't track by race and gender, but we do, for many reasons.that one can't ignore. At the same time, it can't continue forever, because young people are increasingly mixed race, so there's that.

    It's encouraging to me to see those who are labeled "Hispanic" care more about higher education than in previous decades. A mystery to me is why there isn't more resentment than there is of those labeled "Asian" for taking up so many spaces.

    Blame the GI bill for verifying the idea that this is the way to climb the class ladder?

    If everyone who wanted to went to college, then things might change to two classes, college/non-college that might mean little monetarily? Because of the growing situation of low-paying gig economy for college grads for the foreseeable future? 

    They still ask education level on things like credit card applications. Will there be a new separation between "online" college grads and "brick and mortar" college grads?

    So many questions, boggles the mind, sometimes I don't get why we are sorting people this way any longer, what good it does. Including on political polls. Hurts more than helps? Reinforces tribalism?

    Somebody is watching and analyzing us:

    A “Need for Chaos” and the Sharing of Hostile Political Rumors in Advanced Democracies

    Rudy Guiliani still has some scruples. Found retweeted by Maggie Haberman​, who may have been as suprised as I am:

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