Admin: retry - cutting racial talks, keeping threads unrepetitive

    As Dagblog has devolved into talk about "whitesplaining" and "blacksplaining" and never ending polemics on racism, the Civil War, "pity Olympics", et al, from now on white Dagbloggers will no longer try to explain black people, and black Dagbloggers will no longer try to explain white people. Except for Danny and anyone else on the masthead, who can do whatever they please. (I personally will abide by my diktat).

    So as a warning, if your post or comment gets into our black vs white national discourse and you're not talking about your own ethnicity, it's probably not allowed. All other ethnic geoups, religions, genders, and other vicarious ways of dividing ourselves up for food fights are fair game.

    Thank you for your understanding. Enjoy the elections, campaign season, impeachment, global meltdown, and whatever else draws you here - except race.

    Your faithful and now dictatorial administrator,

    Peracles (you better say) Please 

    PS - if you belong to another ethnic group that you feel should be redlined, drop me a note and we'll discuss.


    There have been random assaults on Jews by black people

    There is an organized gun rally by white supremacists today

    Blacks and whites, in general, often see the same events through different lens.

    Race may not be everything, but it is a target rich environment for Russian interference 

    Different ethnic groups are going to have to agree to disagree, yet remain cordial

    The secret Russian America to Africa training program is ridiculous.

    Edit to add:

    The gun rally is being held on Martin Luther King Jr.

    King died after being shot

    In our own country, Trump lies six times a day

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