Blowing all the competition for live debate coverage out of the water?

    Heading on @Cnn tonight after the debate and will be live tweeting it throughout. Tonight will be the Bernie debate as he is at this point the clear, almost prohibitive, frontrunner. Super Tuesday is a week from now and this is the last debate before then.

    — Andrew Yang (@AndrewYang) February 25, 2020


    Frank Rich retweeted this and he knows a bad production when he sees one:


    How debates should be run



    Pandemic litmus test: who'd be best handling public health emergencies, gain the most trust?

    I saw that, yeah it's good, I was impressed, everyone should watch. Among other things, hard to believe she's 70, as snappy as a 40 yr. old.  Plus she he really really listens, and is an empath about other's funny but avoids snark/sarcasm...

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