What racism? It's socialists, the elderly and Muslims that are suffering from discrimination now!

    Americans' Willingness to Vote for Presidential Candidates From Certain Groups

    Black: 96%
    Catholic: 95%
    Hispanic: 95%
    A woman: 94%
    Jewish: 93%
    An evangelical Christian: 80%
    Gay/lesbian: 76%
    Under age 40: 71%
    Muslim: 66%
    Over age 70: 63%
    A socialist: 47%https://t.co/9g6minauwL pic.twitter.com/nvYgy1X65I

    — Rob Henderson (@robkhenderson) February 28, 2020


    As long as this set of facts makes you believe racism is gone, everything is OK. For you.

    Because of course, ability to vote for a black is the only issue around racism.

    Why do you keep playing at grade school level? Is this fun for you?

    I'm responding to the title of the post.

    Edit to add:

    Saying who you would vote for does not equate with who you actually vote for.

    So the fuck what? Are we going to ever discuss anything real, or more word games and parsing the obvious? Yes, racism still exists and will exist in various forms in 500 years. can we move on now?

    No we can't move on. We can act to decrease racism. 
    We can challenge voter suppression 

    We can challenge housing discrimination 

    We can challenge banks the charge different rates for blacks regardless of credit status.

    We can challenge bias in the judicial system.


    No, we cannot move on. We have to pay attention to racism when we see it. That is how progress occurs.

    It is identical to pointing out the flaws in the Trump administration, and working to combat the errors. We cannot move on.


    Edit to add:

    A ranking of the Black Agenda of Democratic candidates 


    If you're going to argue stupid shit about whether racism still exists which nobody except you ever contends we're saying. Welcome to Mickey Mouse kindergarten.

    Instead you just derailed the whole purpose for this post, you asshole. Hey, every day is 1617, right?

    I merely responded to the title of the post.

    The title of the post does not refer to the whole world, the title of the post refers to the content of the post.

    Which is: a poll asking about characteristics that don't discourage you from voting for a president.

    That content shows only 4% of Americans now consider race a factor when voting for a president.

    The title of the post also served double duty as a joke about Bernie. Many people are clearly still prejudiced against socialists for president. In addition, many people do not want to vote for someone over 70, which reflects on more of the candidates.

    That went way over your head in your jihad where you take everything both literally and personally.

    By the way, the reason that "Catholic" is on the list is because at the time JFK was elected, many people did not think a Catholic president capable of keeping church and state separate. And were in fact quite prejudiced against Catholics. That changed.

    Again, the title was basically a joke about Bernie.

    I would like to reiterate: the title of a post is supposed to refer to the post.

    Also, in case it's not clear to you: the writer of any post would not always be thinking "how would rmrd with his special obsessions take this? He may not understand"

    OK, "What Racism?", is a joke about Bernie Sanders. Got it.

    It's tongue-in-cheek referring to elections - "socialism is the new black" in this case. But way too deep, apparently. What would Ta-Nehisi say?

    Coates would ask, "WTF did she just say?"

    READ!!!  Can you? Then answer "where's the proof of rampant racism" in this Gallup doc?

    Does NOT show people judging by race.


    AGAIN: the title refers to the content.

    I was NOT making a post on racism in general. I was making a post about a tweeted doc. Pointing out an interesting doc, even if one didn't get the inside joke.

    Socialism is the new black. Got it.

    Great point:

    Those confused about the skepticism old black voters feel toward old white socialists should read Invisible Man

    — Wesley Yang (@wesyang) March 4, 2020

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