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    We are all Puerto Ricans now

    Maybe you remember how the AMERICANS on Puerto Rico were left without power, food, water, medicine and hope following the infliction upon their island of a natural disaster.


    The key statistic, the number of "excess deaths" that accrued in the (whole fuckin') year that painfully unfolded during which the Donald Trump and his Band of Bests not only failed effectively to intervene, but affirmatively used the crisis to loot and pillage.


    It is really pretty simple--if people die who did not need to, their blood is on the hands of those charged with responding.  


    If you died DURING the hurricane, that's not the fault of the Government (unless some schmuck took a sharpie to the weather map, but that's another story).


    After the storm, if death comes by way of a months long delay in standing up the accoutrements of civilization, it should not be a mystery who is to blame.


    By the same reasoning, Trump is not to blame for the peculiar shopping and dining habits that opened a path for a bat virus to find it's way to your lungs, but when he sat around with his thumb up his ass whistling Dixie, of COURSE the deaths lie at his door.


    Sadly, when asked by Chuck Todd (who uncharacteristically stumbled his way to a trenchant question) Joe Biden showed the timidity that ought to disqualify him from candidacy..





    I put it to you, if Bernie is asked the same question, his answer will be short and sweet:


    "Of course".



    "His thumb up his ass whistling Dixie..."


    What the fuck does that even mean?  Asking for a friend...

    No need for Biden to get into the middle right now.

    Obama made a statement

    Pelosi made a statement 


    Let surrogates to the drip, drip, drip

    Biden will not look like he is politicizing the deaths.

    I guess, but I hate me a punk.


    Plus, someone needs to shove this as far up Trump's ass as it will go.

    I feel your pain.

    Maybe this is a test where we all go down if too many of us cannot get the answer right without a crib sheet. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink.

    I have family who are still deep inside the cult. I watch them through the bullet proof glass and wish I could help them.

    No lie...I share (what is to me a shocking amount of) DNA with several Trumpistas.  In fact, I had them in mind when I created my updated Passover text.  The only thing preserving comity is the looming cancellation of the celebratory dinner. 

    do tell more! Are they like Bibi or Sheldon Adelson types (without the big money, of course) ?

    Well, there's my sister, who is more like Sheldon and my nephew whose wife's family is Israeli, so I guess that side is more like Bibi.


    My nephew's in laws comprise the Tiger Schulman dynasty of karate dojos, so they are more like Sheldon on the money side...


    He married up...

    oy.  may you be comforted whilst among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.

    Well, I'm always kinda the skunk at the lawn party, because I have been heard to raise the disturbing lack of archeological support for the hypothetical Pharonic servitude (the more poignant as the Egyptians wrote     carved down everything .


    I am of the school that holds the whole fable was generated as a convenient "foundation myth" to justify snatching Canaan from the other locals, a practice which continues to this day.


    Thus, Cecil B. DeMille notwithstanding, Charlton Heston ain't no Moses.  For that matter, Moses wasn't either...

    Yeah, Foundation Myths of any sort tend to be used to crush good parties, justify landgrabs, and prop up old yeller hateful types. And the parts about "be nice to each other" just get ignored.

    ratings, always ratings, sometimes it seems like "who is getting the ratings, who is getting the adoration?" is the only way he can see things:

    Trump says he watches employees walk into hospitals he knows, men, women, middle aged, not so many older people, and "they're like warriors." He adds, "People are screaming, they're clapping, they're like heroes." He says, "We're going to be doing something for 'em."

    — Daniel Dale (@ddale8) April 1, 2020

    Edit to add:


    Except for the people in Georgia, they are NOT Puerto Ricans, because they elected a governor, Brian Kemp, who announced that only YESTERDAY did he learn that Covid 19 spreads before symptoms show!  Georgia, thus, is special. (Should'a voted for Stacy...)  Puerto Rico is luckier than Georgia.


    Problem w shithole countries is lack of attention to basic hygiene. Often with poorly educated people who have trouble following sound medical device or even basic instructions. It's like chaos over there.

    And they cling to their superstitions, to the detriment of good practices...


    Why do you do the voodoo that you do so well?

    I had a dentist for a minute who grew up in Haiti, and said he had frequently seen people going about as Baron Samedi.

  Baron Samedi Voodoo (20x30 Premium 1000 Piece Jigsaw ...


    ..Blew my mind. 


    You may be familiar with Wade Davis' work on Zombification using puffer fish toxin, bufotenine and datura stramonium...


    Bufotenine, of course is a version of DMT...(Every so often someone gets busted for "toad licking"...which seems unfair to me, as licking a toad ought to be considered punishment enough...)


    The floggings will continue until morale improves...



    The Navy is expected to announce the relief of duty of a captain who raised the alarm about a quick-spreading coronavirus outbreak aboard the nuclear aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt, according to NBC News. 

    I bet he feels relieved.

    Ta-da bum....


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