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    The Trump Death

    Nancy Pelosi got hella shit for calling Covid19 


     "The Trump Virus".


    Historians disagree.


    The correct name for this disease, as far as the United States is concerned:




    That's how plague nomenclature works...


    Research Reveals More Complete Picture of the Devastation Wrought ...



    The Boston Globe agrees.

    Is Trump the rat or the flea?  Inquiring minds...

    You should be used to pestilence and filthy disease living in your peoples paradise.

    Did you go dancing with Nancy in Chinatown weeks after Trump banned the plague flights from China?

    Huh?  Is that a Batman reference, or what?




    Not sure, but do we call the Russian "aid" planes "Raisin Bomber 2.0"?

    Put a wig on that joker and itwould be a great characuture of Nan. 

    I retain my SF voting privileges so that I can vote against Pelosi in the primaries and  so that if you sue me your ass gets removed to Federal Court, (surprise, sucka').


    That said, she looks pretty good for 80

    I'm not surprised you would protest vote against a sloe commie like Nan preferring a full blown Maoist like AOC or someone of her ilk.

    Nan's looks are on the edge of the  uncanny valley artificial enough to frighten children and adults.

     AOC or someone of her ilk.


    Mi Reina!


    I actually MET AOC when on a video shoot for Zephyr Teachout, and, of course, you are spot on.  I am sprung like a wagon that took the quick way to the bottom of the Grand Canyon!


    That said, and while I will walk precincts in the upcoming primary till my feet bleed, I won't surrender my Cali citizenship (reference the diversity jurisdiction previously cited...)


    ETA I said "for 80"!  I never contemplated that "looks" would be a metric applicable to an 80 yr old, but that was before the dread number began to loom in my own near future....we adapt....



    JR, you know the rule - it's not what you got, it's how you use it.
    "Every little thing she does is magic..."

    I gonna say it straight up, she's fuckable.




    Is that one of those reality series, "80 and Up"?
    So are we talking "GILF" or "SILF"? (ok, "MSILF" to be more respectful)
    And JR, where'd you get the baby lamb?

    PS - video link here:

    One of those classic questions like 


    "... by the way, which one's Pink?"




    ETA SILF...How did you know she's a "Screamer"...wait, WHAT?


    Title, not reputation.

    Yeah, kinda knew...

    his reference is a favorite meme of Trumpies on social media because it's something that actually happened and it's all they've got so they're running with it. Our doofus mayor as well as some in our city govt. encouraged people to go to the Chinese New Year parade, without fear, including on social media, in order to counter prejudice against Asians about the virus. I'll remind that Mayor Doofus also waited until the last minute to cancel the St. Paddy's Day parade (as well as going to his own gym in Brooklyn.) He's a panderer to the protest of the moment, and identity politics in a deficient manner and very scattered about it to boot. All the better our Gov. is constantly yellin' at him, eyes-on-the-prize style.  De Blasio is not exactly the crowing glory of the Empire State, managerially speaking. He's a pander bear but without skill or forethought. In the past he's been clueless fodder for the right. So far what he's been good at is shaking down pay-for-play political donations. Of the coronavirus press conferences I've seen by him, they have not been not reassuring, he sounds like the proverbial chicken with his head cut off. Hopefully someone more competent is actually running this show and one does get this impression if one follows what's up.

    All that said, he's a stable genius compared to Trump.

    I love Sandinista Bill...Mayor Bill, disappointed.


    The gym trip was collosssally tone deaf.

    De Blasio is still at it, BTW!  Very Trump-like, maybe a bit more like the Gov. of Georgia. This is delusional to calm his cognitive dissonance about his stupid pandering decisions to promote things like going to Chinese New Year parade, having been forced to cancel St. Pat's parade and being forced to close schools too late by teachers and parents. NOT TO BE TRUSTED. Thank god Cuomo is supervising:

    Back when the problem was his refusal to close the schools, he was labeled “an intelligent over-processor. ‘He doesn’t trust experts in the field until he has processed it himself.’” I can’t believe he’s still being this muleheaded.

    — Jeffrey Zuckerman (@J_Zuckerman) April 5, 2020

    Bill de Blasio Rejects Claim U.S. Knew Asymptomatic People Could Spread the Virus: Only Learned That 'In the Last 48 Hours’ via @mediaite

    — Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) April 4, 2020

    That he furnishes red meat to wingnuts like anonymous is of little concern to me (what don't they get about "but both sides have an idiot" is not a good sales pitch?). What is of concern: he's got too many similarities to Trump! Not just the cognitive dissonance but there's also a lot of the transactional personality thing as well.



    DoubleA, you are merciless....Now my fuckin' jaw is dislocated.


    Are you tryin' to tell me that DeB pulled off one of those fake faces and Brian fuckin' Kemp is Mayor of NY???


    Beause, of course, until all the t's are crosssed and the i's dotted, wearing a bandana would be a fashion offence


    What the actual  bleedin' FUCk??


    Yeah, let;s call the close ones against everyone doing what they can to protect other people, cuz, fuck'em if they can't take a joke!


    Thank (Deity of Choice) he's not running again, so I dont have to consider flushing my treasured SF registration to flush his, apparently, moronic ass!  


    ETA: Whatta PUTZ!


    I missed that part of Brian's program, which I usually follow without fail (disclaimer:  I tend to dip in and out of "ask the Mayor," but I love "speak to the Speaker"...)


    You and I have differed in the past about DeB.  I was officially wrong.

    Well several here like you not seeing  the same as I was, that actually helped me figure him out more. He's a phony, there's nothing authentic or genuine, it's all playing characters to pander to constituencies. The special thing is, he does it poorly, often goofily, like with that example of using exactly the wrong Spanish slogan in Florida. It's all about approval from others, so that's very like Trump, what differs is that he doesn't want to look like he's a boss, he wants to appear to be your friend. So he's not mean, and what goes along with that is that he has less confidence than Trump. 

    What I suspect is not phony is his facility in pay-to-play, he's probably quite tough within machine politics. Because being a pol is his chosen career and he wants to climb that ladder, hence the run for president, feeds both ego and his experience at manipulating the party machine.

    he wants to climb that ladder


    I will cherish his memory for Universal Pre-K, but he has gone as far as his tiny talent entitles.

    Just some more De Blasio grist for my mill. Of course I will support any good management he executes now, but I nonetheless don't want anyone to forgit what a doofus he can really be:

    These tweets, from New York's mayor and San Francisco's mayor, were posted on the same day.

    — German Lopez (@germanrlopez) April 6, 2020


    Again, he just really wants adoration, as movie critic, whatevah...very dangerous problem.

    More De Blahs: ever clearer he just really hates Manhattan:

    Help is on the way

    (maybe Joe should worry about "dump Biden"?)

    Unfortunately Chris Cuomo is the metrosexual of the family, have more than a couple times seen him say on the air that his brother Andrew dresses like crap, has no taste, needs a complete wardrobe redo...just sayin

    Story has it that when they went to recruit Eisenhower, they meant Ike's brother who was head of Princeton(?) at the time? [Penn State] But the mistake held and we got the general and the military-industrial complex instead in those lax Batista Cold War days - with Nixon as understudy!

    Nice story....Snopes says no..  Also, the presidency at issue was of Columbia (which, to be fair, was almost the name of America, so maybe there is some drift...)


    OTOH, Milton apparently was John Anderson's VP running mate in 1980, so go figure...


    ETA talk about sibling rivalry...

    Makes a bit more sense than my version... I was kinda in the ballpark, maybe behind the cheap seats.

    The WIFI must be back up at Liberty University.

    Trump Death continues to spread.

    I didn't realize you had become a spox for the CCP.

    Yes, I am a Russian agent.
    I thought you were one too.
    I wish management was better at sorting out the assignments.

    I'd heard that snowflakes were having trouble understanding simple facts but was unaware of how seriously TDS had reduced their mental abilities until your last statement.

    The Wuhan virus and the CCP propaganda you parrot are from CHINA .

    That's my fault - with global warming it's hard to keep the snowflakes frozen long enough for a quorum - a summer's day doesn't make a thaw. Does Deep State = Stasi? When KGB just GRU, is it Mary Poppins or a real societal threat? Even our Anon must have trouble keeping up.

    I read the CCR as a Cyrillic acronym. That is how Soros uses it in his instructions to our cell.
    Mary Poppins is a danger to bankers everywhere.
    I am glad to get the memo that TDS refers to Trump Death Symptoms. I really had that one ass backwards.

    I think that Anon has confused The P(eople's) R(epublic) of C(hina) with something that I suppose pencils out to the Chinese Communist Party (an entity which I do not believe actually exists, at least by that name)


    If he/she were educated, or even resourceful, he/she could;a gone all fancy and used google to wow, dazzle and  confuse us by transporting actual Chinese ideographs, thus




    More high concept, Chicoms conveys at once the racist origins of his/her screed, and the fountainhead (see what I did there?) of his/her "thinking", viz, the Dead Man Walkiing (you know who I mean...)

    You are quite right about the origin of the acronym. I went to Briebart and they are using it like a rolled Benjamin at a frat kegger. You are also correct that it does not exist outside of their dorm. You got your CPC and there is a PRC but no CCP.

    I also saw some of the Chicoms stuff while on campus. I do see what you did there. Somehow, the Manchurian Candidate was swapped for a Randian Robot at a crucial moment and the demise of the International State is assured. The death part of the demise is coming into better focus.

    You need to slow down and use your finger to read CCP, Chinese Communist Party.

    The Russian collusion hoax... [Bullshit deleted - PP]

    You need to STFU, you lying shit disturber.

    Here's some background reading for your Trump- and -Rusaia-assisted pandemic time. I'm in no mood to let you keep blathering your disinfo - Trump collusion is well-documented, even as you continue to back your treasonous allies. And yes, the President used his office and brought in hatchet men to look for dirt on his opponents. So suck it.

    May we not find consolation in the coming "Rapture" that is in store for the lucky congregants availing themselves of the religious gathering exception to "sit your fool ass down and stay home?"

    This thread might be the place to collect the various attempts to deflect from the spread of Trump Death by those working in his cult.

    This is almost as good as our College Student's entry:

    We were caught unprepared by a pandemic 9/11. The failures began long before Trump.

    The College Student does a better job of deflection than Thiessen by not referring to things like "Trump Administration." If you are capable of remembering stuff that happened last week, that sort of rhetoric will be really off-putting.

    Dispatches from the psychic front:


    It will not be 100-240,000 ("best case") deaths.


    It will be 3-4 million.


    Bet on it.


    To my chagrin, Predictit is not yet taking bets on the parochial of them.

    People magazine is being very unhelpful in our crisis, and making me even more wistful at the chance to make a little money off The Trump Death.'


    The problem:  They have a thing called "world's sexiest man"....trial balloons went up  yesterday suggesting Tony Fauci.


    Of course, that sent Trump into orbit, and the result: Today's briefing, no Tony.

    I had the briefing on in the background but did not listen much, reading news during it.  So I go to Rick Wilson who listens and interprets for me:

    One very important thing about Trump that I am trying to continually remind myself about: he really hardly ever has a clue about what his administration actually supports or is doing:

    we're so fucked

    — Valentina (@leftistthot420) April 3, 2020

    Almost all his trolling and similar is basically sound and fury signifying nothing, all distracting noise. Yes, they run it by him, whatever it is, and humor him and kowtow.  But it rarely has anything to do with the actual policy and action being supported. Some rare times he may understand or even at the moment demand something. But in those cases, he usually quickly forgets what that was. It's all only about playing a character, for which he wants praise and applause for each performance.

    Nice example of how he makes up stories/narratives, then babbles them out to share his stable genius dealing with new input:


    Now you've gone and done I go, scraping my brains off the walls and ladling them back into the shattered pieces of skull (super glue, since you ask...)


    There is nothing more dangerous to the structural integrity of one's head than reading a transcript of Trump's logorrhea.


    I defy anyone to get five lines in without a cranial explosion.


    Jesus, what a monumental putz!


    ETA, the most dangerous rhetoric, his verbal tic "think of it".  Somehow, the word "think" coming out of that anal scar in his orange imitation of a face is blasphemy.

    It is difficult to come to any other conclusion.
    People have tried.

    Cuomo understands the whole thing and is trying: “He’s Walking the Line”: Inside Andrew Cuomo’s Psychological Game With Trump

    It’s a life-or-death struggle—and playing out in dueling press conferences. “One-on-one, it’s perfectly cordial with Trump,” says a person who knows both men. “Because the show isn’t on.”

    @, April 2


    I would like to add that I think Fauci does similar.

    I appreciate the artistry on all sides.
    But I am coming pretty close to saying fuck all this.
    Everyday the party continues is an invitation for Death.
    This is all we can do as a Republic?

    Fauci is finished...See above::


    Worse than Time Man of the Year, he's up for People  "Sexiest Man Alive"(On FOX no less!!) and he's six years older than Trump.  


    Some things cannot be forgiven...


    yes well but I note that he and his fellow hotties are being promoted to be on CBS Face The Nation on Sunday. Nobody going to church, maybe yuge ratings....

    Here ya go, more heroic health providers trying to do what may be impossible:

    Check out the nice photoshop artwork:

    more subtle messaging:

    Note we basically have the NHS model operating in our state right now.

    As in: forget Medicare for All, silly to go back? I'd venture those providers not participating in this project are the ones who may still be craving that golf club membership and yacht, along with the plastic surgeons, innovative cancer treatment providers, and periodontists. The rest who make it out alive will either realize salary is the way to go, or quit the field all together? Interesting side effect: crash course in pulmonology and immunology for all involved.

    I figured this from Jim White belongs in the Death thread:

    Trump And Southern Governors Team Up To Kill Republican Voters

    Germany, otoh...


    A German Exception? Why the Country’s Coronavirus Death Rate Is Low


    “Maybe our biggest strength in Germany,” said Professor Kräusslich, “is the rational decision-making at the highest level of government combined with the trust the government enjoys in the population.” (emphasis added)


    A Trump Death announcement from Susan Rice:

    “He has demonstrated utter lack of leadership, utter incompetence. And he’s been profoundly dishonest about the nature of the threat to the American people by downplaying it, by dismissing it, by comparing it to the flu. … He has misled the American people to such an extent that lives have been lost in the process,” responded Rice. “Whether that’s because he didn’t care or he was trying to downplay the problem and buoy his electoral prospects mistakenly, or whether it was to buck up the markets, or because he doesn’t care, I don’t know what it was. I just know that he has cost tens of thousands of American lives.”


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