The Biden Plan(s)

    First, messaging: no tribes, just Americans, and we're going to get through this together:

    We're going to get through this. Together.

    — Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) April 6, 2020

    To be continued as I see stuff...feel free to contribute.


    Joe's spin on the latest news on minorities and coronavirus, very cleverly tying it in with the global warming cohort:

    We’re starting to see evidence that long-term exposure to air pollution—which disproportionately affects communities of color & low-income communities—is linked to COVID-19 death rates. It's past time we treat pollution like the threat to our health it is.

    — Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) April 8, 2020

    China Joe can get his friends in China to help us clean up our innercity pollution so long as his family gets a cut of the graft

    Another theory I read about was that higher blood pressure rates among minorities may be a factor and there is data on this unlike Joe's claim. Another big question is why men are dyeing at a 60/40 ratio greater than women.

    more e pluribus unum:

    Rep. Katie Porter endorsement:

    He made a deal with Bernie

    Biden, Seeking Democratic Unity, Reaches Left Toward Sanders’s Ideas

    Looking to appeal to Bernie Sanders’s supporters, Joe Biden announced proposals to lower the eligibility age for Medicare to 60 and to expand student debt forgiveness programs

    By Shane Goldmacher & Sydney Ember @, April 9

    Joseph R. Biden Jr. took some of his first steps to bring together the Democratic Party now that he is its presumptive presidential nominee, announcing proposals on Thursday to lower the eligibility age for Medicare to 60 and to expand student debt forgiveness programs for low-income and middle-class families.

    The proposals are part of an explicit effort to appeal to the progressive wing of the party led by Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who dropped out of the race on Wednesday.

    “Senator Sanders and his supporters can take pride in their work in laying the groundwork for these ideas,” Mr. Biden, the former vice president, said in a statement announcing the package.

    Top Sanders aides had been intensifying talks with the Biden campaign in recent days to find common ground on policies. The Biden team’s willingness to move in Mr. Sanders’s direction was a key factor in the senator’s decision to exit the race [....]

    Would not be surprised if one of Paula Jones' defenders is assisting:

    Especially in that they would be so clueless that people are going to be fascinated by the story like they were back then, as if absolutely nothing else is going on in the world.

    How do you file a criminal complaint when the statute of limitations passed perhaps 22 years ago?

    And does this mean the press will focus on all the Trump allegations too? And what about Jeffrey Epstein - who turned off the cameras while he got whacked? Barr personally, or just an underling?

    interesting, 20-yr.-old Biden supporter calling Michael Moore "an old boomer fuck":

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