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    Would be murderer caught in the act...Cy Vance, pick up the phone!

    You may not yet have seen this video of an attempted  murder (by cop) in progress.





    In involves a privileged high executive in the Templeton Fund terrorizing a birdwatcher for reminding her to leash her dog while in Central Park.


    Spoiler alert:  The victim, an African American man, the perp a White woman.


    Sundry salutory interventions have ensued, 


    The dog rescue outfit has recalled the adoption, Templeton seems to be in the process of severing relations with their erstwhile VP


    Well and good.


    But this video shows an attempted murder in progress. 


    Also completed crimes of terroristic threats delivered an false police report lodged.


    Charges MUST be brought.


    Cy Vance now walks point in the march of justice.


    Don't stumble, Cy.


     1. A person is guilty of making a terroristic threat when with intent to intimidate or coerce a civilian population, influence the policy of a unit of government by intimidation or coercion, or affect the conduct of a unit of government by murder, assassination or kidnapping, he or she threatens to commit or cause to be committed a specified offense and thereby causes a reasonable expectation or fear of the imminent commission of such offense.

      2. It shall be no defense to a prosecution pursuant to this section that the defendant did not have the intent or capability of committing the specified offense or that the threat was not made to a person who was a subject thereof.


    New York Consolidated Laws, Penal Law - PEN §490.20 

    A person is guilty of falsely reporting an incident in the third degree when, knowing the information reported, conveyed or circulated to be false or baseless, he or she:

    1. Initiates or circulates a false report or warning of an alleged occurrence or impending occurrence of a crime, catastrophe or emergency under circumstances in which it is not unlikely that public alarm or inconvenience will result;  or

    2. Reports, by word or action, to an official or quasi-official agency or organization having the function of dealing with emergencies involving danger to life or property, an alleged occurrence or impending occurrence of a catastrophe or emergency which did not in fact occur or does not in fact exist;  or

    3. Gratuitously reports to a law enforcement officer or agency (a) the alleged occurrence of an offense or incident which did not in fact occur;  or (b) an allegedly impending occurrence of an offense or incident which in fact is not about to occur;  or (c) false information relating to an actual offense or incident or to the alleged implication of some person therein; ...


    New York Consolidated Laws, Penal Law - PEN § 240.50 Falsely reporting an incident in the third degree


    Mr. Cooper is a well known birder 

    His father once headed CORE

    Karen will probably have to find a new job

    Edit to add:

    Drew Lanham write guidelines for black birdwatchers in 2013

    I think the employment story is firming up.


    I await the judicial sequelae with interest--this would be an excellent use of the educational power of a well chosen charging decision.


    O/T what the fuck is a "smew"?  (#notabirder...)

    A smew is a duck


    Edit to add:


    Several months ago a black man wouldn't control his dog and the white women was racist for asking him to. Now a white woman wouldn't control her dog and again she's the racist. It seems to me people are deciding who is right based on skin color alone. Imo the black man who asked the woman to control her dog was in the right and the woman who asked the black man to control his dog was  also in the right.

    "Several months ago a black man wouldn't control his dog and the white women was racist for asking him to. "

    The black man with the unleashed dog would've had to first threaten the woman he would call the police to report her threatening him, then actually call the police and claim the white woman was threatening "his life" and his dog, for the 2 cases to be equivalent.

    Ah, so if all the conditions don't line up, we can't judge or compare.

    The woman faced with a selfish narcissistic man who wouldn't control his dog was faced with a difficult choice. She could leave the park to the pieces of shit like that man and go elsewhere or call the police. If she calls the police and the man is black she's a racist. I have always had dogs and always had female dogs so shitty people who won't control their dogs is something I've experienced before. My choice has always been to avoid those types of assholes. Just as I avoid parks where shitty people ignore health regulations against BBQ's. Some people call the cops on these dirt bag shits. I avoid them and go elsewhere.

    Leaving public places to shitty people who break the rules is the only solution you offer to deal with the black people who break the rules. Enforcing rules if a black man breaks them is racist.  Unless it's a white women breaking the rules. Then black men can speak up to enforce the rules

    Wasn't the black man and his humping dog banned from the park?

    Dog humper owner

    Bird watcher


    He was not. Black man who refused to control his dog. White woman who refused to control her dog. Apples.......apples.

    I see several questions here. In two cases a person refused to control their dog disobeying park regulations. Either they are both wrong and should in some way be dealt with or neither is wrong and both should have been ignored. The third case is similar. People were disobeying park rules by BBQ-ing in a place it was banned. Should that be dealt with or ignored?

    We could discuss how these problems should be addressed after we reach some sort of agreement about the first question.  You want to jump to how the problem was addressed without discussing if it is in fact a problem in every instance whether the person breaking the rules was black or white.

    The answer I seem to be getting is if a black person breaks park rules it should be ignored but if a white person breaks park rules it should be dealt with.

    It's got nothing to do with you or your grievances. The miscreant dog woman called the police saying her life was in danger, the black birdwatching guy just took a video of her lying to the police. 

    What color was the dog, and was there a BBQ pit?

    Personally I'm more interested in why a cop choked a black man to death with his knee over some suspected fake documents, but I always get distracted by the side attractions.

    Not a distraction. The Central Park woman knew police can be aggressive towards black males. She suggested a direct threat.

    The Minneapolis cop kept his knee on the man's neck because he did not view the man as human. If there were no video, no action would have been taken. The officer's partner was unmoved by what appears to be a murder.

    The Minneapolis EMTs handled the black man like they were dragging the carcass of a dead animal. Both cases are receiving appropriate public attention.

    No, if the #TakeAKnee case received appropriate attention, it would've been dealt with through police training and shaming years ago. Now we're going through our own ritual "hopes and prayers", which doesn't do shit.

     I always get distracted by the side attractions.

    That's sounds like a personal problem to me. If you think the issue isn't important you don't have to post. There are lots of conversations here that I don't weigh in on. I don't cry and whine that other people are talking about those issues.

    Yeah, I've always been a whiner, fretting over who got killed rather than more important stuff like whether someone called the police or got called a Karen or had a dog or stood for the Pledge of Allegiance. I've sought counselling at times, but even the simplest thing like a cop bashing someone's head in the pavement for shoplifting sets me back months, and I have to learn how not to take it so serious all over again. But thanks for calling me out - will take my meds and get right back up on that (rocking) horse again.

    Frankly you've always been a whiner about people not discussing the things you want to discuss or not discussing them in the way you want them discussed. I though your post about Louie Louie was worthless and stupid. So I ignored it. I didn't go there to post about how worthless and stupid it was. Get a clue. No one gives a fuck if you think the topics we post on aren't important enough to post on.

    And I don't give a fuck if you think I shouldn't whine about stupid shit you discuss ad nauseum or not - it cuts both ways. Suck it up, big boy - or don't.

    BTW, one of my self-appointed roles here is to post more diverse shit to keep the site a little more expansive than retreading Huffpost or NyTimes front page day-in day-out. Am I invested in Louie Louie or Britt Ekland or other stuff, especially in the repurposed Creative Corner? Not completely, often a bit lighter weight, but that's kind of the point - otherwise it's 50 Shades of Slit Your Wrists

    Post what ever you want. Just be aware that when you post something that gets few to no replies it's because we don't think it's important enough to reply to. We just aren't the type of asshole that runs around telling people what, when, or how to post. We just post when we want and let others do the same.

    Wow, way to assert yourself - I would've never guessed. I just figured you were too lazy to post new material of interest for the rest of us, plus can't keep up with the volume we post each day, but now I understand it's a value judgment - I stand corrected.

    Wow, you actually believe that telling us that the topic we decide to post on isn't important is interesting commentary. 

    Meanwhile, check off item #1, employed no longer...


    He was wise to create video.

    The officer had his knee on the man's. The EMTs didn't even pretend to try to stabilize the neck, they just dragged him like garbage.

    For another whiny self centered obnoxious haughty American who got what was coming, condolences-

    Statement from the Audubon Society

    In response to an incident in Central Park’s Ramble that went viral on Twitter, the National Audubon Society issued the following statement:

    “Black Americans often face terrible daily dangers in outdoor spaces, where they are subjected to unwarranted suspicion, confrontation, and violence,” said Audubon SVP for State Programs Rebeccah Sanders, who is white. “The outdoors – and the joy of birds – should be safe and welcoming for all people. That’s the reality Audubon and our partners are working hard to achieve. We unequivocally condemn racist sentiments, behavior, and systems that undermine the humanity, rights, and freedom of Black people. We are grateful Christian Cooper is safe. He takes great delight in sharing New York City’s birds with others and serves as a board member of the New York City Audubon Society, where he promotes conservation of New York City’s outdoor spaces and inclusion of all people.”



    It was clearly wrong for her to call the cops. She should do what the black people do in similar situations and tell him she wasn't going to do anything to control her dog and to fuck off.

    Or better yet she could learn from the example of those breaking the rules on BBQ-ing. She could organize a Dogs Run Free Day where so many people are breaking the park rules they become unenforcable. 

    She should do what the black people do 


    Excuse me?


    1. She didn't just "call the police" she attempted to intimidate a fellow citizen who was doing his civic duty.


    2.  Are you a racist pig, or merely a racist asshole?


    ETA, let's give you the benefit of the doubt, asshole it is.

    Ah well, personal insults. I can do that. You are clearly such a stupid shit that you never read the similar story about a black man who had a dog humping at a dog park. He refused to control his dog. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that you're not incapable of reading but that you're spending most of your time jerking off instead. Since it's been clear for a long time over many posts that you have some bizarre sexual obsessions

    Sex addict it is

    Pigs enjoy rolling in the mud. OK is in Heaven.

    If some black guy somewhere let's his dog hump other dogs, you have to that into consideration when a white woman calls the police on a black birdwatcher. Two obviously identical situations. Have some compassion, she just lost her job.

    The heck with the birdwatcher or the murdered guy, what's up with the crime rate in Chicago?

    Pigs enjoy rolling in the mud.

    Which is why you joined Jr in insulting people.

    Your position is that If a white woman breaks park rules and refused to control her dog she should be confronted. If a black man breaks park rules and refused to control his dog it's all good and he should be left alone.

    Jr has no position since he's to lazy to follow the discussions here and reads so little he's ignorant.

    Too lazy


    There, fixed it for you.

    fixed it for you

    Nothing will ever be fixed between us. I'll never forgive or forget you. You're a dirty little shit and I will always treat you like the dirty little shit you are.

    Black dog humper guy was banned from the dog park. Something happened 

    It appears that a movement is afoot to ban the Central Park woman.

    That seems like equal treatment 

    I'm LMAO that you complain about insults


    Black dog humper guy was banned from the dog park. 

    Then it's a good thing Diane called the cops on him. "something happened" because she did. He wasn't going to obey the rules on his own. And it's a good thing Becky called the cops on those illegally BBQ-ing in the park. Though in the end it didn't work out well as they weren't banned.

    Try to separate things out. Dog humper guy was banned from the dog park.

    The dispatcher thought BBQ Beck was mentally ill. The police officer was concerned by Becky's behavior. They hold an annual BBQ at the site that upset Becky. One of the people at the BBQ was made a director at the local park.

    In both cases, "the blacks" did not get away with anything. Becky has issues.




    Dog humper guy was banned from the dog park.

    You've been telling us that woman was racist for calling the cops. Now you're glad he was banned? Then Diane did a good thing in protecting the quality of the commons. Just like this black man did a good thing protecting the commons. You always twist to try to have it both ways.

    The cops warned the BBQ people they were breaking the rules. The agreed to dismantle the BBQ. Good work Becky. Good work Diane. How is it ok for this black guy to complain about the white woman and her dog breaking the rules but not ok for the white woman to complain about those black people breaking the rules with their BBQ?

    But you think it's good to hold a mass event breaking the rules. So many people that they can't enforce the rules. Then you agree that this woman who refused to control her dog should organize a mass Let Your Dog Run Free Day. Maybe she should get a job too as director of the park.

    The dispatcher in the BBQ Becky case

    "What's the panic over a barbecue? I don't understand," the dispatcher asks. "So why are you in an argument with these people? Can you walk away?"

    They hold an annual event because they changed the rules. One of the members of the BBQ crew became a park director.

    For your comparison of the two cases to be accurate, the bird watcher would have been the one calling the police. The bird watcher did not care that Karen called the police.

    1) oceankat wins the thread for pointing out very similar situations that get opposite public response (including racist comments about Becky/Diane/Karen as a somehow acceptable epithet for white women who complain too much, presumed to be racist even if they're calm and just following the rules). 

    2) videos like these get wide spread with everyone offering their opinion, including an Atlanta columnist(?) saying the dog park woman should be arrested? The woman with the birdwatcher seems to have mental problems - I can't really take a lot of glee watching her melt down, even if I'd readily assume much of what's driving her is a racist fear - though she's also a single woman dealing with a stranger she thinks taking pictures of her in the park early morning - how much stress do women suffer where their danger radar goes up for what can easily escalate with the wrong type of male person in a secluded setting?

    3) move back to the guy at the dog park. He can be just standing up for his rights. Or a bit of a nut. Or both. Just because he's a junkie who had his stripper junkie girlfriend beat and recorded it before being arrested a few days later for drugs *doesn't* mean he was in the wrong at the dog park or even that his loud berating (unlike the birdwatcher) was totally uncalled for compared to the calm demeanor of each's protagonists. But much of America now thinks this woman is a racist because she calmly told a guy to have his pitbull stop humping her dog and he didn't. Most people will not see the follow-up videos of a not-so-unusual testosterone-raged male (white or black or X) with drug and violence problems that women have to deal with every day, not knowing which of us is a freak and which of is marginally polite & controlled despite the testosterone.

    4) enjoy the links (first is just dogpark follow-up, 2nd is the stripper smackdown with dogguy filming, tho the bitch did steal his drugs, and 3rd is his arrest)

    5) ok, with BBQBeckky, we will again find a difference between letter of the law/park rules, and "just relax, this how we do it" types - dogs hump each other, people have BBQs outside the pits, etc. We've seen this lately break into splits of mask vs no-mask vs "there's mask/distance enough" for the conflict zone where the consequences might be park rodents or nothing vs Covid infection, thou people - not just males - will be in your face over all the "rights" people of whatever color expect. The right to have hair and nails done is greater than the right to not be infected (2 hairdressers just gave Covid to 150 people - presumably partially the customers' risk allowance/combativeness against lockdown playing a role). This is the attitude that makes self-distancing work in Denmark but not so much in the US.

    Becky said that she felt threatened 

    Amy said that she felt threatened. Amy moved 

    towards the birdwatcher.

    The bird watcher asked Amy to move away.

     Amy moved 

    towards the birdwatcher.

    The bird watcher asked Amy to move away

    Franklin Baxley moved towards Diane. Diane asked him to move away. What's your point?

    The bird watcher, Chris Cooper, was right to confront the woman for not controlling her dog. Diane was right to confront the man for not controlling his dogs. Becky was right to confront the BBQers for breaking park rules. I'm consistent in supporting the rules that protect the quality of the commons regardless of the color of their skin. You decide about the rules based on the color of the skin of the rule breakers and those complaining.

    I evaluate the specific situation 

    Amy should be banned

    Baxley was banned. The situation was settled. 

    The dispatcher thought Becky was 5150 (mentally unstable). The police initially evaluated Becky for an involuntary hold, but decided that she did not meet the criteria. The dispatcher thought the thing was a joke. They now hold an annual picnic at the site because rational minds changed the rules. 
    BBQ Beck became a label.

    Amy will be a label.

    You don't like the decision made about the BBQ. It really bothers you. Life goes on. Rules change. 

    Amy should be banned

    If Amy was the bird watcher and Cooper wasn't controlling his dog you'd be calling Amy a racist. You'd be supporting Cooper.

    Baxley was banned. The situation was settled. 

    For months you supported Baxley and called Diane a racist. Now that that position has become untenable you support Baxley being banned. You lie and spin for what ever the situation calls for. 

    If the BBQers were white and black people were complaining about white people breaking the rules you'd support the rules and the black people. That's who you are. It's all about skin color and supporting your race for you

    In your cluttered thought process, the woman who called police to complain about the humping dog is the same as the woman who called police about be challenged for letting her unleashed dog run around. You support the rights of whites.

    No. The man who complained about the woman not controlling her dog is the same as the woman complaining about the man not controlling his dogs or the woman complaining about the BBQers. I support the black man complaining and the two white women complaining about breaking park rules. You support the black man complaining about breaking park rules and call the white women complaining about breaking park rules racist.

    They now hold an annual picnic at the site because rational minds changed the rules.

    No, irrational people changed the rules using false accusations of racism to do it. If it was rational to change the rules parks across the country would take the lesson from this park and there'd be a rash of parks changing their rules too. But no other park in the country has followed their example. By far the vast majority of parks still ban BBQ's in their parks.

    This park set their own rules. 
    National Parks may be located near forests or dry conditions, a totally different situation. The BBQ Becky situation has been resolved.

    Speaks to your point, ocean-kat:


    And reading that made me think: the reason there is this confusion is because it's not really about following rules or right or wrong. Rather it's about "white privilege". And a belief that it's time whites back off and be humble and give minorities a turn at having "privilege."

    Also that whites who think they have dealt with "privilege" troubles of their own all along with class differences, otherwise known as the attitude of "entitlement" that upper class people have, a belief that they don't understand, they don't get it, that it's not compatible.

    Edit to add FACT and complication: She doesn't appear to be one because she wasn't treating her dog like most precious thing on earth, but there's PLENTY of dog-owners in NYC that are thoroughly and totally obnoxious bastards and bitches if you just ask them to curb their dog (not pee on the plants, pick up the poop, let them run free, etc.). Because they don't care about people. Of any color. Period. They only care about their dog. They'll do anything for the dog: lie, cheat, steal. Put poop on your stoop if you dare complain if they don't punch you there and then. It's a NYC thing and probably getting worse as singles spend time alone with the dog in isolation in small apartments.Especially Manhattan and Brooklyn, probably because of the smaller apartments, but it's a known syndrome allover the city. In areas with bigger living spaces, not uncommon to not walk the dog at all, but let him out at night to run allover and destroy other people's yards if not bark and scare little kids.

    Cut the crap, she repeatedly stated his race and said that he was threatening her. She made the issue racially based. 

    RM did you see this:

    I’m a public defender in Manhattan. The Central Park video is all too familiar

    The privilege that the woman in the video sought to weaponize with her 911 call is real — and the system that enables it is overdue for reform. ..... A white person calls the police on a black man. The police arrive and take the side of his white accuser, refusing to believe his version of events. He is arrested and arraigned. An outrageous bail amount is set. His family can’t afford to buy his freedom. He gets sent to Rikers Island, where he sits for days, months or years In the meantime, he may have lost his job, his home, his children or some combination of the three. ....In cases I’ve taken to trial, the district attorney has offered recordings of “hysterical 911 calls” as evidence of my clients’ guilt, urging the jury to “just listen to the fear in her voice,” saying, “You can tell she can sense a threat,” and asking questions such as, “Why would she lie?” .... Hundreds of New Yorkers sit in jail without even having been charged by indictment. ..

    No, I had not seen that info.

    Fortunately, the triumvirate I encounter here is not like the majority of white people I encounter. Most, like you, refer me to items. I often have to calm down one friend who will go off on Republicans, the idle rich, etc. Out in the real world, Amy lost her job and four police officers were fired. Hopefully, charges will be brought against the officers involved in the homicide.

    BBQ-gate has been settled. The dog jumper owner has been banned. The info about drug habits is interesting, but even without the info, you realize that he doesn't belong in the dog park. People will dig up info about dog park guy, but as they take pains to explain Amy's behavior, they don't consider if there is a history of racist behavior that will come out about Amy.

    Zimmerman is a sociopath. He was armed. You could hear his anger when he tracked down Trayvon. A fight occurs and it is assumed that the black kid was not fighting for his life.

    Oh well, thanks for the link.

    Understand that women as a group are attacked, raped, brutalized more often than black people as a group, bad as blacks are treated, especially by the police.. But clearly Amy's comments & claims jumped the shark on any justifiable response, claiming she was having her life threatened when obviously not, emphasizing the "African-American" over and over. She's got serious issues. But at the same time, yes, her false reporting could have put any black male in a hellhole if incarceration, with her side presumed to be right the whole way through.

    Saying the case has been settled is saying nothing at all. Saying nothing at all is your favorite thing to do. The Trayvon case has been settled too. I could easily list a dozen cases you're still upset about that have all been settled.

    The Trayvon Martin case stands out as a miscarriage of justice, much like Emmett Till. That is the reason that when Ahmad Arbery was murdered, there were multiple articles linking his stalking and murder to Trayvon Martin.

    BBQ Becky has become a meme.

    The Trayvon Martin case has been settled. The BBQ Becky meme is a lie. So is the dog park Diane meme.

    Matin = miscarriage of justice noted by the connections made when unarmed black men are gunned down.

    In your opinion, 

    BBQ Becky, etc.

    Jesus, crimes aren't "miscarriage of justice" - that's when the justice system doesn't work. Even if the verdict doesn't go your way, if there was a good fair trial, justice has been served. Justice isn't a kangaroo court or Communist tribunal - guilty people will always have a chance of going free. It's up to the system, witnesses and evidence to convict them in front of live opinionated jurors or judges. Actually, most cases by far are settled out of court - most often to the detriment of the accused, since the state wields the most power.

    If things work out the way you want you claim it's settled and what, we need to just accept it? It's one of several ways you use to try to shut down discussion when you can't come up with good arguments to support your opinions. When they don't work out the way you want you're determined to relitigate it over and over and over again. It's never settled when your side doesn't win.

    Your bias is hanging out.
    Till's trial was marred by 2 witnesses being hidden from the prosecution, Till's body bizarrely not being definitively identified, a ton of falsehood presented by the defense, an all-white jury (Zimmerman's was 5 white), and an overall contemptuous anti-black attitude of the court.
    The Zimmerman case was much more by the book, with well-considered testimony & evidence from both sides. The main reason for no conviction is largely agreed that the prosecution went for too strong of a murder charge, rather than manslaughter. In the Till case, abducting someone to take them out to kill them is obviously murder, and the only "issue" there is that 2 jurors who might have convicted thought that a white man shouldn't go to prison for life for killing a black man - obviously a racist position to hold, and rather ridiculous to say the prosecutors instead should have come up with a special "white killed black" southern category that has only 5 years.
    "Multiple articles linking..." can just mean people aren't too smart or discerning. Just like trying to use a dispatcher's analysis of someone's psychological state as anything more than a quick device to improve response & not any kind of studied evaluation.

    Van Jones comes out and says it's really always about white privilege, more specifically white liberal privilege:


    Well, I just moved from world energy-sucking neolib vampire to hair trigger white vigilante knocking off black people when a bit confused or uncertain. Wish I had looked at Hillary's campaign platform closer. At least I'm not a Karen, but I hear Chip or Chad are trending. Thanks, Van - you've been a big help in these tough times.

    It's the little things.

    I'm not sure what your point is here. I don't care about the color of the bag I'm using but other people seem to. And since I don't care I use the color bag that's most acceptable to other people. Id rather not deal with other people's negative energy over something I don't care about.

    To pick a more extreme example, I like to wear skirts around the house. I don't get off on it sexually, it's just that they're comfortable. I have never nor will I ever wear one in public. And it's not because I'm anti-trans or homophobic

    I kind of mistakenly assumed people would click through to the thread.


    Sorry, should have clicked through. What I don't like about this thread is people on it are posting as if this is exclusively a problem for black people. One poster explicitly said white people don't think or worry about things like this. Granted most problems that exist in this world affects minorities more than white people. But I think about it all the time too. I always dress to look as ordinary as possible. And I wouldn't even consider knocking on some person's door to complain, or get into an angry yelling argument, about my car being vandalized. 

    Sure - some note about more white Americans killed by police in a year than Europe in 10. I made the point that any woman in Central Park out jogging or walking a dog early morning will be super worried about secluded spots. But the hyper self-observation black men have to manage is a scale above. Like the wealthy successful well-dressed black guy tackled out front of his 5-star hotel while just standing there. You and I don't have that level of worry, such as calling a cab at the wrong time has a say 0.3% chance if ending in Rikers. For us the odds are to minimal to state like that.

    Male Karen loses his lease for demanding to see the "papers" of black men with key fobs who came into a building's gym.

    Suggestions offered up just because I ran across the article retweeted by Zaid Jilani:

    The goal of a compassionate society shouldn’t be to label people as good or bad, but to identify good or bad behaviors—and then try and figure out how to stop those bad behaviors in the most merciful way possible.@ZaidJilani

    — Arc Digital (@ArcDigi) May 28, 2020


    The sophistic Jilani article,, a veritable farrago of "what aboutism" (going so far as to do a redux of the Trump "what about the Chicago deaths") is notable for this::


     It’s also possible that she deliberately played on the expectation of police racism, both to intimidate Christian Cooper and to secure prompt police assistance


    rather anodyne concession of the "possibility" that Amy's behavior towards Christian was oppressive.


    I put it to you, Double A, when you add to your evaluation that this woman has a *history of fabricating charges against innocent men (the cited instance resulting in no adverse consequences to her) it is perilously close to willful blindness to ask that she be given any benefit of the doubt.


    Don'tcha think?


    *The white woman accused of making a racially charged 911 call amid a dog-leashing flap in Central Park previously sued a man she claimed was her married ex-lover who lied about his intentions and stole $65,000.

    Amy Cooper, the white woman who called police on black birdwatcher Christian Cooper on Monday in the now infamous viral video, filed her lawsuit against Martin Priest in 2015.

    But it’s a “false” claim they were lovers, Priest told the Daily News Wednesday.

    In an exclusive interview, Priest said Amy developed a “fascination” with him when they worked together at Lehman Brothers and filed her lawsuit against him in 2015 with “fabricated” claims.

    “I never had a romantic relationship with her, period. She purposely engineered false allegations against me. And she made up allegations targeting my family’s physical safety,” Priest told The News.

    If you knew the definition of sophistry you'd see the irony of you using in this post to attack another article.

    history of fabricating charges against innocent men

    Some people actually know the difference between singular and plural nouns. Her history consists of one claim that one man bilked her out of 65K. I see absolutely zero evidence to prove or disprove the claim. You "believe" it's fabricated because you want it to be true because it adds to your case against her in the current situation. 

    Do you realize that this article has no evidence to back up the claim that she fabricated  "charges against innocent men,"  are you spinning or do you have reading comprehension problems?  Are you deliberately lying or are you an asshole?

    "let's give you the benefit of the doubt, asshole it is"

    Huh? She was CLEARLY exhibiting bad behavior in the video, that's all you need according to the argument. You don't have to judge the whole life of the person. Just the bad behavior. You know, like committing a crime and serving the time, could be a nice guy otherwise, could be the birdman of Alactraz.

    Amy Cooper's employer fired her. Should they let her stay?

    The dog rescue shelter took the dog back. Should they have let the dog stay?

    Is this the fault of twitter or of Amy Cooper?

    What would the Audubon Society have done if an NYPD report went out that Christian Cooper threatened Amy Cooper? Would they have said that it was out of character, or would he be out as a board member?

    Amy Cooper got the same treatment that Christian Cooper would receive.

    Edit to add:

    Seems like pity olympics for Amy Cooper

    The dog rescue shelter took the dog back. Should they have let the dog stay?

    Yes. Every person who has a dog has occasionally had to pull them hard on the leash in stressful situations.

    What would the Audubon Society have done if an NYPD report went out that Christian Cooper threatened Amy Cooper?

    If he in fact threatened to poison/hurt the dog as has been alleged and carries dog treats for that purpose what should the Audubon Society do?

    No video

    Her word as a financial advisor at a prestigious firm.

    also just ran across this: How do I make sure I'm not raising the next Amy Cooper?

    By Jennifer Harvey @, Updated 11:01 AM ET, Thu May 28, 2020

    Here ya go, the twitterai have already moved on to a new human interest story meme while y'all still arguing this one. From white privilege to  black gentleman celebrity privilege, has money, talks like a white guy, therefore not black:

    Denzel Washington's interaction with police and a distressed man earns praise following police brutality in Minneapolis 3 hrs. ago.

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