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    Electric Reichstag Bugaloo

    Be on the lookout for Hawaiin Shirts.


    Evidently the Brooks Brothers neo nazi uniforms from Charlottesville (ableit tastefully accessorized with indiscretely placed swastica pins) have morphed into Hawaiin Shirts (?1) as garb for the fashionable white supremecist out for a little provacateur ramble.


    I call upon my Anonymous comrades to penetrate the communications net that must underlie what I have no doubt is the false flag operation seeking to seize upon this moment as the time to foment the fulfillment of their nutty race war dreams..


    I look forward to the rapid introduction AI empowered facial and postural recognition systems so we can dox the looters who are surely Bugaloo Bros not of color.


    White supremacists pose as Antifa online, call for violence

    Donie O'Sullivan

    By Donie O'SullivanCNN Business


    Updated 1:09 PM ET, Tue June 2, 2020


    Andy Ngo was faking Antifa attack videos this week shortly before releasing a new article And retweeting Trump's powerless Antifa ban heavily. How much did they coordinate?

    On the brighter side, they are dumb enough to have left tracks...

    in other unidentified troop news, I admit I laughed at this reply, so spot on:

    P.S. I see Project Lincoln peeps Steve Schmidt and John Weaver are as nosy as any Karen on this topic:

    Just popped into my head from childhood TV watching memories, that Gladys Kravitz was the 1960's version of a Karen:

    Still something uncomfortably sexist about the meme, even if undoubtedly applies to some. Is every woman who reports danger or problems now a Karen? Thatd be a briliant step forward.

    An interesting honest and nuanced rant.


    Social media users widely shared a manipulated photo of his white buses, edited to show the words “Soros Riot Dance squad” emblazoned on the sides.






    The three men were all members of the “boogaloo” movement and had joined a Nevada Boogaloo Facebook group, according to the criminal complaint filed in federal court in Nevada.

    Members of the boogaloo movement, many of them armed and wearing distinctive Hawaiian shirts, have participated in dozens of protests around the country.



    Shirt sighting atTulsa rally--nothing sets off an Aloha shirt like a flak jacket...


    The actual visua is somewhat less amusing than I had imagined it would be...


    At a rally in Olympia, Wa., in April to protest the city’s stay-at-home order.


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