Strange glitch with Dagblog software just happened

    a comment (a tweet quote) which I tried to post twice on my news thread about deflation numbers here, turns up twice in the running "Recent Comments," but does not appear on the news thread itself. Those entries on "Recent Comments" do take you back to the thread, but the comments themselves do not appear. Just noting the problem in case it happens to someone else.


    In the embed code, delete icons.  Usually itll five an error trying to post these, but seems it let you but got confused in another part of the systém 

    I did delete any icons. I know it won't take at all with icons. This is something I never experienced before: it took but it didn't post the the thread. So I did it twice. And same thing happened. could have been an usual piece of code or something, I guess. Not complaining, is not a big deal, just noting for the record in case it starts happening more often.

    Ok, as you can see it published for me. Ill také another look at permissions or whether it might be personál ;-)

    ETA: Appears now after i delete the leasing/trailing <p> paragraoh stuffs, but wiped out the Twitter embed, so idunno.


    ahh--maybe an open paragraph code--I get that from back in bulletin board days.

    edit to add: sorta get it

    That makes sense. The autoformatter usually takes care of these things, but maybe you mangaged to outfox it.

    Now that she gets it, may want to put her to work hacking PHP

    It just did it again on that thread! I tried to put another tweet on as a comment and it didn't appear on the thread but it does appear in "Latest Comments" It must be something in the original post causing it? I am going to give up on that thread and repost the new story as a news item.

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