Christian garbage - what not to like?


    Didn't have time to read the link  wink  But if we're talking about bottles of left over communion wine can you tell me what dumpster to look in?

    Used to be Catholics had the good stuff, Irish or red wine depending, but with opioids taking over from moonshine and bootleg whiskey, i'd argue the South's got a leg up. Bathtub/RV meth, the West wins of course. Dumpster sales it's Mondays and after major holidays for leftover stock. Of course out in the desert you can just grab whatever fell off the truck/what the coyotes left behind, but comes with Its own risks.

    I've been receiving some complaints that my post implies that the poor and the homeless sorting through christian garbage are just looking for left over bottles of liquor. I'd like to sincerely apologize for my error. Food is what they are looking for. Just food. They might take the wine but only because of it's high caloric content. Communion wafers found in dumpsters are a simple and easily digestible food source. They are very popular because they are especially useful when one has a severe hangover and needs to eat something that will settle an upset stomach. 

    Dude, what does this have to do with Cancel Culture? You're a million miles away from our usual futile arguments, and i'm slightly oh so mildly worried you might accidentally make a germane point if you keep this up. 

    Wino Forever

    I don't want to derail your thread on Christian garbage and dumpster diving but on a side note. Shouldn't we be producing massive quantities of communion wafers to feed the poor?They are inexpensive to produce, as cheap as pasta, but have the added benefit of turning into the body of Christ at some point after ingesting. That has got to be a high protein food source so much better than filling up with empty calories of starch.

    Thank you, that's exactly the kind of out of the (Cracker Jack) box thinking Ive been waiting for. Yes, we can - sí, se puede. Put your faith on a high protein diet - you'll be glad you did. Note that turning carbs into protein was one of Jesus's more important miracles. Benchpressing over his weight as well (unheard of in those times). Watch the gluten while you're at it - Its the devil's playground - especially around your middle, if you know what i mean. Christ diets work in mysterious ways.

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