Obama recommends on police reform

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    That's interesting, the so called freedom loving libertarian leaning west tends to have more cops

    “In Milwaukee, homicides are up 37% so far this year, on pace to break the record of 167 in 1991, which included 16 murders by convicted serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.”https://t.co/KPCgN1P9Ev

    — Jason Willick (@jawillick) July 13, 2020

    And social workers can't really help with this kind of thing, guess one has to depend on Twitter:


    "Quotas", always a problem:

    Interesting that the NYPost is headlining this story of a black cop beating up a white guy on the subway:

    Note that it was a pretty outrageous situation as the DA believed the cop totally and charged the victim with assault! Didn't bother to ask to see the body cam footage?

    There's lots of lefty anti-police posting of it on Twitter, and calls from NYC for the cops to be fired.

    But that NYPost has decided to highlight a "cops are thugs" story is something new!

    Things aren't looking good for the NYPD becoming open to acting more humanely towards strangers::

    I don't see no de-escalation or non-violent theory here. I see tribal hatreds.

    ^A "must watch". Intelligent cop with history degree with his own earnest grievances about adolescent "BLM" protesters.

    I question this story. He says blacks and Latinos wanted to talk to him, but the conversation was stopped by white people, repeatedly. No black or Latino person told the white person to STFU? 

    Doleac is Economics professor @TAMU,  Director @JusticeTechLab, Host of the @ProbCausation ​podcast. I study crime & discrimination.

    Ah now here we have the hard complicated truth as I see it after reading a gazillion things on topic. And I suspect Obama might agree-so I am plopping it here- he's a smart and reasonable cookie who has talked to a lot of folks about things like this and policy and realities, and thought long and hard about it since his community organizing days, not to mention seen how policing works out around the world. He's just not ready and able to admit this reality for political reasons, maybe never will be able to:

    "The protests were whiter than the police department’

    Peter Moskos – sociologist and former Baltimore cop – talks to spiked about race, policing and mass incarceration.

    By Tom Slater, Deputy Editor @ Spiked-online.com, July 27

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