"while I will be a Democratic candidate, I will be an American president"


    all liberals need to watch this one as a reminder to stop feeding the trolls:

    Eduardo tells us that Trump supporters to get back at the "Other"

    It does not matter what the "Other" does

    Obama was a Kenyan Muslim, etc.

    Since Trump supporters hate the "Other", there is no reason for the "Others" under attack to be silent.

    There is zero obligation to be a punching bag.

    Symone Sanders has a great new book "No, You Shut Up!" that discusses how to become involved politically.

    The book title comes from a Sanders appearance on a CNN segment on Chris Cuomo's show

    Ken Cuccinelli was the other guest. The two obviously disagreed.

    At one point, Cuccinelli tried to talk over Sanders and told her to shut up.

    Sanders was offended and refused to back down

    Cuomo took Sanders' side

    Trump supporters want to see Liberal heads explode

    Remaining silent about the wrongheadedness of the Trump supporters does not make them go away.

    It is not feeding the troll, it is correcting the record.

    Jonathan Capehart gave a masters class in dealing with trolls when he had Guiliani as a guest 

    Guiliani tried to talk over Capehart.

    Capehart did not let Guiliani avoid the question

    At the end Capehart brought out Lev Parnas to highlight Guiliani's lies

    The absolute worse thing you can do is let Trump supporters control the conversation 

    You counter with facts, not silence.

    Excellent talking points just minutes ago!

    Trump counterpoint:

    Some conservative voter testimonials (a selection, there are more in reply)

    interesting side discussion:

    one possible explanation:

    Oh God, Biden's a recipe in folksy blandness. He's the leading contender because he's boring as dirt but familiar and gosh darn it people like him. And this year wasn't the year for contentious contenders. Is Hillary more of a "hawk" on foreign policy? Doubtful - Joe just isn't forced to articulate any positions or policies, and his well-known gaffes are forgiven. How come Hillary and Susan Rice are still carrying the water/damage for the Obama years "problems" (as if a terrorist attack on a small consulate off in nowhere is a huge catastrophe 10 years later) while John Kerry and Joe Biden are the untouched white dudes? Bland is in. And yeah, I'm voting for bland, but let's not create a cult out of it - we're voting personality and bland track record as a return to normalcy. Anything exciting would only promote fighting - among Democrats, and prospect Republicans/independents sick of the Trump shit storm. Joe caddied Barack's golf bag for 8 years - he's part of the club, a team player. A bit embarrassing at times, but compared to the daily cray cray we got now, nothing we can't face palm and move on. It's the soft bigotry of low expectations, better than the hard bigotry of fantastically ridiculous expectations.

    Joe Biden speaks loudly on Brexit/Northern Ireland, has no stick yet but does have bipartisan House letter:


    As one of your posts noted, why does Lincoln Project/disaffected Republicans have to do the Democrats' messaging for us? Why are we boring as dirt or at least ineffective in the arts if persuasion? (at least since that blip in 2008, which I think was more persona than message)

    Thought about your question and his. They are professionals that were always cynical about what they do, this in itself makes them able to be funny, to have a great sense of humor, which in turn helps them do "common sense". 

    While right wing Republican nut cases are famously intolerant and self-righteous with no sense of humor, so are self-righteous liberals, especially poltically correct ones. Most classic liberal Dem political operatives do the snowflake thing and are very earnest inspirational, no sense of humor, passionate saviors of the common man.

    Classic Reaganite type Republicans are cynical about this, nothing cracks them up so much as the joke about someone from the government coming to your business and saying they are there to help. They also are very practiced at personal attack about hypocrisy in personal lives.

    DLC tried to address the earnest liberal bureaucrat snowflake thing. Carville and Begala were new and fresh and not like past operatives, they had a sense of humor and were not irony impaired.

    Dick Morris was cynicism par excellence for a while there. He brought the knowledge of the Republican operative ways over to the DLC. But DNC just went back to the earnest self-righteous snowflake thing during Bush and Obama years. (Bush had cynical sense of humor! Party boy.)

    I mean, David Axelrod, for example, as much as he knows about demographics, he's not cynical, he's very earnest. Not sarcastic. Compare the dry wit of Steve Schmidt....which is not  the elitist kind but picks on foibles that common sense people see.

    They are just not bureaucratic people, they are anti-bureaucrat, and that helps them appeal to the man/woman on the street. Classic Dems want big government, so that puts them in a bind about appealing to most people's dislike of bureaucrats?

    here we go, Biden tonight on "WHITE PRIVILEGE"

    Frank Rich, no slouch at rating & analyzing performances for the American public, lotta experience:

    Trump's incessant lowering of expectations about “Sleepy Joe” in anticipation (fear?) of the first debate is by far the greatest donation to the Biden campaign. https://t.co/K1eIIEikoW

    — Frank Rich (@frankrichny) September 18, 2020


    except "Park Avenue" will get the least attention:

    It's certainly an attention getter, as "Park Avenue" is trending on Twitter

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