Biden team doing the quick response thing!

    From tonight:


    oh look old-fashioned political insider horse race narrative! Everything about Trump is so wack and then there's that with anyone else all the playas can try to manipulate realities on social media, I forgot reporters can even do this kind of thing!

    For the kids who don't know: maybe is true, maybe is false, maybe somewhere inbetween, all depends on what "sources say" and why they are saying it.

    ad on Trump's taxes:

    Tweeted a few minutes after the end of the first debate:

    Making clear that he/they want people to see what Trump did last night:

    Comes to mind that the kind of short like above may be intended for anti-Trump people to send to family/friends who are still recalcitrant Trump supporters. So when they get in that booth, they think about how miserable they will be making many people important to them if he wins another four years. It could happen--for example, think about the classic remorseful wife-beating type guy....

    There's certainly little benefit to voting for "more of the same of what's happening right now" personally and country-wide.

    The cavaet is type of people can still vote for Republicans down ticket..just say goodbye to the divisive Trump bully troll tweeting alll the time. Comes to mind that many Trump supporters when interviewed say "I wish he would stop tweeting."

    Hopefully Team Biden will figure out a foolproof way to avoid acquiring this trope:

    Especially as I think the "lax on law and order lib" stereotype scares more swing women than it affects men. The men are often more often libertarians who don't only think they can protect everyone near and dear come what may, they take pride in it. (Reminds me that just before the debate Trump tweeted something along the lines of "they are coming for your guns.")

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