Biden Campaign Ads

    Now that they are flush with dough, gonna use this thread to point to some of the things they are doing with it. Here's Kamala's current favorite:


    First, I think it's helpful to revisit Radio Free Tom's proposal for the division of labor on this front from early in the year


    By artappraiser on Wed, 01/29/2020 - 5:26am

    I.E., leave the attacks up to disgruntled ex-Republicans and that Dems should do mostly positive...

    Noted that he's pushing GOTV:

     Interesting--an official link with the enormously popular cast of Hamilton:


    I especially like the "Abiden" pun. Overall, I think it's a fantastic meme for the white male flyover demographics. They simply can't get riled about a Joe that is a smart laid back dude, rather than an overly righteous reforming nanny-state tax-and-spend libtard.

    I think the campaign photos of Joe in the sportscar with shades and walking with shades are trying to get this sort of persona across, no?

    Looks like today Joe's using Twitter to do the meme of just a nice guy in Mr. Rogers neighborhood.

    but only after he retweeted Katie Porter & her whiteboard from "Team Joe":

    She's a workhorse

    Not an ad but she's in "Comms" at Lincoln Project. Stuff like this would mean an awful lot to a a lotta parents, I think it would be a powerful powerful effect on moms especially, even Trump fan ones:

    Mel Brooks - when you're dead...

    (he's angling the 94+ crowd)

    It occurs to me with this that his famous touchy-feely thing is a feature, not a bug:

    new one with Brad Pitt narrating:

    I don’t know who is making Biden’s ads but they are remarkable

    — Nicolle Wallace (@NicolleDWallace) October 24, 2020


    WOW, obviously targeting young male rap fans with Eminem, LOOK AT THIS, lol:


    More coffee, i thought that was *Trump* using it for a moment, my head almost exploded.

    actually here's Trump tonite with a rapper fan-- who is the real senile grampa agin?


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