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    Intro before posting the latest ad after the jump, about Lincoln Project's latest plans, from Can Joe Biden Steer Debate Night Back to Reality?

    Schmidt, a former top Republican strategist, and his colleagues at the Lincoln Project are doing their best to make sure Trump arrives onstage off-balance. For months the group has been getting under Trump’s skin with digital and TV ads. It will be ramping up the mind games before Tuesday night’s debate in Cleveland. “We hear from people in the Trump campaign and in the White House all the time now. The leaks are endless. And these people tell us what he reacts to,” says Rick Wilson, another of the Lincoln Project’s cofounders. “The thing that he’s really mad about right now is that the campaign is broke. We’ll be talking about that. We’ll be talking about the fact that he’s losing in the swing states. Legally, we can’t speak to the Biden campaign directly. But we will be speaking very directly to Donald Trump in the coming days.”

    Don’t rain on Trump’s parade by retweeting this.

    — Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) September 26, 2020


    Here's how Reed handles Marco Rubio trying to ramp up culture wars over supposed liberal attacks on Catholicism:  ridicule, don't take the bait, don't argue, don't take it seriously, thereby suggesting you know it's not sincere:

    If @marcorubio is going to keep making these hostage videos, he should really hold up a copy of the day’s newspaper.

    — Reed Galen (@reedgalen) September 26, 2020


    Former Gov. Tom Ridge of PA endorsed Biden yesterday in a Philad. Inquirer op-ed, first time voting for a Dem. for president:

    It’s time to put country over party. It’s time to dismiss Donald Trump.

    Why I’m voting for @JoeBiden on November 3rd.

    — Gov. Tom Ridge (@RidgeGlobal) September 27, 2020


    they're at it already:

    We know "who started it" but too funny to pass up.

    "If I have to pull this country over..."

    that but also too:

    Or simply met in parties, alleys or department stores.

    It's really odd cause Rudy and Christie did not build their own wins for office that way, they did the "kindler gentler more reasonable conservative" thing. Behind the camera, they would do vicious things but not in public persona.

    In policy maybe, but Christie was a smarter version of Trump in press conferences and town halls. Vicious, insulting,  and nasty to those who disagreed or challenged him.

    Archie Bunker Lives.

    But an Archie who has acquired narcissistic personality disorder, though. Archie didn't need verification, utterly confident in his views, no victimhood for him.

    Seems to me nearly everything Lincoln Project does is geared to making Trump and fellow travelers crack psychologicallly. Archie's would never.

    I take your point that Archie doesn't need verification in the same way. I disagree about the lack of victim-hood. He is the victim of all the people and ideas that are changing the world from the way it should be ordered. His process of demeaning people as a form of pleasure constantly puts him in conflict with family and neighbors.

    Insecurity is arrogant. Edith accepts his tyranny to stay near. The future is closing in on his sense of righteousness.

    Not having a rich father while needing to work for a living is a big difference from Trump. And then there are all the wives and prostitutes.....

    people joining disgruntled clubs allover the place, it seems: Ex-RNC chairman says he's voting for Biden

    By Morgan G. Stalter @ - 09/30/20 11:27 AM EDT

    Former Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Marc Racicot said this week that he would that he will not vote for President Trump in November.

    "I regret that I will cause consternation perhaps in some corners, but even as a Republican, I will not be supporting Donald Trump for president, and I will not be voting for him," Racicot, who is also a former Republican governor of Montana, said during a Tuesday interview on Yellowstone Public Radio. "That means I will be voting for Joe Biden for president.”

    Racicot did not provide details about why he was choosing to endorse the Democratic presidential nominee, according to the Missoulian newspaper [....]

    These guys just do things better; veiled attack as sympathy note:

    simple rapid response:

    so Lincoln Project did of course do an Evita ad and sounds like Patti Lupone's voice?


    aw, Rick Wilson retweeted info. a theater prof. shared, Drumpf should really like the ad:

    but maybe he'll like it too much, maybe he was already thinking about it before they made it?


    Anything worth doing is wo... ???

    hah, it's perfect as he is the color of velveeta, too. Edit to add: and cheesy!


    an alternate suggestion after seeing the performance:

    on Pence & the 7th Commandment:

    not Lincoln Project, just me, thinking to they should add on # 9 Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour


    P.S. I gotta say, Pence really seems to be driving the artsy crowd nuts, even more than Trump:

    Do the DNC or DCCC do anything these days, or did they just give up since the Lincoln Project et al are handling things?

    I thought about your question and i am puzzled why I am loathe to answer and them I realized you're asking the wrong person as I've thought both political parties suck and have so for a very long time. Last time I got a little excited about such an entity doing things the right way was with the DLC before Bill Clinton was elected.

    Do not specialized PAC's and such affect our politics more overall? For good and bad and inbetween? For quite some time?

    And isn't it that people get political fervor over factions of the parties and rarely the parties themselves? I.E. Bernie Bros Bernie the Independent), Squad fans, Ryan and Amash libertarians, Rubio types, etc. Who actually is a loyal fervent Democrat or Republican party member these days and what do they actually do?

    The thought of Democratic party and what it seems to do and how it works really does turn me off and I am much more moderate about that and less prejudiced about it than like,any family members or friends. I haven't the slightest interest in what they are doing. And the GOP is much worse, of course, everyone I know thinks that.

    And oy if we move to the NY Dem party, fuggedaboutit, there probably isn't a soul in NYState that doesn't think them crooked

    I guess you'd have to go to sites like Daily Kos to get a better impression. I don't go there because I loathe even reading what they are doing. Seems like mostly boring inconsequential bullshit. Nobody I follow on Twitter shows interest. Entities like the Brennan Center or ACLU want to look non partisan. People like Yglesias used to seem interested but left it behind long ago.

    I think about how it used to irk me when Wolraich would bring up that the Dem party has to stand for something, has to have a message again. And I would think: what for? People vote for individuals and they do so along a spectrum of liberal to conservative. What are the parties there for anymore?

    Once upon a time we thought about a 50 state strategy, Great Society, etc. It's not like it's that tough to define a relatively harmonized platform. The Blue Dog thing challenged this a bit, but balancing the budget was more a single issue topic that could be discussed while promoting, not slashing, social programs.
    And so when the Democratic orgs called up for donations, we had an idea what these orgs would be promoting, not playing both-sides-do-it Whataboutism. Why is Liberal Democracy so hard to wrap a party around? Mark Meadows just announced, he's not for Democracy - he just wants the Republic and prosperity, might makes right. How much of a differentiator do we need? I don't need a party that reflects each and every issue perfectly according to my druthers. I'm satisfied with 70% say. I dont even call a vote for Joe "holding my nose". Yeah, he's not the most adventurous of the party, but it's not a year for experimenting anyway. But do I want to swing around to a bunch of gun control and fracking and abortion rights hills to die on, or just have some basic bedrock of sanity, people who can transverse an issue sanely?

    ETA - I do recall the period feeling like OpenLeft & FDL & Kos & Huffpost had passed me by, that whatever I'd write there was a ton of more woke theology to shut it down. Like when Alex got out of the hospital & all his droogs had settled down to respectable jobs - maturing, God forbid... no more Grace Slick trying to put acid in Nixon's coffee, no more Abbie Hoffman exorcising the Pentagon. I remember a cornfield in Kansas with Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam proclaiming, "Rodney King was bogus, man!". A post-articulate society. Except now we re-articulate other people's words. Even easier - we sound as if we know something, even if it sounds a tiny bit familiar.

    Idunno - I'm starting to feel quite sure Hillary won't be re-elected. Hang *that* on the Libtards.

    When they out her emails I hope they remember the "crime" of a (not quite) intern willingly throwing her panties at the Prez, vs forcing White House staff and Walter Reed doctors to take part in highly contagious dog-and-pony shows during a pandemic. Maybe a rock-opera, "Springtime for Trumptler", will hit Broadway one day to try to lance our collective shame with humor.

    I suspect by doing this one today, what they are doing is suggesting that there will be a peaceful law and order and honor vibe when Joe is in:


    and targeting the suburban swing women vote

    cross link to Lincoln Project's anti-Lindsey Graham ad and GOP Senate joke:

    Not an ad but a Gov. Bill Weld:

    There's a Lincoln Project Faith Community Group:

    Lincoln Project just put up a long one promoting the potential of Joe rather than attacking Trump:

    obviously to go with same campaign meme:

    targeting the white male swings:

    Not sure he's registered GOP, doesn't matter because he's major retired military who is: CLEARLY looking for a nonpartisan president

    The admiral who ran the Osama bin Laden raid could not stay silent anymore: Trump’s got to go

    — NowThis (@nowthisnews) October 24, 2020


    Lincoln Project has a new one created just for Wisconsin media, as it refers to "our state":

    ^ I note for their (last?) ad they chose Ray Charles version of "America" but there's also a definite anti-woke touch of including Mt. Rushmore in the scenes depicted. They coulda picked another landmark instead, ya know.

    About real men, looks targeted at those suburban moms:


    looks targeted at young black males:

    Clearly targeted at the war on absentee voting, powerful, narrated by Mark Hamill:


    Trump or Fauci, you can only fire one of them tomorrow, Harrison Ford narrates:

    (This one clearly just made, wasn't the "fire Fauci" chant at a Trump rally only yesterday?)

    Unbelievably, they put up EVEN MORE today!

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