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    Have you ever seen parrot sing, play and ask for dinner at the same time????
    No? Just watch and turn your sound on

    — My Beautiful Destination (@MyBeauDes) October 17, 2020

    Parrots really suck at defense.

    Give 'em a regulation hoop and let's see how they do. Looks like they're just flossing the zone. And if you put a cat among the  canaries  parrots, it's all over. Still, some of them get really lucrative endorsements - they've got these mammoth cages looking down from Hollywood Hills, huge birdbaths with aspiring half-naked starlings hanging out... 

    thanks for the lol, guys laugh

    I will sheepishly admit that "flossing the zone" was a creation of my kind of out-of-whack autocorrect, that the usual term would be "flooding", but I kind of like it. A bit of Dada blogging with machine-enabled cut-ups. Where's Bryon Gysin now?

    olly olly oxen free

    not a video, just two frames, but a powerful narrative nonetheless!

    Umm, no - actual baby sloths, not dolls

    Geez you are so picky about your cuteness preferences. I glanced just now at the replies to that tweet and see that while there are others like you, you are in the minority.

    & oppressed. Donate to my Patreon?

    PS - sloths hang upside down. That's one of the things that makes them cool. A stuffed sloth right side up is like huh? Next they'll have it in aerobic gear heading to the gym. Someone missed the point.

    Plato's Cave version of keeping your eye on the ball:

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