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    How history forgot the woman who defined autism

    [reposted - I'm uncomfortable with the ease of accusations re: Nazi behavior without any proof, as with plagiarism and other accusations, but it's a beautiful story, and to me highlights the fickleness of fate and science, especially during wartime - we know of 1 German Nobel denied to a Jewish woman, Lise Meitner, who had to go into exile, but also there can be normal academic jealousies and sparring and other petty human behavior among our better natures, along with just plain bad luck or not enough promotion.-PP]

    A huge objective of the Nazis was to co-opt Jewish ideas and make them Aryan, hence the very term National Socialism. Hans Asperger was no exception and his fatal assessment of socially adverse youth was simply a weaponized copy of Jewish child psychiatrist Grunya Sukhareva's ideas.



    There was a book written called Asperger's Children that showed in explicit horror that Hans Asperger fully cooperated with the Nazi regime's child euthanasia program. That's shocking enough, given that the disorder carried his name and was labeled to children decades afterward without regard to it's history.

    However, the revelation that the disorder wasn't even generated by Nazis but had a much more benign pre-history complicates things even further. I think there is validity in the diagnosis, but that it needs to be reassessed with its unclear and complicated history taken in to account. Here's a lot going on here - anti-semitism, the dark and complex history of psychiatry, whitewashing of history, etc.

    There's also no books available in English about Grunya Sukhareva.

    BTW PeraclesPlease, I didn't expect anyone to really like this post, much less repost it, and I really, really appreciate. :)

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