Can we stop with the narrative about how it's all about fueling the anger of white right-wingers now?

    It's about mentally ill people, mostly men, acting out their anger, whatever it is, using wmd's. And it comes in many varieties. All Trumpies do not do mass shootings, most just scream at rallies and post nasty words on social media. Same for neo-Nazis! All of them don't drive through crowds with their cars. Just as all people with black skin do not shoot other people with black skin because of their irrational anger at those they work with, or those with Asian features, for that matter. I will admit only to: sticks, stones,knives and guns will break bones BUT words, they mostly inspire only the mentally ill to violent action. Most Walmart managers (of any color skin) do not crack and shoot up their store >

    Walmart Shooter Andre Bing,having fun before shooting up his job‼️ #Chesapeake #chesapeakewalmart #massshooting #chesapeakeva

    — EyeQShahid (@Stackeyeq) November 23, 2022

    Verified here

    Chesapeake Walmart shooting update: Sources have confirmed the identity of the man who shot and killed 6 people before turning the gun on himself.

    — Daily Press (@Daily_Press) November 23, 2022



    But two sources with knowledge of the investigation confirmed Wednesday the shooter is Andre Bing. Police were stationed Wednesday morning outside the Chesapeake home that property records said Bing purchased in 2019.

    More here - internet sleuths did this before reporters did, using the parking lot video of Walmart employees talking about 'Andre', their manager, cracking and shooting up the store -

    BREAKING NEWSANDRE MARCUS BING AGE 31 SHOOTER DEAD VIA SUICIDE. 4 confirmed dead. 6 transported to hospital 1 critical. Most likely 10 humans shot. #Walmart #Chesapeake #Virginia #MassShooting

    — BGR HEADQUARTERS (@bgrheadquarters) November 23, 2022



    All Black university football players bullied by other Black university football players do not do this:


    All white loser incels living in mom's basement and trying to be a rapper do not do this

    Sometimes they pick and chose angry rhetoric according to the zeitgeist; who knows why they crack and decide to act out?

    Sometimes it's not even politically-related at all:

    Filipino-Americans are not immune to cracking, go figure:

    In other cases, it turns out that victimhood really isn't about race (even tho SOOOO many people would like it to be as it confirms their narrative about white supremacy and this being a racist country)

    This is the problem in that case, as it is in many others, though definitely not all:

    A guy who attacked and took out the shooter in a nightclub was detained by police, hours until they figured out he was the good guy. Comes with the territory, don't you think? Unlike the movies, there are no nametags.
    BTW, the guy who did the Pulse nightclub shooting apparently just asked the driver to find him a hopping nightclub, didn't realize it was LGBTQ. I believe that misconception is still floating around for the latest that actually was targetting..

    I saw the (three tours of combat duty?) 'hero' soldier who tackled the Colorado gunman on CNN. He talked a long time, the anchor just let him talk, like 20-30 minutes. Hardly any questions, just let him talk. He choked up and cried a lot. He said it was just instinct that he was trying to protect his family. He especially cried because later he found out that his daughter's boyfriend of six years was killed. He cried when he realized that it was exactly like combat in Iraq, OR EVEN WORSE but it was in America where everyone is supposed to be safe.

    HE DIDN'T MENTION BEING CUFFED OR DETAINED BY THE POLICE AT ALL, NOT AT ALL, HE DIDN'T MENTION IT. It was clear he totally got that and went along with it - it's part of the whole deal, cops got to figure out who what and where, they weren't there, and people lie! No complaints from him, none.

    But I was immediately reminded of two former Dagblog denizens who went on and on and on for days about THE HORROR of a young Black kid being handcuffed for like 20 mins. at a Target in CA because the Target employees incorrectly I.D.'d him as one of the shoplifters they called 911 about. But it was the cops who were being racist. Oh the horror, the horror, the horror...

    Back to the Colorado shooting. Clearly cops and prosecutors are not revealing ANY thoughts of a motive yet. Especially when defense threw that bomb about non-binary i.d. And now that we learn from journos about his background - the mother and father were both stark raving nuts with criminal records, and they got that tape of him ranting and raving about cops and a bomb at the earlier incident, what the fuck would motive even mean to anyone? The guy and his family are plain and simple: nuts! This day he hates gays, the day prior he hates his mom and cops, next it could be libruls and oh, like circus clowns. Maybe Ron de Santis...because grandpa thinks Trump is great?

    THE POINT I think THE REAL SCANDAL IS GONNA BE WHY THE RED FLAG LAWS WEREN'T ENFORCED ON THE BOMB INCIDENT, they could have confiscated all his weapons right then and there! Instead he wasn't prosecuted AND THE FILE WAS CLOSED!!! All these laws Dems are pushing are going to be useless if no one enforces them or somebody in local government pulls a favor or the like... Red flag laws are meant so what happened here doesn't happen - an unstable nut gets all his guns taken away and can't buy any more. They weren't executed out of laziness, betting everything would be ok, or they were purposely evaded.

    Edit to add: the cops quickly later lauded the retired soldier over and over as a hero, said he saved a lot of lives. As if they had done nothing wrong -- because they didn't! No one rational would like them acting like judge and jury, who's the perp and who's not, after 3 minutes on the scene with weapons on the floor, dead all around and one guy beaten bloody

    Hannibal Lectern puts on the cop's clothes, gets carted out on a stretcher, then kills the crew that carted him out.
    Oldest ploy in the book- make sure you have all the culprits before you start letting people go.

    I don't post much on it here, but from following crime news for quite some time now, I fully agree that most countries in the west, as well as others like China, are currently experiencing similar epidemics of mental breakdowns, people 'cracking' and acting out violently.

    And no, right wing and/or populist movements are not responsible. Yes, those do hit the sweet spot for many crazy people. But they don't act out violently. (I.E., what percentage of Qanon adherents act out violently? Couldn't it even be the case that online Qanon-like conspiracizing activity keeps them busy at their computers when they otherwise might be actiing out violently without that outlet?)

    There's one big difference, though, and it's basically this, in the pictured protest poster

    Republicans continue to block all attempts at reasonable gun reform. #massshooting ... America begs for it. Republicans, hand in hand with the NRA, block it.

    —It's Over Trump(@ustankkk) November 23, 2022

    And that's without factoring in a vastly larger number maimed for life with health problems that cost our society more.

    ^ One thing that keeps nagging at me is Dag member Orion stressing that most countries in the world have guns and they don't have the same problems the U.S. does. And he'd use that to support his belief that more Americans are mentally ill than anywhere else. That's backasswards thinking! Most first world countries regulate guns just as vehicles and using vehicles is regulated. And in most third world countries, the criminals and gangs have the monopoly and the angry poor can't afford them, they have to use knives when they act out.

    chart percentage homicides due to guns, the 4 big English-speaking first world countries

    There’s something the gunmen at the University of Virginia, Club Q in Colorado Springs, and a Chesapeake, Virginia, Walmart all have in common: easy access to guns.

    — Shannon Watts (@shannonrwatts) November 23, 2022


    More proof that solving the issue of mass shootings requires removing it from the "racist country" frame, and removing it from the "divisive politics" frame, and putting it where it belongs: people on the edge of cracking up, blaming this that or the other thing, getting access to guns, and going over the edge:

    Chesapeake Walmart shooter Andre Bing feuded with co-workers, said 'disturbing' things to staff via @nypost

    — OLD GUY (@jgilliam1955) November 23, 2022

    A Chesapeake Walmart employee said the gunman told her to 'go home' after killing workers in the store

    — Trending News (@EsotericSpace) November 23, 2022

    First victim killed in Chesapeake Walmart shooting is identified

    — Technical earn (@Technicalearn5) November 23, 2022

    Once again, all Walmart managers do not do this. All racists do not do this either. All Anti-Semites do not bring explosives to NYC planning to bomb a synagogue. All militia's do not activate a plot to kidnap a governor.  All Muslims do not follow Osama Bin Laden's orders. All homophobes do not shoot up gay bars. All people who think Sikhs are Muslims and hate both do not attack their shrines. All radical Muslims do not join ISIS nor plot to bomb the Boston Marathon. Etc...

    Propaganda is not the problem here. Neither is hate! Acting violently on hate or anger is the problem, whether caused by propaganda or some other reason. Most haters wouldn't dream of acting out violently, they just hate. No one is going to solve hate or anger about rational or irrational victimization. But we can stop a lot of those acting it out. Other countries have done it. Heck, NYC did it. It's possible, I lived it in the Bronx.

    Malcolm Gladwell noted that making the gas in kitchens less deadly greatly lowered the suicide rate. Largely women didn't find other ways to kill themselves - apparently guns, bridges, sleeping pills, etc al weren't acceptable close substitutes for them. People with suicidal tendencies just acted them out less.

    Similarly, people feeling homicidal but with less access to guns won't stop feeling homicidal, but they'll act on it less - chainsaws, cars, knives, poison will doubtfully fill the void of a missing good Glock or AR-15 or "make my day" Smith & Wesson. "Accept no substitutes!"

    James hates this man. James is angry. James wants to hurt him; this would be vigilantism. The cops want to be informed if James sees him but James would like the world to know he would take care of it himself by "flattening" him. Would James make a good cop? Is it possible that James might shoot up a right-wing news studio some day? Should James be given a license for concealed carry?

    I bet the asshole listens to RW hate news. What a POS, I would flatten him if I saw him.

    — James Tate (@JamesTate121) November 23, 2022


    Somewhat off topic but too good not to share - Omar's such a great big picture thinker:

    ok, here we go, the Walmart gunman had signs of mental illness too:

    Walmart case proving to be a nut that cracked, too:

    I especially noted the incel-like comments about wanting a wife that was equally "yoked" but not deserving one....definitely someone not totally right in the head. Got to admit he probably was one who wouldn't have been prevented by stronger gun laws (altho a waiting period might have made him think twice) because on paper he had a sterling record.

    Then there's this other thing. New study report at Hormones and Behavior, Official Journal of theSociety for Behavioral Neuroendocrinology, Volume 146, November 2022


    Testosterone is associated with impulsive and violent criminal behavior in both men and women (N = 552)

    — Steve Stewart-Williams (@SteveStuWill) November 29, 2022


    ^ note their abstract, my underlining:

    Only two studies to date have considered the joint effects of testosterone and cortisol on direct measures of criminal behavior. The current study extends this earlier work by incorporating the direct and interactive effects of baseline hormone measures and hormone change scores in response to social stress. The current study also extends prior work by considering distinct measures of different criminal behavior types and sex differences. Analyses based on a large sample of undergraduates indicated that testosterone had a positive and statistically significant association with impulsive and violent criminal behavior. The interaction of testosterone with cortisol had a negative association with income generating crime. Simple slopes analyses of this interaction indicated testosterone had a positive association with income generating crime when cortisol was low (−1 SD). Associations between hormones and criminal behavior were not moderated by sex.

       regarding the last sentence, think of stereotypical butch dykes...

      testosterone in the raw?


      Gun homicides almost back up to their 90s peak.

      Don't tell me crime isn't a problem in this country.

      — Noah Smith (@Noahpinion) November 30, 2022

      Dead is dead (and maimed is maimed), mass shooting or not.

      Crime is crime, with or without identitarian hate.

      If I could send this to every BLM protester from 2020, I would.

      Roughly 1/5 the country took part in some kind of protest? Not every "hey, you shouldn't be treating blacks different when you investigate, raid or arrest them" is asking to defund the police or let criminals back out on the street asap. 

      I think Rodney King was a dumbass for how he led the cops on a chase, but his beating was totally over the top.

      I don't even know what Freddie Gray did, but fatally injuring him unsecured in a van was heinous.

      An out of control police raid killing Brittany whatever isn't a sign of effective policing.

      I'm not sympathetic with Michael whoever in St Louis nor Tray on in Orlando

      I am sympathetic with Sandra Bland.

      The renegades who killed the jogger weren't the same thing, but the sheriff shielding them at first from prosecution was galling and largely grounds for dismissal if not illegal.

       I thought BLM was horridly inept (and as an org quite corrupt). But i don't want the police unnecessarily harassing normal black citizens either.

      I don't think life is perfect but i do think police can do better if they're not excused for every offense. What other profession gets such protection? 

      If Trump hadn't been president in 2020, there *might* have been a more positive (not just woke) response, better measures taken. Instead it was just posturing like with COVID, which only encouraged things to get more out of hand.

      I couldn't disagree more. I think it's going to go down in the history books as a counterproductive worldwide mass hysteria against policing, partly induced by pandemic & lockdown induced paranoia, irrationally based on one fucking video of police misconduct in one fucking case. It will be seen as not that different than Savronola-type preachers appearing as a result of the Black Death.

      Police misconduct is rare! The reality is: nothing had changed! All based on false narratives being promoted by stressing a certain kind of story over another.

      The result: protests AGAINST POLICE THEMSELVES which police had to police and deal with the ramifications of DURING A PANDEMIC YET when they were forced to be essential workers while most others got to stay safe at home (except for protesting when too bored) eventually made police say: take this job and shove it. Why would anyone in their right mind want to be so hated?

      Anyone with brains saw what was coming: police pulling back from doing the jobs they were charged with doing, or quitting and causing massive shortages of police in the most crucial areas. BOTH REGULAR CITIZENS AND THE CRIMINALLY MINDED WENT OUT AND BOUGHT MASS QUANTITIES OF FIREARMS, expecting there to be much less policing. Which rapidly cause further degradation of rule of law!

      BTW, Trump was hardly mentioned by any protesters. Many were known to chant "fuck Joe Biden" tho. Anarchist and associated true believers in anti-rule-of-law were licking their chops. The world made it through but there's a ton of damage to reverse.

      Totally counterproductive hysteria!!! There was even the associated iconoclasm, the pulling down of monuments by mobs, classically a signfier in history.

      I think you have blinders on regarding this. It is going to go down in the history books as major counterproductive incidence of mass hysteria, a perfect storm. Possibly the most historic thing about it, what differs from the past; mostly the reaction to one cellphone video!

      p.s. fed up not going to take it anymore is just one of many results:

      and again, it was all so counterproductive as to boggle the mind!!!

      just another result noted, something very minor in the scheme of things, but taken as a whole, its purposefully putting on blinders not to see how those 'peaceful' protests changed our world:

      Agree pandemic - people with more time, frustration, etc - added to it, but no, "irrationally based on one fucking video of police misconduct in one fucking case" isn't accurate - it was the triple combination of George Floyd in MN, 25 May 2020 (and I've been critical enough of his junkie/fake-money-passing/hysterical street presence), Breonna Taylor of Louisville killed in a poorly-justified poorly-executed blindly-firing raid with no video cameras (13 March, but case handed over to state AG on May 20), and Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia killed by vigilante white dudes (1 former cop) in pickups (23 Feb but no arrests made until after video appeared 5 May 2020).

      "All based on false narratives being promoted by stressing a certain kind of story over another." - well, the George Floyd case had more fake narratives, and I'm still skeptical that the knee on his neck caused his death in absence of lots of drugs, but 1) their nonchalant attitude not knowing he died in those minutes fed the fire, and 2) the cases of Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery were not full of false narratives. The police as typical showed no interest in arresting Arbery's vigilantes or doing much investigating at all. 

      So I guess we could frame it your way - "don't protest the police's deadly incompetence & aggressive behavior or you'll have more deadliness on your hands from their absence". Or you could frame it as "damn, if only the police would implement 1/3rd of recommended measures for decreasing abuse of suspects and bungled raids & arrests, they might get some decent public support for a change". I mean, there was sympathy for the heavy workloads of both police and health workers during Covid. Perception (and partial reality) of racist abuse destroys that goodwill, obviously. The Atlanta Wendy's shooting of the completely looped just-released convict was largely done by-the-book by the cops, but in post-George they got slammed (though when the police chief changed a couple months later, the new one - also black - ran his investigation less vengeful & politicized.

      So yeah, sometimes there are enough fuckups that people get pissed off. Look at Iran - just 1 girl not wearing her hijab was beaten to death - she of course should've known better. Think of all the crime the Iranians will suffer as police stand down to let these protests continue - they'll be sorry.

      Actually on point.

      How to Keep Your Son From Killing Someone

      For 20 years, Clarissa Crader has done everything in her power to get Justin Campbell care for his schizophrenia. He just got off probation after beating an elderly man. Now what?

      By ALYSSA KATZ @, Nov. 16, 2022, 5:00AM EST

      Photo caption:Clarissa Crader with her son Justin Campbell, June 27, 2022. Ben Fractenberg/THE CITY

      In a city resigned to seeing untreated serious mental illness spasm into bursts of violence, the savage killing of emergency responder Alison Russo-Elling in Queens this September escalated a sense of urgency to do something — but what?

      Peter Zisopoulos, arrested by the NYPD and shown on video stabbing her in a frenzy, had no past criminal history. Now at Bellevue Hospital’s jail ward, he’d lived at home with his family in Astoria, reportedly diagnosed with schizophrenia.

      Laws and policies grasp for an elusive balance between civil liberties and compelled treatment for those driven by paranoid delusions and violent tendencies. For family members, the choices are immediate and dire. Keep him at home, try to treat the mental illness, and pray that your adult child doesn’t deteriorate. Days and nights pass in fear that they could injure someone — a family member, a stranger, themselves. 

      That’s been Clarissa Crader’s life for the past two decades, as a devoted caretaker to her son, Justin Campbell. Clarissa, a retired transit police officer, and Justin lived together in the house she owned in Bushwick even as he caused her unending misery, stealing items and doing damage to their home.

      A 2014 police report after she called 911 indicates he threatened to kill her if she didn’t give him money to buy video games. “I fear for my safety with him in the house,” Clarissa told the cops. 

      As I wrote in the Daily News in 2016 when I first met Clarissa and Justin: “If you haven’t guessed, Campbell has schizophrenia. He believes he’s an undiscovered superstar and diamond-heist mastermind awaiting the paparazzi. Depending on the occasion, he dons identities that include Amanda Bynes, La Femme Nikita and Mathilda, Natalie Portman’s avenging pre-teen from ‘The Professional.’ [....]

      ^ It's almost like I have seen this before recently: A 2014 police report after she called 911 indicates he threatened to kill her if she didn’t give him money to buy video games  Oh yeah, right here: 10-year-old upset over VR headset fatally shoots mother; charged as an adult (and followup stories I have seen on that case also suggest that 10-year-old has a serious mental illness similar to schizophrenia...)

      If you want to blame white supremacists and Trumpies for riling up the mentally ill to the point of mass shootings or other atrocities, seems to me you also have to blame people like Martin Scorcese:

      John Hinckley Jr.

      Taxi Driver formed part of the delusional fantasy of John Hinckley Jr.[28] that triggered his attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan in 1981, an act for which he was found not guilty by reason of insanity.[29] Hinckley stated that his actions were an attempt to impress Foster, on whom Hinckley was fixated, by mimicking Travis's mohawked appearance at the Palantine rally. His attorney concluded his defense by playing the movie for the jury.[30][31] When Scorsese heard about Hinckley's motivation behind his assassination attempt, he briefly thought about quitting film-making as the association brought a negative perception of the film.[32]

      from Wikipedia on the movie

      Instead, Scorcese went on to make a lot more movies.

      And this is what happened to Hinckley. He is finally a free adult now able to live in society but it was and still is ENORMOUSLY EXPENSIVE for taxpayers! This is what it takes for just one individual, there are no inexpensive miracle cures for serious mental illness. Liberals who promote 'treatment' of seriously mentally ill as a solution are leaving that part out - it takes the work of many many many man hours of many expensive professional legal and medical and social work and law enforcement people over decades. For just one person -

      [....] Vincent J. Fuller, an attorney who represented Hinckley during his trial and for several years afterward, said Hinckley has schizophrenia.[27] Park Dietz, a forensic psychiatrist who testified for the prosecution, diagnosed Hinckley with narcissistic and schizoid personality disorders and dysthymia, as well as borderline and passive-aggressive features.[28] At the hospital, Hinckley was treated for narcissistic and schizotypal personality disorder and major depressive disorder.[29]


      The Center Building at St. Elizabeths in 2006

      Hinckley was confined at St. Elizabeths Hospital in Washington, D.C.[21] After Hinckley was admitted, tests found that he was an "unpredictably dangerous" man who might harm himself or any third party. In 1983, he told Penthouse that on a normal day he would "see a therapist, answer mail, play guitar, listen to music, play pool, watch television, eat lousy food and take delicious medication".[30] Around 1987, Hinckley applied for a court order allowing him periodic home visits. As part of the consideration of the request, the judge ordered Hinckley's hospital room searched. Hospital officials found photographs and letters in Hinckley's room that showed a continued obsession with Foster, as well as evidence that Hinckley had exchanged letters with serial killer Ted Bundy, and sought the address of the incarcerated Charles Manson, who had inspired Lynette Fromme to try to kill United States President Gerald Ford. The court denied Hinckley's request for additional privileges.[citation needed]

      In 1999, Hinckley was permitted to leave the hospital for supervised visits with his parents. In April 2000, the hospital recommended allowing unsupervised releases, but rescinded the recommendation a month later. Hinckley was allowed supervised visits with his parents again during 2004 and 2005. Court hearings were held in September 2005 on whether he could have expanded privileges to leave the hospital.

      On December 30, 2005, a federal judge ruled that Hinckley would be allowed visits, supervised by his parents, to their home in Williamsburg, Virginia. The judge ruled that Hinckley could have up to three visits of three nights and then four visits of four nights, each depending on the successful completion of the last. All of the experts who testified at Hinckley's 2005 conditional release hearing, including the government experts, agreed that his depression and psychotic disorder were in full remission and that he should have some expanded conditions of release.[31]

      In 2007, Hinckley requested further freedoms, including two one-week visits with his parents, and a month-long visit. U.S. District Judge Paul L. Friedman denied that request on June 6, 2007.

      On June 17, 2009, Judge Friedman ruled that Hinckley would be permitted to visit his mother for a dozen visits of 10 days at a time, rather than six, to spend more time outside of the hospital, and to have a driver's license. The court also ordered that Hinckley be required to carry a GPS-enabled cell phone to track him whenever he was outside of his parents' home. He was prohibited from speaking with the news media.[32] The prosecutors objected to this ruling, saying that Hinckley was still a danger to others and had unhealthy and inappropriate thoughts about women. Hinckley recorded a song, "Ballad of an Outlaw", which the prosecutors claim is "reflecting suicide and lawlessness".[33]

      In March 2011, it was reported that a forensic psychologist at the hospital testified that "Hinckley has recovered to the point that he poses no imminent risk of danger to himself or others".[32] On March 29, 2011, the day before the 30th anniversary of the assassination attempt, Hinckley's attorney filed a court petition requesting more freedom for his client, including additional unsupervised visits to the Virginia home of Hinckley's mother, Joanne.[34] On November 30, 2011, a hearing in Washington was held to consider whether he could live full-time outside the hospital. The Justice Department opposed this, stating that Hinckley still poses a danger to the public. Justice Department counsel argued that Hinckley had been known to deceive his doctors in the past.[35][36]

      By December 2013, the court ordered that visits be extended to his mother, who lives near Williamsburg. Hinckley was permitted up to eight 17-day visits, with evaluation after the completion of each one.[37]

      On August 4, 2014, James Brady died. As Hinckley had critically wounded Brady in 1981, the death was ruled a homicide.[20] Hinckley did not face charges as a result of Brady's death because he had been found not guilty of the original crime by reason of insanity.[38] In addition, since Brady's death occurred more than 33 years after the shooting, prosecution of Hinckley was barred under the year and a day law in effect in the District of Columbia at the time of the shooting.[39]


      On July 27, 2016, a federal judge ruled that Hinckley could be released from St. Elizabeths on August 5,[40] as he was no longer considered a threat to himself or others.[40][41][42][43]

      Hinckley was released from institutional psychiatric care on September 10, 2016, with many conditions. He was required to live full-time at his mother's home in Williamsburg, Virginia.[3] In addition, the following prohibitions and requirements were imposed on him.[44][45]


      • drinking alcohol
      • possessing any firearms, ammunition, other weapons, or memorabilia of Jodie Foster, e.g., photos, or magazine articles
      • contacting Reagan's family, Brady's family, Jodie Foster, Foster's family, or Foster's agent
      • from watching or listening to violent movies, television, or compact discs
      • from accessing printed or online pornography
      • online access to violent movies, television, music, novels or magazines
      • speaking to the press
      • visiting present or past homes of the current or past president or certain past or present government officials
      • visiting graves of past presidents or certain past government officials
      • driving from his mother's home more than 30 mi (48 km) unattended or 50 mi (80 km) when attended
      • erasing his computer's Web browser history


      • to work at least 3 days per week
      • to leave immediately if he finds himself approaching prohibited places
      • to record his browser history

      Although the court ordered a risk assessment to be completed within 18 months of his release, it had not been done as of May 2018.[46]

      On November 16, 2018, Judge Friedman ruled Hinckley could move out of his mother's house in Virginia and live on his own upon location approval from his doctors.[31] On September 10, 2019, Hinckley's attorney stated that he had planned to ask for full, unconditional release from the court orders that determined how he could live by the end of that year.[47]

      On September 27, 2021, a federal judge approved Hinckley for unconditional release beginning June 2022.[48]

      On June 15, 2022, Hinckley was fully released from court restrictions.[49] [....]

      You can chose to spend enormous amounts with each seriously mentally ill person, including in many cases depriving them of civil rights, and still miss many of those hiding their illness (like the Walmart manager who appeared well enough to Walmart to make him a manager and a bank to give him a mortgage, or a Travis Bickel who ekes out a living driving a cab...)

      OR you can stricty regulate the ownership of firearms, hoping to cut down (though not eliminate, mind you) on the atrocities committed by the mentally ill WHICH OTHER COUNTRIES HAVE ALREADY SHOWN TO WORK.

      More than a year before police say Anderson Lee Aldrich killed five people and wounded 17 others at a gay night club in Colorado Springs, Aldrich was arrested on allegations of making a bomb threat that led to the evacuation of about 10 homes.

      — KSAT 12 (@ksatnews) December 3, 2022

      More of the same (nuts):


      ^ now let him back out on the streets and let him buy some guns anyways! that's how our system works - he's got *civil rights* (wwmlkt = what would Martin Luther King Jr. think?)


      and no, right-wing extremists are not "getting away with it easy" because they're white

      legal news about related attackers

      Gym Jordan fueling white anger over Supreme Court, since they've made themselves open to Xtian lobbying.

      Expect much more. Jimbo's got a new platform to perform on.

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