• No plan, only emotion? Perhaps you missed where I mentioned preparedness, training... I.e. the opposite of just emotion and excuses.

      by PeraclesPlease 20 hours 21 min ago in The Deputy Who Didn't Shoot
    • by Flavius 20 hours 27 min ago in A DocuDramaDrop
    • What have you got, pp? A lot of raw emotion and no plan to make anything better.

      by Doctor Cleveland 20 hours 37 min ago in The Deputy Who Didn't Shoot
    • Speaking of Bandar Busgh et al, might also make you wonder what kind of dirty ops were going on around 9/11 -noting the number of people not troubled by a conscience.

    • Having competent, trained, responsible police will lower the risks, not provide a magic bullet. In this case we seem to have 3 civilians who rose to the occasion - 2 killed, 1 almost killed. I don't deny the difficulty and danger of the situation, but there's also a division that hands out...

      by PeraclesPlease 20 hours 43 min ago in The Deputy Who Didn't Shoot
    • Comes to mind LULU should read it. It makes very clear what changed from Carter onward as regarding someof the main concerns of the Chomsky fans and Consortium News types.

      As I've mentioned before, I  don't like labeling people evil. This comes from learning about Lee Atwater types who...

    • Looking for Quinn...

      If you haven't seen it checkout my post...

      DagBlog... The often unseen importance of its existence...

    • p.s. All that said, I'm willing to keep an open mind on this one as to the investigation.Only because I think that in this particular situation, the local powers that be have had a shocking wakeup call themselves, are truly interested in finding truth and pointing out where mistakes are made. I...

      by artappraiser 21 hours 1 min ago in The Deputy Who Didn't Shoot
    • Having a braver deputy in the parking lot won't stop the next school shooting. And none of the deputy's decisions would make much of a difference. If you want to call him a coward, great. But if you tell yourself that things would have been different if he went in, you're just...

      by artappraiser 21 hours 7 min ago in The Deputy Who Didn't Shoot
    • A lot of words to excuse no apparent effort. Is that all you got?

      by PeraclesPlease 21 hours 28 min ago in The Deputy Who Didn't Shoot
    • I also suspect that they were trained to wait for backup. It would be a little strange if they weren't.

      by Doctor Cleveland 22 hours 46 min ago in The Deputy Who Didn't Shoot
    • The fact that it's three deputies only increases my suspicions that they were actually doing what their training instructed them to do. And it's pretty much exactly what the Columbine responders did.

      The Sheriff can blame them now. But I would like to know, first, what Broward County...

      by Doctor Cleveland 22 hours 47 min ago in The Deputy Who Didn't Shoot
    • Well, do you have an actual suggestion for what he could have done? You say

      actively trying to find a way to take down the gunmen and/or get more students out of harm's way,

      but what does that mean? Since the shooter could kill him before he could get...

      by Doctor Cleveland 22 hours 51 min ago in The Deputy Who Didn't Shoot
    • I know that I focus on black issues, but I do wonder how black Republicans can stomach their party.

      by rmrd0000 1 day 1 hour ago in CPAC HAS a Racism Problem
    • OK ,OK. 

      Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy $419,651,Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton $1,968,714 (ah yes  Arkansas. Lock him up? ),Colorado Senator Cory Gardner $1,231,076, and Arkansas again Representative French Hill, $543,612,Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson,$1,015,173,Kentucky's Mitch McConnell...

      by Flavius 1 day 1 hour ago in THIS IS A TEST
    • In graduate school "Roy  B"  taught Ad Prac,  as" Human Relations was called then ,   through case studies. A showman ,prominent mustache ,If we brought a date to attend a class it was usually's Roy's  Famous per se.  and in particular for challenging the class  "tough guys" and their "cut the...

      by Flavius 1 day 1 hour ago in The Deputy Who Didn't Shoot
    • Flavius, I love that story. I have been listening to a podcast discussion between two philosophers and the only thing in the hour and fifteen minutes that I think I understand is this [approximate] statement by one of them: If...

    • If Florida takes these 2 steps does that dissipate will at the federal level to do likewise? 

      Not suggesting that, if likely so, that would make inaction by FL desirable on balance.  I do worry that the clock may well be ticking on the current sense of urgency. It could well be that more...

    • I would go a little further and say it is a cornerstone. 

      by AmericanDreamer 1 day 2 hours ago in CPAC HAS a Racism Problem
    • I had a number so high, that it was impossible for me to be drafted.

      by rmrd0000 1 day 2 hours ago in The Deputy Who Didn't Shoot


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