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  • There is no question that drug laws need to change. An adviser to  the state Washington's marijuana bill notes that only the University of Mississippi is allowed to research...

  • I loved your oral history, where did the four or five or whatever races of Homo Sapiens arose and where they arose. Hell that is why I put in my fable about Leaky.

    And from what I have read over the many decades involves all these different humans we espy in the Americas today and a...

    by Richard Day 2 weeks 3 days ago in CONSENSUS
  • I don't think I was underestimating how quickly appearances can change. I think I was saying just exactly that.

    I cannot underestimate how quickly appearances change, especially in the case of NA's, simply because there are so few genetic examples of full-blooded Indians...

    by flowerchild 2 weeks 3 days ago in CONSENSUS
  • You include Cronkite as a Conservative. I point out that is incorrect, You say nothing to see here.  You pointed out  your imagined political affiliation  I corrected it.

    You want the main point to be that Ron Paul and Buckley risked something. What exactly did they risk...

  • I'm in the middle of something, but the short answer is that there was nothing wrong with guaranteeing support with no work requirements in the first was flawed because it didn't go far enough.  There should be a simple guaranteed national income--by keying it to the...

  • Uh, lessee - the actual facts about the 1996 law you brought to this conversation were... crickets? Ipso facto wave my hands presto change-oh? Do you *NOT* believe that increasing the required work in this program in 2002 to 40 hours a week from 30 drastically changed the effectiveness and...

  • You brought Cronkite into the discussion. Now you are saying that he is unimportant?

    This is how you lie. What I said was that I don't see much value in discussing whether Cronkite is conservative or liberal. As I've pointed out numerous times I see Cronkite and others as...

  • Eric Holder was busting medical marijuana dispensaries - tell us about how major an impact it had and how your enlightened hero *considering* a reduction in sentencing that would reduce prison population by an estimated 6500 inmates is so much better than the work of Ron Paul and others in...

  • Not chins. But I'd be comparing him to Mussolini based on their chins. Is it fair to suggest that Scalia is a fascist because he's Italian and has a similar chin to Mussolini's? The Mafia example is probably more easily grasped. Lots of Italians complain that people assume they have...

  • "Ah, 2% IS a drop in the bucket compared to 98%...or "drop in the bucket" doesn't mean anything."  - uh, sorry, bud - not sure where you buy your buckets, but drop in the bucket could include GOP bitching about the cost of the National Endowment of the Arts at $160...

  • There is compromise theory out there.

    I call it the coastal float.

    You are on the sea but only float along coastal lines. 

    After all, in  the Pacific you might go from island to island but you will lose sight of land for awhile.

    But the coastal floaters...

    by Richard Day 2 weeks 3 days ago in CONSENSUS
  • I think medical marijuana had the major impact. The difference between how White college students and Black teens smoking marijuana were treated legally played the major roles in changing opinion. 

    I will respond regarding Walter Cronkite when I get home this evening. For grins,...

  • Your points are valid, except I don't get your Scalia reference. Are Italians stereotyped to have certain types of chins?

    Of course, this leads to the possibility that at least some comments which can be interpreted as "lazy stereotyping" might just be a case of simple...

  • No absolutely not. No one intelligent would include wisdom teeth in the design. That's just one of the many problems with Intelligent Design. But my theory of Idiot Savant Design solves those problems. I think its about to go viral once those in the evangelical community hear of it. Most of...

    by ocean-kat 2 weeks 3 days ago in CONSENSUS
  • pair o'deuces (or pair o'turkeys...) you've brought a cite from an authority whose credentials include unmatriculated (or at least, un-degreed) time at the University of Phoenix...when come back, bring real firepower,...

  • Let's look at where this all began. I posted:

    Paul and William F Buckley were extreme influential, especially Buckley, by speaking out as conservatives for marijuana legalization and other prohibition related issues. By speaking first and loudly they gave others cover to join them...

  • Ah, 2% IS a drop in the bucket compared to 98%...or "drop in the bucket" doesn't mean anything.

    If the amount that goes through synagogues is undocumented, how do they know it's "much, much larger"? Isn't that kind of a basic question that's...

  • Along with your perception of dark implications you show a couple times where the article puts the figures and analysis in fair perspective.

    I find the article uses a bit of a bait and switch. They start with the dark and foreboding tones and end with a whimper...

  • You mean the DuPont heir who admitted penetrating his 3 year old daughter with his finger as he was masturbating, but got probation because his lawyer successfully argued that he "...would not fare well in prison..."?  What a country!

    personally, I hope that neither he, nor...

  • That figure makes the figures from The forward look like fairly big potatoes.

    No, it does not. You're comparing potatoes with tomatoes.

    First of all, the TOTAL amount of U.S. foreign to everyone in the world is considered to be a relatively...

  • There is a vast difference between her getting the death penalty for prostitution versus how a victim of Afluenza was death with for pedophilia.

  • Federal actions recently consisted of 'unhappiness' and 'scolding' of Sheriff Joe.

    Where politics ends and justice begins...

  • I think you're underestimating how quickly appearances can change. After all, look how many new wild and crazy dog breeds we've introduced in the last two centuries alone.

    As for the breadcrumbs, while you're considering the phenotype (the variables in the appearances),...

    by Verified Atheist 2 weeks 4 days ago in CONSENSUS
  • Scary. The public and the legal system appear to be OK with the sheriif's actions. It is the federal system that has a problem.

  • Joe Arpaio's goons can 'cook' inmates in WW2 'Bridge on the River Kwai' type hotboxes until  they are dead with no charges filed. ...

  • It's hard to leave a trail of breadcrumbs on the ocean. smiley

    It is reasonable to conjecture that homo sapiens made sea voyages just to...

    by flowerchild 2 weeks 4 days ago in CONSENSUS
  • No, Clinton actually reformed AFDC during a boom, with minimal problems, turning a nightmare program into a more sustainable one.

    Bush Jr. came in and in 2002 ratcheted up all the extra requirements to make it really painful to be on AFDC. The clever thing is, he got the left to bitch...

  • Yeah,  bringing the kids into the interview should have crossed her mind, but (she's 22) it's easy to imagine that she felt it was not an option...The bottom line is that people should not be put into this situation to begin with.  


    Personally, I thought it...

  • Do you really think so?  I hope you're right but I don't see it. On NPR this am all they could say about the ACA was how unpopular it is. It's like everyone is reading from the GOP play book.  I'm feeling discouraged. I wish that dems who are running would embrace and...

  • There is one way in which vouchers could be attractive..


    If, like me, your retirement plan is to move to a third world country, and marry a 20 year old widow (with 5 kids who you adopt thus multiplying your social security pittance into a princely sum for the local price...

  • It was ported from TPM and I don't think I ported the comments before Josh wiped out the cafe...for some of my old posts I did, wish I had just gone thru and done the job at the tiime...


    Edit to add: That part about Fox deluding themselves as to Obama screwing the left...

  • There's a distinction between vouchers and premium support.

    It goes something like this: A voucher has a set "face amount" and is a given amount of "money" you can spend to buy insurance.

    If you can't find the policy you want for that amount of money,...

  • Strangely, no one seems to have commented on that post about chess and checkers.

    Besides which, it's basketball that he's playing.

  • All of this. I agree with all of this!!

  • I do not mean to completely discount the sea theories. While not conclusive, there has been plenty of intriguing evidence supporting the idea. While there is not the scientific consensus for it that there is for the land bridge, neither is there a scientific consensus that there was no sea...

    by Verified Atheist 2 weeks 4 days ago in CONSENSUS
  • utterly and wildly off topic, but you bring up Javier Barden (obliquely) which leads ineluctably to Vickie, Cristina, Barcelona, coincidentally reprising the  Woody Allen controversy so recently troubling these pages.


    The total psychopath used by the Coens to such...

  • What you say is so so true.

    Peer review is of the utmost import.

    And these scientific journals are of import.

    I was just struck by the fact that anthropologists in South America show me things I have never seen!

    And anthropologists should not be apologists for the...

    by Richard Day 2 weeks 4 days ago in CONSENSUS
  • I was right, it is Quint Eastwood. Now about those damn Vietnamese...

    by PeraclesPlease 2 weeks 4 days ago in CONSENSUS
  • His response is a bit peculiar -

    a) "why worry about $7 billion or so - just a drop in the bucket  (apparently The Forward thought it enough to worry about - sure, it's not the Koch  Brothers, but it's a tidy sum of cash each year - and if it's not properly tax...

  • No Oligarchy for Old Men, I tell ya. Where's Clint, BTW? Been awful quiet since that bizarro-land convention speech. "Hey, you fascist Ukrainians - get off my yard!" Now where's my sarsaparilla - know I put it down somewhere around here...

  • "I mean, if there's a problem with the tax-exempt status of much non-profit giving and thus the implication of the government in sectarian causes, the Jewish piece of it would seem to be small potatoes. There's a whole 98% of it that Jews aren't involved in. Those billions...

  • Another is scientists don't have to run for election.

    by Anonymous ncd (not verified) 2 weeks 4 days ago in CONSENSUS
  • The nice thing about science is peer review.  Scientists argue back and forth for years about something until technology comes along to prove what is right.  Religions just go to war and try to kill each other over their blind faith. They try to bully people into believing like...

    by trkingmomoe 2 weeks 4 days ago in CONSENSUS
  • The end of "welfare as we knew it" is on Bill.


    Letting the ruling class get away to regroup and torment us to this day, when they were 

    ON THEIR FUCKIN' KNEES--that's on Barry.


    Look it's not like I didn...

  • You are right Jolly, most of this started with ending AFDC.  It is also a burden on grand parents.  Younger voters know that they have been treated badly by the policies of our government.   The ones I talk to intend to change that.  If democrats are smart they will harness...

  • You gave the 2008 date.

  • Well, it's just that the last few times I've read your posts, I've come away scratching my head wondering: "What does LULU find interesting about this?" You clearly do, but you don't say.

    For example, I don't understanding why you find it "interesting...

  • Actually, this particular atrocity is Bill Clinton's fault--he signed the bill destroying AFDC.

  • I hope it is not to just increase the "reads."

  • I keep checking back in because I see " 2 new comments," or in this cae, "3 new comments,". But no new comments. What is this about?

  • Shenesha Taylor is getting grassroots support. Hopefully, the money raised will enable legal and housing help. States have made dramatic cutbacks in childcare. To me, this looks more like a Scottsdale, Arizona action than federal. But we all know, It's Obama's fault.


  • Best thing is, when you see some kid walking along looking down, reading their cell phone, you can slam right into them, and then give them a glare of disapproval like it's their fault, and THEY HAVE TO TAKE IT!


    Sweet, eh? 

    Man, I love getting older.

    by Qnonymous (not verified) 2 weeks 4 days ago in CONSENSUS
  • The Creator was more concerned at the time with how to get our hips to work while walking on hind legs all the time. The teeth thing probably was outsourced when the draft sketch was mistakenly approved by an intern.

    by moat 2 weeks 4 days ago in CONSENSUS
  • Hilary Clinton, (ironically) and to her everlasting credit, has started a movement called "Too small to fail", directed at ameliorating some of these problems,. We really, really got the wrong candidate in 2008.

  • That is another omission in our 'historical past' that I marvel at.

    There was not one ice age for crissakes!

    Anyway, I am one of sea proponents; 'man' whatever you define him as, floated upon the seas.

    Certainly some of our Native Americans look Asian but...

    by Richard Day 2 weeks 4 days ago in CONSENSUS
  • Are wisdom teeth intelligent design? Did God love oral surgeons?

    by Anonymous ncd (not verified) 2 weeks 4 days ago in CONSENSUS
  • Q it was in the forties today for crissakes and all this melting and such.

    Supposedly we have this big storm acomin tomorrow!

    Honestly, I am getting so old that I actually get stuck sometimes in the banks. hahahahah

    I was so pitiful last week when I was stuck in some drift...

    by Richard Day 2 weeks 4 days ago in CONSENSUS
  • I know all about limited intelligence; hell I have been living with it for a long, long time. hahahaha

    Can you imagine though, Ocean, living a life that is soooo much fun? These rock and bone folks get to spend all this time looking into the Twilight Zone.

    At any rate, the NYT...

    by Richard Day 2 weeks 4 days ago in CONSENSUS
  • I read the same story, Dick, loved it, and thought... "Hey! I'll bet Dick read this!"

    Good man. 

    Main thing is, we need to know how little we know.

    Hope you got some sun and some heat happening out your way.


    by Qnonymous (not verified) 2 weeks 4 days ago in CONSENSUS
  • He's old timey, that Putin fella. 

    Old Timey. 


    by Qnonymous (not verified) 2 weeks 4 days ago in Full text of Putin’s speech on Crimea
  • Makes more sense than most theories of intelligent design. wink

    by Verified Atheist 2 weeks 4 days ago in CONSENSUS
  • It might interest you to know that the Beringian land bridge existed 35,000 years ago as well as 15,000 years ago. Genetic studies also indicate...

    by Verified Atheist 2 weeks 4 days ago in CONSENSUS
  • Science, bah, how could they possibly know what happened 30 or 100's of thousands of years ago. I can't believe you're falling for that con. Like life came about after millions of years of no life and then "evolved" from one celled amoebas into dogs and cats and rats and...

    by ocean-kat 2 weeks 4 days ago in CONSENSUS
  • Ha ha ha!  Wonderful, moat! 


    A dog that sticks to
    chasing rather than chasing
    sticks, has learned something.




    In a rocket ship

    orbiting the planet, I

    photograph the moon,


  • Clouds of tourists clump

    over wet streets in Times Square;

    The neon drizzles.


    These years in orbit

    around my only planet

    make for a full moon.


    Dog chases the stick,

    Returning it to be thrown;

    A language game.

  • It's sad after growing up with the image of Kruschev banging his shoe at the UN, that we're left with such a whiny speech by Putin. It's pretty cute Putin celebrating the fruit of Russia's militarism across the centuries, and then get upset that Americans are doing things by...

  • The key part being "relations have been frosty since our little failed coup" 10 years ago.

    I'm less than impressed with Maduro, but when they had the better Chavez, all we did is focused on every little foible, ignored his accomplishments, and did our best to bring him down...

  • What I want to know is, did the Taliban read Marcuse, to learn about how little things like not being able to hold an election without the risk of bloodshed deligitimizes a regime, or is it just obvious.?..(cue the reference from Godfather II where Michael is in the car when the rebel blows...

  • Black female teens have been taking care of business. Teen pregnancy rates have declined sharply..

    by rmrd0000 2 weeks 5 days ago in The Black Woman
  • The community is going to have to get his attention by hitting him in the pocket. He''ll see the light then. 

    by Wattree 2 weeks 5 days ago in The Black Woman
  • If the house loses on Wall Street...well...$$$$..that's why you're getting 0.0005% on your savings. The big money game is rigged.

    As for cleaning up online gambling, if you had another $300 to spare, would you consider sending it to Senator Lindsey Graham? His quest is to protect...

    by NCD 2 weeks 5 days ago in GOP Backs Casino Mogul's Nanny State
  • Oh just one clarification.

    I mean I 'lost' the 300 over a six month period.

    That is a hobby, not an obsession.

    The indictment was real and that whole damn site went down, like that.

    And there were hackers and I am sure it was an inside job and the '...

  • Absolutely!  And I disagree with the "unjust" comment. Expensive?  Yeah, but so is getting your routine care in ERs, and this system is better.

    Only someone who could not get insurance before because of pesky things like a history of breast cancer, back pain, domestic...

  • Here it is. Sorry, it is an extended interview with no synopsis:


  • I saw an interview with Ezekiel back when single-payer advocates were being thrown out of meetings (with OUR) side!!!!  Old "Zeke" was very forcefully advocating for disbanding Medicare and giving vouchers. I couldn't believe my ears; he sounded like the future Paul Ryan...

  • Sarcasm. Libtard is used by the right when we advocate government doing things for the hungry, sick or poor.

    If any right wingers come by here I feel it good to shock and awe them with the hypocrisy of their Party in using similar Nanny reasoning to ban online gambling at the behest and...

    by NCD 2 weeks 5 days ago in GOP Backs Casino Mogul's Nanny State
  • Venezuela Slams US for Threatening Sanctions

    Merida, 28th March 2014 ( – The Venezuelan government has condemned the United States for threatening to impose sanctions, and accused Washington of...

  • My own bias is anti-war.  Now is not the time in human history for geopolitical power plays and military alliances.  Now is the time for coordinated international actions on climate and economy.

    Interviewed this morning on NPR...

  • Yes, I get it.  That's why I said this:

    Sheldon Adelson sees the problem and is exploiting it for his own gain, and the religious busybodies, always on the lookout for signs of immorality that don't jibe with their own, also see ways they can capitalize off of...

    by Ramona 2 weeks 6 days ago in GOP Backs Casino Mogul's Nanny State
  • Senator Graham's legislation has nothing to do with sad stories.

    The GOP generates untold numbers of tragic outcomes for Americans by their actions and inaction in government.

    Refusing to expand Medicaid for poor families, cutting food stamps, closing health clinics used by...

    by NCD 2 weeks 6 days ago in GOP Backs Casino Mogul's Nanny State
  • I know you believe Ron Paul is racist but I have consistently referred to William F Buckley as well as Ron Paul. I have also frequently mentioned Cronkite. 

    You lumped Ron Paul, Buckley and Cronkite together. Given the fact that you appear to be clueless...

  • You are delusional

    You "knew" , but you were asking me to supply information on Buckley, Farrakhan and Wright while you were supporting Buckley. You were not well informed.

    Thanks for adding humor to the day.

    by rmrd0000 2 weeks 6 days ago in WHY I LOVE BEING BLACK
  • You leveled an insult at me, suggesting that I needed to study history.

    lol I certainly did. You posted, "You're confused. Let me help." I responded, "You're confused. You need to study history." Look dude. If you're going to snipe at people...


    My first landlord in

    New York was named Guisseppi.

    He loved Bustelo.


    He was a tailor

    in a Long Island City

    men's suit factory....

  • I miss nursing my

    espresso. How best to press?

    Good Coffee not there


    It is espresso

    and not expresso. Haha

    Magic in caffeine

    Oooooooooooooh, the initial

    Initial taste on the tongue

    Espresso just rules

    There is a whole...

  • I have no life.

    Except when I think of this little bugger. hahahahaha

    You know, she is loved by everybody and even at this nothing age she has all these affectations. hahahah

    I probably might see her in the next thirty days.

    I cannot keep from thinking about her....

    by Richard Day 2 weeks 6 days ago in WHEN I'M 64
  • You know she is a lucky girl!

    That is for sure.

    Hell her mommy is a teacher and her daddy loves her to death.

    Yeah she is a lucky girl who loves mommy and daddy.

    Can you imagine that at 1.5 she is in a school and already learns some mime language?

    Hell, in the...

    by Richard Day 2 weeks 6 days ago in WHEN I'M 64
  • Oh no. I well aware of what you're talking about. Its just very complicated and I wouldn't ever attempt to have a rational dialog with you about it. I pick my subjects and limit how far I'm willing to be side tracked, and I don't get drawn into dialog on subject with people I don...

    by ocean-kat 2 weeks 6 days ago in WHY I LOVE BEING BLACK
  • I now realize that you aren't well read enough to know the full details of Ron Paul or William F Buckley. You have no earthly clue why people would be upset.

    by rmrd0000 2 weeks 6 days ago in WHY I LOVE BEING BLACK
  • Educate yourself on the racism in Buckley's National Review. I think you need to find more time in the day to read. Also read up on all of the details of your buddy Ron Paul, you avoiding addressing it.

    If I brushed aside Farrakhan's racism and anti-Semitism like you brush off Ron...

    by rmrd0000 2 weeks 6 days ago in WHY I LOVE BEING BLACK
  • Response to ocean-kat from above

    You leveled an insult at me, suggesting that I needed to study history. You demonstrate that you have glaring lack of knowledge and you want me to track down information that you should already have. First,...

  • Wright is simply a local preacher who is famous for having Obama as a member of his congregation. I don't consider him worth the time to study because I never thought his affiliation with Obama was significant enough to tarnish Obama. I've always thought his membership in the church was...

    by ocean-kat 2 weeks 6 days ago in WHY I LOVE BEING BLACK
  • See below

  • Though I don't agree with all of Buckley's opinions I don't see anything racist in the Buckley interview you linked. Would you care to explain.

    Here's a link to Walter Cronkite & America's Disastrous Drug War Pt 1 of 6


  • Thanks Ramona!!  It's funny, I used to tweet all my haikus one by one,. but it just took so much of my time I couldn't keep doing it.    I'll try submitting something.

    Here's a...

  • You told me that I needed to study history. You appear not to be well informed. Google Jeremiah Wright and "them Jews". Educate Yourself. I seriously doubt if you know the racism demonstrated by the guy you are praising.


    by rmrd0000 2 weeks 6 days ago in WHY I LOVE BEING BLACK
  • Pssst. It's New Jersey. Nuff said. They are ALL like him. And he's worse than we know.

  • We also have several million that needs medicaid expansion.  That is will be focused on in this year's campaigns across the state.  

    It will take Texas an other decade to turn it's self around.  They have just set up since the 2012 election a grass roots network...

  • Saw this tonight and thought immediately of you:

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