• I see cultivated disorder, and while I'm a technical optimist, the guys with the lawyers and bags of money seem to be grabbing all our peace dividend, beating ploughshares into swords so to speak. As no less than the esteemed Johnny Cash proclaimed (quoting Acts as he was wont to get biblical on...

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    • Unfortunately my desktop pc and television are in two different rooms so I cannot watch and comment at the same time. I did watch the whole thing though, and then girded my loins to watch the R response. But when Ernst started yammering about the  bread bags over her shoes I just about puked and...

    • Take care of yourself, Mr. Smith, and don't over-do.  I only wish I had a clever Haiku to pass along.  I don't.  But if you feel a slight movement in the air around you, that's me sending you air hugs.

      by Ramona 4 days 9 hours ago in The Haikulodeon
    • yes

      by flowerchild 4 days 9 hours ago in The Haikulodeon
    • Hey, welcome back.

      by Oxy Mora 4 days 9 hours ago in The Haikulodeon
    •  Obama's words are usually words that progressives can get behind. His actions, not so much.

      by Anonymous (not verified) 4 days 9 hours ago in HERE IS THE STATE OF THE UNION; LIVE BLOG
    • Hello friends, I am out of the hospital and back at home.   Thanks for all the kind words.

      I will write more later.  Good to be home.




      by MrSmith1 4 days 9 hours ago in The Haikulodeon
    • Florida tea party didn't want to be left out of the responses to the so the nutty and stupid Fl.19 congress critter, Curt Clawson, gave a speech too.  He is the one who thought the the officials from the Commerce Dept and State Dept was from India last summer. This is the Naples area with lots...

    • We used bread bags to cover our shoes but then we slipped our bread bag shoes into boots--where nobody saw them.  I did it with my kids, too.  So for Phony Joni to say all the kids in the neighborhood could be SEEN walking around with bread bags over their shoes. . .uh uh.  She should have...

    • The hair do is standard military issue. 

      I admit that the bread bag thing was a little over the top.  You can't walk in bread bags. They rip and you would fall on your butt because they are slippery.  You can put them inside your boots to keep your feet dry if the boots leak. Besides a...

    • This article is not strictly about distorted reporting or propaganda on a meta scale but rather more about a particular international situation which the author believes is being misrepresented here through both overt propaganda and non-reporting of important information.


    • I caught the bread bags reference on cable.

      What an idiot?

      There are rotten lousy liars all over the place without water problems.


      Ernst, I assume has a name relating to Earnest.

      And she aint earnest about anything.


      I do...


      You know I have done live blogs before.

      Hell I even did one with Mike W writing his own live blog.

      Every thing was gooooooooooooood.

      This effort just fascinated me.

      But, with the help of Momo, I awaken to a thousand hits. hahahahah


    • As I have told you before:

      THANK YOU!

    • Well we had a Prez who could not recall cliches or much else....for eight years.

      I just liked the fact that this new Prez (for 6 years) tell the Repubs to stick it. hahahahha

      Maybe President Obama,will not duck!

    • Yeah it's classic all right.


      I awoke and found this .

      I get lost, but my Prez was not and is not lost.

      For sure.

    • I am laughing

      Thank you for showing up.

      I went to bed and awoke finding a thousand hits.


      Never give up.

      That's what I say.

      Alrighty then.


    • Oops.  Sorry I missed this, Richard.  I was on Twitter for most of it and should have looked to see if anyone was doing this here.

      I thought it was a great speech, but without real action or results, it's still just a rousing speech.  I do love it when the Republicans get their panties...

    • Guess what?  Ted Cruz tried to do his response to the state of the union speech.  Ok before you watch make sure all drinks are removed so you won't ruin your key board.  LOL...

      Meh, Lemme Start Over. 


    • Just a final thought...

      The First Lady looked lovely as always and well as beautiful Doctor Biden. 

      Justice Ginsburg had a lovely set of handmade crocheted gloves on.  I always enjoys seeing her collars.  I just wonder if she does the crocheting.  I thread crochet and have made...


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