• The way Sanders is handling losing illustrates why he wouldn't be a good president. He's just not a team player. Passing legislation requires a team. His my way or the highway approach makes it difficult to form coalitions, as you have often pointed out.

      He could have parleyed his...

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      Sanders and his surrogates are successfully alienating women, blacks, and Latinos. The planned disruption in Philadelphia will finish off the BernieBros movement.


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    • Hal, the post I responded to is the the type of post we discussed.

    • Many of the Czechs are notoriously Euroskeptic, and I"d note that the EU did major negotiation with the UK in February and March related to easing conditions yet again for the UK and restructuring immigration in their favor. There are only so many times to go back to that well.

      While I...

      by PeraclesPlease 1 day 15 hours ago in Brexit is Good
    • Glad to see you back!  Thanks for a concise (if scary) explanation of this mess.  

      Don't be a stranger!

      by CVille Dem 1 day 15 hours ago in Brexit is Good
    • You're being polite??? Where is peracles and what have you done with him? A personality change of that magnitude is enough to convince me that you must be deceived. Or brained washed. Or something.

    • Hal,

      Now answer my question. Doesn't the fact that Sanders cannot form multi-ethnic coalitions and is unable to deliver on single payer healthcare or free college disqualify Sanders from being a viable Presidential candidate?

      You respond that not having...

    • Trump would appoint wingnut judges

      Trump would crash the economy

      The bigots who supported Brexit because of their anti-immigration stance support Trump

      White supremacists support Trump

      The country would suffer under Trump.

      The fact that this does not...

    • Voice from the past here. Nice to see so many familiar names (or noms-de-plume). Here's my basic take: The Brexit vote is an unmitigated disaster not only for the "United" Kingdom but for the whole EU and the global economy. And the highest price will be paid by the...

      by acanuck 1 day 15 hours ago in Brexit is Good
    • I politely suggest you're taking this way too serious and personal.

    • If you follow the tier you'll discover my post was a reply to lulu who I think is a somewhat less crazy version of sync and wattree. I think you're different.

      I never have to say, "I guess I shouldn't have gone to the mattresses for Hillary" because I never go to the mattress for anyone...

    • Okay. This morning is the first moment I have had to get REALLY, TRULY ENRAGED About Hilary Clinton being the first woman aimed at the white house(like a nuke that needs to be stopped) because instead of being able to be excited about it, I Have To Fight Her Tooth And Nail Because She IS A...

    • Given her (and your) track record, don't you think it's time to stop giving Clinton the benefit of the doubt when it comes to her long-time cozy relationship with the Shylocks ?

      Given your track record, no one's surprised you believe Clinton's up to no good. ...

    • They are also rapidly becoming irrelevant.

      And Sanders' leverage, such as it was, diminishes with every passing day.

      by Austin Train 1 day 17 hours ago in Bernie, Hillary,Eric and Sync
    • Then let them fan at it. They're not worth the time or attention they're demanding.

      by barefooted 1 day 17 hours ago in Bernie, Hillary,Eric and Sync
    • The BernieBros want to see Hillary lose so that everyone will suffer. They want people to pay for noting following their advice. They don't care if Trump appoints wingnut judges or bankrupts the economy. They want everything burnt to the ground if they cannot get their way, if Bernie doesn't win...

      by rmrd0000 1 day 18 hours ago in Bernie, Hillary,Eric and Sync
    • I don't know, somehow it always finds me.  :-)

      by MrSmith1 1 day 18 hours ago in MESMER
    • Since Clinton has released her tax returns, and Trump has released nether tax returns nor transcripts of the speechs he's delivered to various organizations, I'd say she's well ahead in the transparency arena at the moment.

      Am I a strong Clinton supporter?  I have been since this primary...

    • The BernieorBusters are being minimized with each passing day; I don't think appealing to them has ever been a top priority for Clinton. Despite what some may believe, her left-ish instincts were there long before Sanders - and she knows she's not fighting for the base vote anymore. If she...


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