• I was trying to express a woman attempting to transform herself for a man via a mirror, and feeling totally out-of-self. Though I like your substitution, it's doesn't convey my point.

      PS - try to be understanding of Peracles ... a pencil to the testicles likely affects a guy.

    • I respond that it clearly isn't valid. Bernie is running as a Democrat and he most certainly 'can' win the general.

    • The problem Job had to contend with is that all his friends were telling him that he was suffering the awful things he was suffering because of stuff he did or did not do. Well, Job did not accept that because he claimed for himself the knowledge of where he stood before his Creator. That...

      by moat 2 days 9 hours ago in I BE MAD AT GOD!
    • I think you're right.  I also think politicians at this level hold far fewer grudges than we think. They know the game. They also know what it takes to get things done.  With Hillary, Obama got a great SoS, healed whatever parts of the party needed healing, and got access to the Clinton network...

    • By all reports from several sources including Obama himself Hillary did not want to be Secretary of State. Obama repeatedly sought her out and convinced her to be his S of S. We cannot know his reasoning. Perhaps he really did think she would make the best S of S. Perhaps he did it to heal the...

    • My early prediction here right after the first debate was Kacich-Fiorina but the argument for Rubio makes sense. I hope the correlation between making sense and the Republican Party itself continues to be rare as they stumble through the nomination season.  

    • Is ISIS in Syria  a model.  


      by Resistance 2 days 10 hours ago in I BE MAD AT GOD!
    • Democrats were also guilty of obstructionism by blocking critical legislation

      When the nation had a chance to discourage millions of illegals from crossing the border by enacting E-Verify; the Democrats were not interested in any legislation to resolve an...

    • And the SC federal judge enjoyed flaunting federal law by letting the slavers off even though they were caught with the 'goods' without a doubt.

      Just like they like to do today whenever they can, it's OK for them to flaunt the law whenever they please.

      by NCD 2 days 11 hours ago in I BE MAD AT GOD!
    • That is a great book. The description of the arrival of the "Echo" into Charleston is disturbing.

      by rmrd0000 2 days 11 hours ago in I BE MAD AT GOD!
    • Many have changed little since the 'halcyon' days of the South. Just read Our Man in Charleston: Britain's Secret Agent in the Civil War South about the British envoy in...

      by NCD 2 days 11 hours ago in I BE MAD AT GOD!
    • The GOP didn't care that they were feeding red meat to the bigots and racists. They are now being labeled the "white people's party. This is a slander because most white people do not agree with Trump, Limbaugh, or the other bigots. We. Should use the name the Reactionary Party.

      NBC led...

      by rmrd0000 2 days 11 hours ago in I BE MAD AT GOD!
    • My solemn word that tomorrow I will finally provide some data that seems credible. It's all from one book, which may demonstrate that there isn't a lot of material on this.

    • I fear I must dissent from the view that her vote in October, 2002 was right. If she didn't know that the resolution made war inevitable, she should have.

    • Related: The Hill on a Bush-Kasich battle for the GOP establishment: http://thehill.com/blogs/ballot-box/presidential-races/252127-rising-kas...

    • I have probably read 100 links on this subject recently, but you do a fine job citing just a few of these links.

      I am having trouble scrolling without my mouse, old folks must learn new things.

      I was going to add that:

      We do not like all these new immigrants.


      by Richard Day 2 days 12 hours ago in I BE MAD AT GOD!
    • BTW Richard

      God is not angry at you


      by rmrd0000 2 days 12 hours ago in I BE MAD AT GOD!
    • Thanks for this great post. Attempting to understand Conservatives can be frustrating. We tend to look for facts to rationalize our observations. For Conservatives, facts don't matter.  In "The Reactionary Mind" political scientist...

      by rmrd0000 2 days 13 hours ago in I BE MAD AT GOD!
    • Pooh on your figger,
      Milne made up Tigger, AND that
      honey pot digger.




    • I agree, Eric, our bench looks really good.  The debates will be issue oriented and informative. I have followed many of them and their speeches are sane with good reasoning.  I may not agree with some of it but compared to the ranting of the Koch Party, we should have a good election.  I am...


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