• Accurately stated, without a doubt.

      Looking at all the byzantine collection of groups in the region attacked by ISIS (now we know where the complicated and devious connotations of 'byzantine' and its connection to the region of the 'Levant...

      by NCD 3 days 1 hour ago in War Fever at NPR's Diane Rehm show
    • I've always thought if the Pak Taliban got hold of a Pak nuke, not impossible- they have attacked Pak bases, they would detonate it, and fast in Pakistan.

      Perhaps to take out an Army base (and...

      by NCD 3 days 1 hour ago in War Fever at NPR's Diane Rehm show
    • I too am sorry to hear about your sister.  

      I hope you'll keep in mind the resurrection and that soon; you and your  loved ones will be reunited in paradise.

      Revelation 21:4


      by Resistance 3 days 1 hour ago in POSSE COMITATUS
    • DD,

      I am so sorry for the loss of your sister.  May you find comfort in her memories.


      by bslev 3 days 2 hours ago in POSSE COMITATUS
    • Thank you very much rmrd.

      Thank you for taking the time.

      69 aint that bad an age to end it.

      Especially when you are in pain.

      by Richard Day 3 days 2 hours ago in POSSE COMITATUS
    • Sorry for your loss. Our prayers and thoughts are with you.

      by rmrd0000 3 days 2 hours ago in POSSE COMITATUS
    • Oh she suffered from a father who was just a teen war 'hero' who hated her and a mother who did not care.

      Grandma somehow saved her for awhile.

      But she was a great teacher down in Florida for a time and then suffered a stroke that left her paralyzed when she was in her late...

      by Richard Day 3 days 2 hours ago in POSSE COMITATUS
    • So very sorry to hear of the loss of your sister, DD.   My condolences.   I know my sister means a lot to me.  She is nearly four years my senior and is now the only person in the world that has known me my entire life.    Sending you comforting prayers and positive thoughts. 

      by MrSmith1 3 days 2 hours ago in POSSE COMITATUS
    • There, this is what they'll do to themselves, when Iran and others acquire the Nukes.



    • Dude, you really do wanna get me in trouble, don't you! Politicians are not cute, none of them, period!

      by bslev 3 days 4 hours ago in Zephyr Teachout for NY Governor
    • I don't think NCD has answered the case for war, which isn't bloodthirsty or warmongering.  It may not be right, though.

    • The "we must do something" side is definitely dominating the debate.  There is still recognition, though, that the U.S. public isn't going to stand for another ground war.  Right now, that puts a hard limit on what can be done.  Americans will, I think, tolerate drones and air strikes. If...

    • Well, you do know that Hitler and his cronies were never really too fond of Berlin.  Kind of a teeny bit of justice that Berlin is where he saw his end.

    • That's where mandatory voting (Australia) helps, somewhat. Exploiting ignorance, hate and fear are the standby voter motivation tools here and elsewhere in democracies.

      Mother Jones reports on a survey that 1/4 of...

      by NCD 3 days 7 hours ago in War Fever at NPR's Diane Rehm show
    • In any case the "30 feet away" part is more than enough to establish that this was a murder.

      I agree completely since Brown was unarmed.

      I finally heard Dianne Rheem address something I have not heard questioned at all until now and which I have been...


      Germany is probably one of a handful of nations in Europe that Jews remain fundamentally secure, 

        True, (and ironic).  Germany today is  one of the most liberal societies around--I believe that the gay mayor of...

    • Although I'm not the biggest fan of Rand (or Ron) Paul, if I were I'd be afraid of sticking my hopes on the backs of college students. I did that in 2004 (when I was a back-to-school grad student), seeing the enthusiasm for getting rid of Bush (if not a matching enthusiasm for Kerry), only to be...

    • Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! And thank you.

      by Grateful Harvar... (not verified) 3 days 7 hours ago in Snobs vs. The Ivy League (or, The Question of...
    • Hey Duckie.  I say your comment on youtube.  The site you referenced seems to be limiting my access, so I can't check it out.  Sad, but even more sad is the e-mail chain with TPM and staff that followed. Some really odd stuff that TPM readers and primates should see.

      by James Moody (not verified) 3 days 8 hours ago in ABC 20/20 Young Guns - January 27, 2014
    • Can any politician win a nomination, get elected and firmly carry out a policy of not 'spreading freedom' or 'protecting America' with weapons transfers, bombing and drone attacks? Even NPR is beating the war drums. The Middle East is a never ending meal ticket for the US arms industry.


      by NCD 3 days 9 hours ago in War Fever at NPR's Diane Rehm show


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