What a story and what a great endorsement of Medicare.

      I had no idea you had been this ill for soooooo very long.

      like the Grandaughter though!

      And we all know that it is the repubs who are full of poop and gas!


    • Thanks, VA.  I really am counting on being the first in my family to make it to 100, so if I don't, I'm going to be pissed.  I'm not the same person I was even 20 years ago, of course, but considering that 20 years ago I figured I'd be dead by now, I'm doing better than expected.


    • I imagine "aberrations in thought processes, mood regulation, and cognitive functioning" might apply to me since an early age. Today I waited on green while some old codgers crossed the road, managing slowly on their canes & walkers and appreciative I...

    • Congratulations, Richard.  Two little girls to spoil.  Won't that be fun?  (So glad you're happy.  Even though you're NEVER happy.  Hahahahahaha.)

    • Although I'm still a reasonable distance from 75, for both of my very vibrant parents that number is just around the corner — my dad is 72 and my mom turns 71 soon. While it's safe to say neither one is at the peak of their health, I see no reason why both of them shouldn't expect to live at...

    • Hey, Momoe, so sorry you've been feeling under the weather.  I hope you feel better and better.  Glad you have insurance now. (Damn government, eh?)

    • You say it's significant, I say it's not. Aside from some street chatter re: shootings at Maidan (which was obviously very popular and not very violent), there's little trace of serious fascist influence, videos of guys with armbands marching aside. C'est tout.
      by Anonymous PP (not verified) 1 week 1 day ago in Russia and the Menace of Unreality: How Vladimir...
    • I am surprised in the construction of your argument, in the way that you discount the fascist influence in the Ukraine coup government. The fact that fascism in Ukraine isn’t as powerful as it was in the thirties in Germany does not change the nature of fascism. Your method is like if I...

      by Anonymous LULU (not verified) 1 week 1 day ago in Russia and the Menace of Unreality: How Vladimir...
    • Sam has been a beacon of hope for sure.  I'm more comforted by Nate Silver's 51% Dem prob., but either way, the relaxed attitude towards judicial appointments is bizarre.  We are, after all, in the last two years of this administration, no matter how you slice it.  Bad enough that it took well...

    • I am fine now.  Did spend a week in bed and a trip to the ER.  I went to a specialist a year ago after I got Medicare to get this fixed.  But they were just interested in running tests to collect on my insurance.  They never did treat the low grade infection.  I kid you not that they told me I...

    • Over the last 6 years that I have been posting, I have seen no changes with regard to the number of Americans incarcerated; either in jail or prison.

      Twelve million Americans are arrested every damn year as far as I can tell and; at least in Minnesota, a traffic ticket is not an arrest....

    • "The U.S. has been actively working to set the stage for the revolution in Ukraine" - yes, liberals & anti-war protestors set the stage to overthrow Nixon in 1973, and it worked. Regrets? I've none. Was there some big military coup to oust Yanukovych? nope - that "actively working" has been...

    • You stay on the mend Momoe.

      Too many people depend on you.

      Don't scare me like this.

      It discombobulates me.

      Get well.

      Damn, now I am worried.

      Those kids need you.

      And I have depended upon your judgment for years!


    • Well...I have lined up 5 "stoners" to go with me to vote in the midterms. GoTv is easy this time.  We hope to pass medical marijuana in Florida and kick out the Gov. Skeltor.  Besides Florida needs to legalize it so we can use the revenue to move Miami north to higher ground.  

    • LOL...Florida is sinking.  Everyone is going to migrate into Canada.  

      Actually Florida is turning very blue these days. 

    • There has been plenty of blogs written this weekend and leading up to the march.  I have been reading all kinds of white papers this past 2 months from experts that will be at the UN summit.  It is getting coverage outside of US.  

      The media is afraid of their Corporate Sponsors and don'...

    • Sam Wang of Princeton says not to worry. 

      70% that the Democrats keep the Senate.


      I actually think that is on the low side.  He is basing this on straight poll results.  Here in Florida, Rick...

    • As wonderful as always. Thanks for this. 

    • Congratulations.  You will have twice as much to brag about.  

      Sorry I was late with this.  I have been under the weather so to speak.  I am on the mend now and back at it. 


    • Response below

      by Anonymous PP (not verified) 1 week 2 days ago in Russia and the Menace of Unreality: How Vladimir...


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