• Spot on NCD. What  people don't seem to realize is that if there's a site that's making money and they get all sorts of free services from it then they are the product the site is selling. They need to seriously consider if how they are being sold is worth the free stuff. But they almost never...

      by ocean-kat 2 days 14 hours ago in "Deep State"
    • I suspect it's folly to think after Trump that anyone can have much control over political party message from top down. The new generation of voters is going to do that the way they are used to doing...

      by artappraiser 2 days 14 hours ago in The Nancy Pelosi Problem
    • Good one to throw at anyone you run across flogging Clinton Foundation conspiracy theories:


      Well let's not forget that Trump donated $100k to the Clinton Foundation in 2009..and donated another $10k in 2010.

      by artappraiser 2 days 15 hours ago in "Deep State"
    • That minorities might be buying into the whole Soros thing really disturbs me. I'm glad it's you commenting because I know you're one that will understand what I am going to say next. It's like there is this linkage or cross-fertilization going on between the old white trash/Jim Crow beliefs...

      by artappraiser 2 days 15 hours ago in "Deep State"
    • Aside: Di Genova as Deep State pusher is ironic, as I remember him and his wife as strong supporters of the Vast Right Wing Paula Jones Conspiracy on ye olde political TV shows (like Geraldo) back in the pre-internet Monicagate days.

    • I didn't learn anything from the article that I didn't already know about "Trump taste", but that could be because of my career, life history and interests. "Trump taste" is like art or pornography only in that: you know it when you see it but it's real hard to put into words. Where you use it...

      by artappraiser 2 days 15 hours ago in Journeys In Trump World
    • "23% of Americans are very worried and 30% are somewhat worried about government monitoring and invasion of privacy"........."worried about government monitoring"???

      Meanwhile they are not worried about ...

      by NCD 2 days 15 hours ago in "Deep State"
    • Bang bang.

      So what are the rents like over there? Huh?

       Maybe this is partly fallout from #MeToo as well,

      Good point. I've seen a lot of the revisionist history of Monicagate, including the big essay by Miz Monica herself where she admits that many years...

    • Rebrand:

      1. ICE Officer for a day, with $500 gun gift certificates for best patroller?

      2. Date with Stomy Daniels lottery?

      3. Raffle for 3 months as Secretary of State?

      4. Family day at Food Stamp office, get to turn down anyone, family runs whole office.. part of...

      by NCD 2 days 19 hours ago in The Nancy Pelosi Problem
    • There's no one single article that summarizes the whole story but a couple of dozen over the last year as each new revelation came out. I just thought I'd give tpm a little plug as I think a very good site to check regularly for news analysis.

    • Some perspective, please - the Republicans have spent the last 25 years in a "game" of steadily increasing illegal and unethical behavior and influence buying on a massive scale, now gone international and treasonous.

      Yes, the Democrats should have figured out some better ways to counter...

      by PeraclesPlease 2 days 21 hours ago in The Nancy Pelosi Problem
    • AA, your comment gets to the heart of it. The Nancy Pelosi "problem" isn't that Republicans vilify her. They vilify every Democrat leader, and they'll vilify whomever follows her.

      The problem is that she has presided over a Democratic Party in decline. She's good at holding a coalition...

      by Michael Wolraich 2 days 22 hours ago in The Nancy Pelosi Problem
    • Why aren't Rudy & DiGenova in jail?

      (THREAD) The Trump investigation no one is discussing is the one that could prove—via direct evidence—that Trump stole the presidency. Inspector General Horowitz needs to talk to Joseph...

      by PeraclesPlease 2 days 23 hours ago in The Nancy Pelosi Problem
    • Jared Bernstein, WaPo today, offers this take: "The dangers of denying the downsides to globalization" at https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/...

    • My takeaway was "very few lights on and nobody home". And no, it's much worse than mediocre - that's just the everday feeling. The final crash is much worse.

      by PeraclesPlease 2 days 23 hours ago in Journeys In Trump World
    • America already had a reputation for being relentlessly mediocre, didn't it?

      What isn't mediocre, education, national lands and parks, social values of equality, tolerance, democratic values,  promotion of human rights, destination for the 'tempest tossed', land of opportunity for all...

      by NCD 3 days 6 min ago in Journeys In Trump World
    • I really think this is worth a read.  And I'd love to know if I'm the only one who finds it weirdly enlightening.

      by barefooted 3 days 1 hour ago in Journeys In Trump World
    • Third time's the charm?  It's Victoria (her nickname is Toria) Nuland, and I'll leave it to you to correct the rest of your comment, Peter.

    • Your link is to the TPM homepage, so I'm not sure what specific article you meant.  Can you pin it down?


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