• If the bullet was satisfied by the hole, we'd be okay. Unfortunately, it's the continued penetration that hurts.

      by barefooted 2 days 6 hours ago in Bite The Bullet
    • It's not the bullet that kills you - it's the hole. Ban holes.
      by Anonymous pp (not verified) 2 days 6 hours ago in Bite The Bullet
    • All right, some nominations. Wattree is sticking with the good ol' U S of A. ocean-kat is offering The Mongol Empire (gotta say I didn't see that one coming), The Roman Empire (or that), Nazi Germany, The Soviet Union and Communist China. Can I get a second?

    • Historians love to argue, they'd fit in well here at dagblog. The estimates do vary widely and just as there are historians with biases that lead them to estimate low there are historians with biases that lead them to estimate high. I'm as inclined to doubt the low ball estimate of 50 million...

    • One of the most effective gun control laws we have is the waiting period for purchase. Maybe we need one for bullets, too.

      by barefooted 2 days 7 hours ago in Bite The Bullet
    • It's very much past the point of no return already, and getting worse. We need new ideas, different directions to get a handle on it. We know what doesn't work - we also have to admit that many proposed solutions would barely touch the problem.

      Money talks in many ways, not just in...

      by barefooted 2 days 8 hours ago in Bite The Bullet
    • Like a personal property tax, and liability insurance. If you own a gun that is determined to have caused property damage or bodily injury, it would cover financial responsibility. Much like auto insurance.

      by barefooted 2 days 8 hours ago in Bite The Bullet
    • I like brainstorming on this subject.  

      How about making owners of assault weapons be required to keep and store all assault weapons at a secure target shooting facility which is the only place they can be used?  Gun owners claim they only own these types of guns for the fun of shooting...

      by MrSmith1 2 days 8 hours ago in Bite The Bullet
    • Aaron here is a line from Stauffer's Harvard lecture

      But unless readers think that black Confederates were truly enamored of the South’s cause, Stauffer related the case of ...

    • Simple, each individual gun has to be insured for Liability of a minimum amount.  Say like 1 million dollar policy.  So if you own 20 weapons you have to carry 20 million dollars of liability insurance. If a weapon turns up registered to a person but that person does not have it insured or have...

      by trkingmomoe 2 days 9 hours ago in Bite The Bullet
    • I love the way you developed your concept of corporate supremacy. Keep writing and I'll keep reading.
    • I will retract the careless words "well documented". Data for one camp or the other is sparse.

    • Okay, this is a hotly debated topic, and data is scarce, but there is some evidence for Black soldiers. There is no reason to reject Confederate sources. They should be our main sources when researching this matter(who else would know more about the Confederate army than the Confederates?)...

    • Works for me, but like Oxy says, it's about the votes, and right now we sure don't have them. It's certainly a goal worth working towards. I like it.

      by stillidealistic 2 days 10 hours ago in Bite The Bullet
    • It seems to me that the place to begin gun control is with campaign financing. I think that the reason gun regulations face so much opposition with lawmakers is that the NRA has been very effective in punishing candidates and legislators who don't follow their demands. So the best answer seems...

      by Oxy Mora 2 days 10 hours ago in Bite The Bullet
    • Nice.

      With tiny fingers,
      reaching for ten tiny toes,
      she learned her 'piggies.'

    • Please find the documentation of black Confederate soldiers listed as members of regiments in on your Google of the African-American Encyclopedia.

      There is documentation of non-combatant...

    • Nice, Trope!

    • HA!  You would pick that line ... LOL   Well done, Missy!

      Stored in the garage,
      like the sleds on which we slid,
      broken toys we hid.


    • the memories slide

      like the sleds on which we slid

      faster and faster


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