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    Nuclear legacy - then and now.

    The following photo essay was linked to on Huffington. It's the work Paul Fusco. Photos of the children - some abandoned - who were exposed or their parents exposed - to the radiation from Chernobyl. Caution, these are quite graphic.

    Will this also be the legacy of Fukushima  Nuclear Power Station ? It looks all too likely that it will.

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    Life In Avalon. With Camus, The Kennedys, Emily Carr & Brumus Redux.


    This is my village. My farm. My woods. My beach.

    My world... from ages 1-18.

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    It's Frightening To Think That Your Life Is In Their Hands (to/from/for Scottie)



    The night is my shadow,

    and the shadow, my light.

    The coyotes and I roam these canyons and squares,

    our long, ragged coats sweep the streets

    as we wander.

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    File:Quill (PSF).png

    Well the Wall Street Journal is giving us all tips on how best to prepare our resumes. I have boiled these directives down to these:

    1.       Omit unnecessary details concerning your personal life.

    2.       Omit references to your teen-age experiences as a life guard.

    3.       Never include photographs.

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    Disaster Flick

    So I wrote this disaster flick.

    -Really? Why?

    Well, I had some things I wanted to say.

    -In a disaster flick? OK, tell me about it. What happens to what city?

    The setting is a small Japanese city.

    -Oh, a monster movie! I love it!

    No, no monsters. It starts with an earthquake ...

    - ... which releases the monsters. C'mon, you're messing with tradition here.

    Sorry, I don't want monsters.

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    Blade Runner

    Happy Romance Day

    Can't let a night like this one go by without all the fanfare, so enjoy:

    They can never tear us apart!

    Some Romeo and JULIE!

    And, of course, alas...some Come What May...

    What can I say?  I'm a sucker for romance. 

    Much love to you all.


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    Man on Fire

    I am happy for the people of Egypt, their commitment to change in the face of entrenched oppression is an example for us all. I’m also a bit jealous.

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    Rip Torn

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    One of the areas I have the most trouble with when I construct a project for my radio interests is the physical layout of the larger components. The big variable capacitors and switches and coils and the like. I usually look at how others have done this and sometimes use this as a guide.  But I usually go with some current traditional method and am not always happy with the way it turns out. Oh it works OK but quite often it is larger than I want or not as elegant as I would like. This last time was no different.

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    Bearing the price of dead children (Other people's kids of course...)

    The companion piece to Subcommandante Shaleen-both written simultaneously over one week in 2005.  David Seaton's  unlikely encomium to Pat Buchanan reminded me of Madeleine Albright's riposte when confronted with the figure half a million children dead from our sanctions...


    G-dub's Anthem: 21st Century Star Spangled Banner


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    Begging a question

    We are seeing once aging what happens when the few elite at the top continue to repress and force those at the bottom to live lives of degradation and as virtual slaves. Their voices silenced. And how those at the top will go to any lengths to maintain this situation.

    I Think I'm In Love...

    I guess I'm a “shipper”. Before tonight, I didn't even know such a term existed. I needed clarification after being told that I, myself, am one. Apparently, I'm one of those who watches a television series hoping that the two main characters will evolve into a relationship. Sort of like a new age Dolly Levi. I watch House MD and can't wait for him to jump into bed with Cuddy after only, um, six seasons.

    Emanuel, Finger Back on the Ballot

    From The Tearjerker:

    Emanuel Back on the Ballot

    An eleted Rahm Emanuel celebrated today's Illinois Supreme Court reversal of a lower-court ruling that might have prematurely derailed his Chicago mayoral campaign.

    "Today's decision is a victory not only for this campaign, but for all Chicagoans and for middle fingers everywhere," he said.

    Meanwhile, the Tearjerker has learned that the lower court judge whose opinion was reversed has removed his three children from area private schools and has hired three full-time bodyguards.

    twenty second century fox

    sanity check's in the mail

    my alter ego is jailed

    and the fun house is closed

    hey should I pierce my nose


    bruised my ego and neck

    I'm strolling Titanic's deck

    waiting for the collapse

    how much time will elapse


    if the time is now

    will my bus be late

    if you show me how

    could I learn how to hate


    my mind is twisted but slow

    my body's ready to go

    and least it was back then

    will you still be my friend


    wait, do I even know you

    are you on Facebook

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    Dieu et Mon Droit

    Yesterday the queen read her message at the opening of the new Parliament.  Understandably she was pre-occupied with the royal fears surrounding the apparent disappearance of much of the crown’s most treasured jewel encrusted and artfully wrought precious metal diadems and brooches and other symbols of stature and privilege.  With the pluck characteristic of her nation’s personality, she waved aside any fears that the dignity and status of her noble peerage had disappeared along with the diamonds and emeralds.

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    Subcommandante Shaleen or The Reprobate Revolutionary Redeemed

    Written in April 2005, at the height of the Bush tyranny. I thought it could be retired when Obama was elected. I was wrong...


    When I first met Abbie Hoffman

    It was 1965

    Three years later at Grand Central

    We just bare got out alive


    I'd dropped several hits of acid

    And at midnight less a half

    Met a girl whose name...I can't recall

    Took her home to fuck and laugh


    When the cops came in, clubs swinging

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    Flat Out

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    A good traveler has no fixed plans
    and is not intent upon arriving.
    A good artist lets his intuition
    lead him wherever it wants.
    A good scientist has freed himself of concepts


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