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    100% of Mitt Romneys think U.S. citizens are jerks

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — A new Gallup poll today showing that a large percentage of Mitt Romneys think U.S. citizens are “jerks.”

    The poll – which took the opinions of one Mitt Romney over a 10-state area – showed some negative trends for the U.S. public. By wide margins, American citizens were thought to be “stupid,” and “Jerks,” and that they “should not be involved in the governing process.


    Politifact gave the "U.S. Citizens are Jerks" belief a "Completely Totally Kind of Not True" rating. The poll has a +/- of three percent.

    Another poll, this one released by Rasmussen Polls, showed the Romney has pulled into a slight lead of 46%-45% in a new poll of “People Who Have Been Personally Wronged By President Barack Obama.”


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    Hey I have an idea.

    Why not do away with leaders entirely. There is plenty of historical evidence that this concept actually works quite well.


    Of course it really pisses off leaders and would be leaders considerably. So much so that past attempts at this were summarily crushed.


    Hmmm... does this have something to do with the developing philosophy among some (right wing republicans) that senators should not be elected by the people of their states:



    originally they weren't. They were appointed by governors.


    Some advice for Mitt:


    In a news story from Minnesota, there is a potential lesson -and hope- for candidate Mitt Romney. The very  same Mitt Romney, who in recent remarks, abandoned nearly half the people in America.


    It’s a story about a 4 year old Pekingese dog, appropriately enough named Mittens, and an abandoned kitten.


    Mittens' owner, Pat Weber, says the kitten was just days old when her grandson found her in the family's barn and brought her into their house in early September. Weber says the 2-inch kitten was "ice cold," ...She wrapped the animal in a warm towel and it started meowing, which attracted Mittens.


    The kitten, now named Bootsie, began suckling on Mittens. Weber says her dog, which had a litter two years ago, has nursed Bootsie ever since.  "Mittens has been mothering this baby, as far as she is concerned it's hers," she said. "And as far as the kitten is concerned, this is her mother”.


    Mr. Romney:  What a wonderful, heart-warming lesson for you!


    For if Mittens the dog can find it in her heart, not only to adopt Bootsie the abandoned cat, but to actually start lactating for her....then perhaps Mitt, the candidate, can also start lactating a bit with the milk of human kindness and understanding, for the Americans that HE has abandoned. 


    Perhaps it may even encourage Mr. Romney to run as President for ALL the people  - not just a potential President of the wealthy, by the wealthy, and for the wealthy. 


    Think about it Mittens, ....I mean Mitt.


    But don’t you worry Mitt:

    ‘cause while you may never be elected dog-catcher 

    (and for good reason!).... I’ll bet you ten thousand dollars

    that Mitt Romney, the Big Flipper, 

    will ALWAYS have a job at

    The International House of Pancakes  :).

    Wouldn't you love it if all this con man's treasures were confiscated under some RICO perspective?

    I don't know, but you have me laughing.

    I just wonder where you got the print size.


    In historic poll of myself 5000% of me concluded that 100% of Mitt Romney's are pathological liars and high functioning morons and that's 50 to 1 so he's doomed.

    Just like all the polls from the liberal media your poll is skewed. The sampling size is way too small. I doubled your sample size by including two Mitt Romneys, presidential candidate Mitt Romney and Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney.

    There were some areas of agreement. Both Romneys think Bain is an absolutely wonderful company that created at least a gilzillion jobs, that Mitt Romney's work with the Olympics qualify him to be president, and that there's no reason for anyone seeking political office to release tax returns. Governor Romney goes so far as to say its acceptable to lie misremember about your tax returns if necessary to get elected. Presidential candidate Mitt Romney disagrees and asserts that he never lied during his presidential campaign about his unreleased tax returns. Both agree people should just trust Mitt Romney on what he said was in his hidden tax returns.

    Governor Romney agrees that presidential candidate Romney is a rather heartless bastard. Rightfully proud of his signature health care law, Governor Romney supports Obama's health care law, saying all children and 98% of adults now have health insurance in my state, with mandates and penalties we've stopped the free rider problem. "Conservative ideas are winning. That's why my health care plan became the model for democrats in the US congress."

    Governor Romney stated that we need some sensible gun control and women's right to chose should not be denied. Pro choice Governor Romney wasn't sure he could vote for presidential candidate Romney due to his extreme position on abortion.

    By far the biggest point of contention between Governor Romney and presidential candidate Romney was over the "47% tape." governor Romney said, "As governor of Massachusetts and a moderate republican I don't always agree with the republican candidate for president. As far as you know I've never said anything remotely like this at any of my fund raisers and I totally reject candidate Romney's comments.If I run for higher office, senate or even president I'll make sure there is never such a dismissive and disparaging tape released from one of my secret 50,000 $ a plate fund raisers."


    update: Spokesmen for Governor Romney stated that his phrasing was "inelegant" He meant to say "As you know" not "As far as you know" and he meant that he would never say such a thing which is how he would make such no such tape was released.



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