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    Masters Chairman Billy Payne rips adulterer John McCain for ‘disappointing all of us’

    AUGUSTA – Following a thrilling Masters tournament that saw Phil Mickelson win his third Green Jacket, Masters Chairman Billy Payne spoke out about U.S. Senator John McCain. Once known as a “Maverick,” (McCain has since denied he was ever a maverick), McCain has a long history of adultery, including having an extra-marital affair while married to his first wife.

    Payne’s comments were direct and to the point:

    “It’s not simply the degree of McCain’s conduct that is so egregious here,” Payne said. “It is the fact he disappointed all of us and more importantly our kids and grand kids.

    “Our hero did not live up to the expectations as a role model that we sought for our children.”

    Payne’s speech about McCain was unprecedented. He and his predecessor, Hootie Johnson, never before commented on the behavior of a white man outside the course.

    “As he ascended in our rankings of the world’s great politicians, he became an example to our kids…,” Payne said. “But as he now says himself, he forgot in the process to remember that with fame and fortune comes responsibility, not invisibility.

    “Is there a way forward?” Payne asked. “I hope, yes. I think, yes. But certainly his future will never again be measured only by his performance in Congress, but by the sincerity of his efforts to change… We at Augusta hope and pray that our great champion will begin his new life in his up-coming re-election bid in a positive, hopeful and constructive manner, but this time, with a significant difference from the past. This year, it will not be just for him, but for all of us who believe in second chances.”

    While Payne scolded McCain for his adulterous behavior in the past, he reiterated that women have no place at Augusta.

    “It’s not that we care about women, per se,” said Payne. “We just expect our men to act with a certain amount of decorum. Women make for great side stories, but they will never be allowed to be members of Augusta National. What would our children and grand kids think if we allowed women here?”


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    Well... I look at it this way.

    Tiger didn't win, so God must hate him.

    It's a simple as this: Believe in Jesus, have more birdie putts fall. Every Christian knows this.

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