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    Infinite Trump: The Republican Civil War Has Begun

    Hmmm... I swear there was a post here, but it disappeared.

    So, I'll be very brief.  I wrote a piece for Rolling Stone about the Republican intelligentsia turning on Trump's supporters, accusing them of being a bunch of drug addicted welfare cheats in the pages of The National Review while more mainstream outlets like The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal have endorsed a less offensive but still confrontational third party challenge or brokered convention solution to the problem of the Donald.

    What interests me about this is the somewhat surprising notion that rather than the Republican base waking up and realizing they've been voting against their interests, the Republican elite has woken up and realized that its base will never help them gut the welfare state because so many of them rely on it.

    They have seen the 47% and it is them!



    Great to see you in RS, big man.



    But was it the cover? Did he buy 5 copies for.his mother? And who the fuck is Alice?

    Well done, Michael. Congrats.

    Nice work Michael, good for you.

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