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Bristol Palin No to Gay Marriage:Kids Need Father in Home

Single, unmarried Mom, Bristol Palin's argument in opposing gay marriage:

"We know that in general kids do better growing up in a mother/father home."

The irony, apparently missed by Bristol,  is that Bristol is, of course, an unmarried Mom raising a child without a father in the home, the child being the result of an out of wedlock teen pregnancy.  To top it off, Bristol also made sarcastic remarks about the Obama children on her blog. Bristol was clearly raised as a good Republican by Sarah, both believe they can run your life and make rules for how you live, while as Republicans and hypocrites, they are beyond criticism or accountability for their own actions or words.

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Who pays attention to Bristol Palin? She could not even give away her book about her life.

A whole lot of Republicans, particularly if her Mom had become Vice-President, for whom 60 million Americans cast their votes in 2008.

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