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Mitt Takes Rick to the Math

Like the team that engineered President Obama’s victory in 2008, Mr. Romney’s lawyers and strategists say they have devised an approach to the second half of the primary campaign intended to ensure that he methodically amasses the 1,144 delegates necessary to win the nomination, staying ahead of his rivals in that count even if they win the popular vote in some states.


Rich Beeson, Mr. Romney’s political director, said of Mr. Santorum: “He has no states on Super Tuesday where he is going to do anything to cut the delegate lead. He is going to fall further and further behind. It becomes a mathematical battle as much as it is a political one, and the math just doesn’t add up for Santorum.”

Hogan Gidley, a senior strategist for Mr. Santorum, mocked Mr. Romney’s advisers, saying they were hunting for delegates because Mr. Romney’s message was failing to inspire voters. “Nothing inspires this country like math — that’s ridiculous,” Mr. Gidley said. “The argument that math is on their side is uninspiring and laughable.”

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Verrry intriguing post by Nate Silver (another Mr. Math) today:

Why Romney Wants to Be Like Michael Dukakis

Also intriguing that Silver has recently substantially changed his forecast for Santorum's chance of winning Ohio to 57%; he had it at something like 90% when I last looked, only a day or two ago.

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