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    Conservatives tremble as William K. Wolfrum joins up with Alan Colmes

    Showcasing a superb sense of humor to those that have made jokes about him in the past, Alan Colmes of Fox News has signed up yours truly as a contributor at his Web site, Liberaland (www.alan.com).

    While my first post for Colmes (“Why on Earth does Fox News pay Alan Colmes?”) was rejected, my first two official posts are up:

    Only Chuck Norris can make SCOTUS less Liberal

    Smoking Cuban Cigar Lit With RNC Donor Check, Michael Steele Admits Mistakes

    In all seriousness, I’d like to thank Alan for inviting me on board and will do my best to make Liberaland less, more, or exactly as liberal as it currently stands. Head on over to Liberaland to see what’s currently being talked about. And if you’re on Twitter, you can find me at @Wolfrum and Colmes at @AlanColmes.


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    Congrats! I mean, it's a step down from dagblog, but still it could be worse. You could be Hannity's sidekick.

    Seriously, though, that's very cool.

    My various personalities are united in their commitment to rain death upon you over at Colmes hut.


    I saw that. I appreciate your willingness to venture out further in the world to proclaim that I suck. It's that dedication that will make Quinn a household name in your house.

    You know that Quinn is homeless, right? The poor bastid. Lives in a box next to the internet cafe.

    That's a cafe?


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