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    Major Tornado Outbreak + Tuscaloosa Video

    Sheesh, they just broke into normal TV programming (Mythbusters) to advise us to seek shelter. A tornado in Baltimore? The worst seems to be around Alabama, but The Weather Channel says this could be the greatest outbreak of tornadoes in American history.

    [NOAA Alert text deleted]

    This climate change stuff is getting too real.

    2nd Update: On The Takeaway this morning, they said it was the worst outbreak of tornadoes in 40 years.


    Tornadoes and storms that have been battering the southern US killed at least 128 people on Wednesday in Alabama alone, state officials say.

    One of the hardest-hit cities was Tuscaloosa, where at least 15 people died when a massive tornado struck.

    With deaths also in Georgia, Tennessee and Mississippi, at least 172 people in total have been killed in recent days.

    The Weather Channel has a slideshow.

    1st Update: My area dropped to a Tornado Watch. Here is a Vimeo of the tornado in Tuscaloosa near the University of Alabama.



    All all I got here in Central Fl. is hot, humid July weather.



    Wow. This looks dangerous.

    We had our second April blizzard, 20 mph winds and of course everything is white again.

    Tomorrow supposed to be in the 60's.

    the tornado sirens are going off in my neck of the woods in Indiana right now, which almost never happens around here.

    The new normal for a heartland spring, increased heat, water vapor and storm energy due to climate change?

    Central VA had tornado warnings, too. It was probably a ploy by Jesus to prevent us heathens from witnessing his 2nd coming.

    2012 approaches...

    Reading about the devastation this morning, this paragraph from Tornadoes take staggering toll in Alabama and Deep South (video) - gave me pause:

    "The National Weather Service office near Huntsville was briefly shuttered so employees could take cover in a steel room from an approaching storm. Tornadoes also struck the base of Lookout Mountain, the Tennessee tourist destination, felled the historic "graduation tree" at Berry College in Georgia, and forced the Tennessee Valley Authority to power down three Alabama nuclear plants."

    Actually it was a double pause because I read its companion article first: 'Dixie Alley' as dangerous as the better-known Tornado Alley, say scientists -

    Just one more thing to add to the circle of concern that is 99.9% outside my circle of influence which is why I try to avoid most news stories. 

    Oh, don't worry. Nuclear power plants are designed to withstand tornadoes. Of course, they're also designed to withstand earthquakes, and as long as the earthquakes aren't too severe, I'm sure they're fine. And, of course, there are never any big earthquakes in the South. At least, not anywhere near any nuclear power.

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