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    Massachusetts Senate Betting Pool

    I don't like to blog about narrowly political horse-race topics often, and whoever wins in Massachusetts today I'll be blogging the same big picture. If Coakley wins, it's still instructuve that she had trouble with a specific breed of Democrats (whom I will call the Big Daddy Democrats), and even if she wins there may be trouble ahead in places like Ohio and West Virginia. If COakley loses, Obama and the Dems will still be in much the same relatively difficult place as before, and the difficulties (and their relative nature) won't change radically. The big-picture advice for progressive Dems will be the same.

    But, lest I be accused of 20/20 hindsight let me go on the line with my own bet for tonight's results, and let me invite you all to add your own guesses, bets, and oracular predictions. So here's my line to start.

    Cleveland's bet: Coakley (D) by 4.



    Call me a pessimist, but… Brown (R) by 1.

    Brown by 8!  Everyone, everywhere is fed up with spending/taxing!

    <sarcasm>Right, because everyone knows Republicans are the party of fiscal responsibility!</sarcasm>

    You do realize that your taxes went down when the stimulus package was enacted, right?

    Nope. That's pretty much the answer there: nope.

    I predict that ACORN will be blamed for everything, regardless what happens.

    Not sure. I'll think about it tonight and give you an answer in the morning.

    And I'm wrong.

    sadly so. and now the fun really begins.

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