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    SOTU Open Thread




    I am feeling lucky I get to see it at all Mikey, I'm in Manila and they don't usually carry this stuff but the Dorner cabin fire  changed everything and CNN didn't cut to CNN International.

    I am pretty sure afterwards Bozo the Nuge will say something incredibly insane and make Republicans look crazier than usual; Can't wait for that!!!

    But wtf is Gingrich on my  TV? That guy is irrelevant, WTF CNN? However, Jenn Granholm is nailing the hell out of him, you go girlfriend!

    OMG did you hear Joe Biden laugh! Woot, I want to party with him. The President is taking it right to these guys how much you want to bet the Republicans approval ratings are going to plunge again.

    I am here all  alone... where are you Mike?

    I had to put the kids to bed. I just watched it on line PBS has it on demand. Sorry you were left here alone.

    :) thanks MoMoe!

    Sorry... Lil Destor made it impossible to liveblog.

    Here did, however have the following insight:

    "Obama talks to his House. Obama has a helicopter.  What about Obama's weapons?"

    Lil Destor has some incredible insight!

    Boner's drunk off his ass isn't he.

    Yes, I thought so too. He had that look on his face like someone farted on him.

    Hahaha... Zing!

    I had to come back and post this.  Boner fell asleep. I missed that I was too busy watching POTUS. One of the open threads I read tonight was taking bets to see if he would make it through the speech with out sliding off his seat onto the floor.  HuffpostHill tweeted that he couldn't stay away and the 102 year old Desaline had no problem staying awake through it all. I have really enjoyed the comments tonight on the blogs.  I haven't laughed this hard since the cafe days.

    Like I asked in Richard Day's post, have they handcuffed Ted Nugent yet?

    Cannot wait to see the RubioFail speech, it should be epic. Oh and David Gergen should STFU, god that man is irrelevant.

    Marco Rubio bit his bottom lip.... LOL channeling bubba won't help him with that idiotic speech. So he claims gun regulations are unconstitutional, which is just an outright lie. 

    I have seen Rubio give speeches live and up close. The media always plays him up to be charismatic. He is not that good. Most of the time he comes across like a little boy who has just been caught lying. He doesn't do well debating, either. He needs a better speech writer because this one fell flat. It was painful to watch after the oratory and high emotional ending that POTUS gave. I bet Univision picked him apart. He does not have the Spanish Language media behind him. They see right through him. The editor of the Spanish Language paper in Tampa can't stand him and he is a 3rd generation Cuban American in Yebor City. His grandfather started the paper as a young man so the cigar makers could read the news. Miami Herald did a piece today, on the animosity between Univision and Rubio. Rubio has to answer to the none Cuban Latino community as to why they don't deserve the same treatment as Cubans.

    I laughed so hard that my sides hurt over comments on Rubio's delivery of his speech.  Here are a couple of my favorites.

    Comment: At least he didn't crush the bottle on his forehead.  Reply:  Bet he wished he had.

    Hairball HA?  (Who can pass up a chance to pick on tweety.)



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